GROWING Series of Art by Elyse Taylor
b. February 27, 1942 - d. November 27, 2023

My installation piece entitled "GROWING" is an autobiographical work, composed of 16" square panels. The entire piece is derived from a woman's experience in this society from a personal, political, and spiritual viewpoint. A wide variety of materials are used, representing the many components of life's fabric. "GROWING" is a work in progress. ELYSE TAYLOR

Elyse has a page in Brooklyn Museum's Feminist Art Base.

Her Snapple Mural in Red Hook. (Building now torn down for future UPS regional hub.)

The below 216 paintings are a fraction of the approximately 850 of the 16" squares that she produced. They are are mix of assemblages, collages and paintings. The images below were scanned from a 36" wide by 6" high card. The two with asterisks are in my collection.

Pictures of the art in situ at my home.
At the bottom are Reviewer comments.

Noisy Le GrandA Set of Abstract RulesA Higher Power
Ringed PentacleSo's YoursPuzzle
LossEarth SignMural
CasualtyHome TownPencil Woman
I'll ChangeArt OpeningSee the Light
Growing 2Draw MeAlbum

Front 1a
Cuttng EdgeUncoverIn the Past
SmileVirusOnly Child
Circle FacesTea TimeModel Family
UntitledHere or ThereBe an Artist*
Button WomanFinest Quality NylonHike
Ages Five and UpWay UpThe Truth

Front 1b
Memorial to the PastVacation PortraitAttitude
SoldMixed BagYearbook
Have a Pleasant DayBroken MirrorTiananmen
GhostsA Slow BurnWood Duck
PencilscapeGroupJoyce's Place
Elyse TaylorArtistIt's Out There

Front 1c
Shades of GrayOpen UpQueen of the Ranch
Car DoorsDoctor Dick's Super SparkleTwo Important Men
GalapagosSept. 9, 1995 HaircutGrowing 1
GrandmaYou Can't LoseDon't Go!
Stir it Up!NegativePencil*
To HealHoppyCar Parts Spiral

Front 2a
StepGrowthAway Renee
Still LifeT-ShirtWeb
YellowPink, Blue, NeutralGood Humor Man
Power ScrubsGood For MeUps and Downs
Wallpaper WomanThe VestFour
Mural DedicationRed to PinkMultiplism

Front 2b
25th Anniversary W.A.S.ApparitionsPresenting
Venus NouveauMy ProjectHouse Beautiful
Bad Boy, Be True, Be MineProspect ParkWhite on White
The NoseSigns of the TimesGifts
MiltonBeretPhoto Shoot
CatMementoWhose History?

Front 2c
RobertoIsAnother Still Life
Knit-LiveB and BStudio
Odds and EndsMother's DreamCommunity
It's a WrapWedding DayMexi Masks
MaskStuck Rubber BabyAmerican Sampler
DoodleThe WarGraduation

Front 3a
IconDo LunchSweater
You are Welcome to Take the PlaneEldArt Talk
Inner SpaceTellyDad
????In the CloudsPrime Time
I'm StrongPeteRenewal
Winner by a NeckBotanicalAt the Top

Front 3b
A Woman's PlaceNantasket Beach GoFor It
In the FleshHypeKaren
Take NoteRick x 12Made in USA
Car AbstractMinimalismCar Man
Europe 83A Child's VisionHexagram
I'm HungryMonumentBrothers

Front 3c
Loss of InnocenceA Famiily ServingHappy Birthday
MinoritySignFirst Grade Report Card
FrankBunnyRick and the Regulars
CozumelChopThe Dots
Pumped UpButton AbstractSweet Tooth
Grand PalaisGrowing UpA Steady Stream

Front 4a
JillCensoredAt Play
Class of '55SecretHands On
Grandma's ButtonsInfluenceYou're a Doll
The ArtistSeeing RedUp and Away
Sense of LossThe BeltCousin Stanley

Front 4b
In the DarkThe ClubValetta
Red Hook by the SeaI DoFree
446 TearsJunkyardAbstract 1
Long Time AgoWhy Alex?View From Red Hook
Mother and ChildThe Gang WithLove, Marilyn
Better BabiesI Look GoodToo Much Sun

Front 4c
My top floor stairwell. I drew the layout before hand, but got the angle of the stairs wrong, and missed a row at the bottom. I was short five frames.

hung art stairwell

Third floor hall.

hung art third floor

GROWING is an epic undertaking. It chronicles both, the artist's life and work in a way which is witty and poignant. Elyse Taylor's signature style reaches a full forte in this piece which evolved, literally and figuratively, over a period of years.
Charlotta Kotik - Curator, Contemporary Art, The Brooklyn Museum of Art

In GROWING, Elyse Taylor uses everything at her disposal to tell a woman's story, with honesty and humor, which is both extremely personal and universal. Richly varied and episodic, Taylor's panels depict the range of her talents and the depths of her feelings.
Richard L. Davidman - DFN Gallery, New York, NY

The piece de résistance is the wall "tiled" with canvases recording the artist Elyse Taylor's "Passage in Life"
Vivien Raynor - The New York Times

Working with recycled and found materials, paint, collage, rug samples, and just about anything else, Taylor unleashes some genuine feminist wit that is not meant to sting, but to reflect.
Marilyn J. Fox - The Reading Eagle

GROWING becomes both Taylor's autobiography and the story of all women. Whether it's an imitation of her high school yearbook picture or abstract references to the holocaust and the discrimination women face in the work force, Taylor's vibrant, engaging fusion of the personal and universal makes her work stand out.
Susan Josephs - The Jewish Week

As GROWING panels continue to be produced, the forging of links goes from the community to the studio, from her world to ours, as her art and activism connect us to each other.
Maria Epes - Artist

Elyse Taylor incorporates moments and memories into a rich tapestry that speaks to the varied rhythms of life experience.
Sharon Vatsky- Curator of Education, Queens Museum of Art