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My first web page was put up in March 1976. I have been putting material on the web ever since. And everything is still on the web, all updated with modern code.
I have always been good at organizing data. Very good. I realized this in seventh grade, when I learned outline structure, which also fit in with my conciseness (not helpful when schools had minimum page writing requirements).
I like to program, and I'm very good at it. Programming debt in investment banking at Merrill Lynch, reinsurance pricing at Swiss Re, and my BondCalc program, made me money.
After retiring at age 59, I have continued to program. But now for my various websites. Ten of my websites are partially, or almost completely, constructed by Excel VBA code from text databases. The worksheet for all is 3 MB. The code is as concise as possible. There is no redundancy. The spreadsheet finds/replaces with numerous options, resizes images, creates image links, adds page sideways navigation, creates HTML site maps, etc. It is available on request, if you are proficient in HTML 5 and VBA. It is further discussed here Wiss Websites Processing.
In the spreadsheet, each of the sites has a Dashboard, and uses other sheets. Many of the sites can be completely constructed with the press of a button, or two. Links to the dashboards are below.
Some of the sites have a page on processing the site. More will be added.

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