Picture Albums Worksheet

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I bought my first digital camera in September 1999. I put my pictures on PhotoPoint.com. At the time, for picture hosting, they were the one. In December 2001 PhotoPoint abruptly shut down. Their bandwidth costs were too high.

Now I had all the pictures, but I didn't have my captions. For $25 they sold you a CD with your pictures and captions in an HTML slide show format. I used that as the basis in the spring of 2002 to write my own picture album slide show code in APL. Making it my first automation project. (Instagram started in 2010.)

The sheet is complicated, as the over 10,000 are organized into various groupings. And there are another 2,000 travel pictures that have not yet been added.

This is one of three sheets where a macro on Ctrl-R puts the row number you are on into the Row cell.

The module with the VBA Code.

picture albums sheet