Excel Spreadsheet for Website Code Processing: Dashboards

The spreadsheet has a Dashboard page with links and buttons that manage each site. Those dashboards are below. Some of the sites have a page on processing that site. More will be added.

The spreadsheet is available on request, if you are proficient in HTML 5 and VBA.

These are the other tabs for processing:

The below are in the order they were converted to Excel VBA.
J. Wiss & Sons Co.
My premiere site on the Wiss family and its scissors company.

dashboard 1 wiss

Jamaica Hotel History
My collection of hotel information, brochures, photos, postacrds and clippings organized into a site.
This site has a page on site building.

dashboard 2 jamaica

Tunbridge Ware
My collection of 19th century treen made in the Tunbridge Wells area of England.

dashboard 3 tunbridge

Floor Borders
My collection of pictures taken of parquet floor borders in Brooklyn. They date to the late 19th century and early 20th century.
This site has some processing notes.

dashboard 4 floor borders

Newsgroup discussions on potatoes collected, edited and organized.

dashboard 5 bigspud

Foraging Pictures
All the pictures I took on foraging walks collected by plant.

dashboard 6 foraging

Greenport Walking Tour
Has click/touch sensitive map with audio playback.

dashboard 7 walk tour

This started with recipes posted to my PaleoFood mailing list, and it grew from there. The recipes are organized like a cookbook.
This site has a page on processing.

dashboard 8 paleofood

Vintage Auto Ads
This is mostly built based on the file names the macro finds in the images folder.

dashboard 9 vintage auto ads