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Nikon Coolpix 950/990/995 External Flash FAQ

Updated 25-May-09

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Compiled by Don Wiss from the knowledge shared in the rec.photo.digital newsgroup.

The Camera

All of these models were excellent at taking closeup pictures. The 950 focuses at 2cm, or 0.8". The 950's maximum picture size is 1600×1200. That is also the maximum size images that eBay allows. It makes an excellent camera for eBay sellers. The best if you sell small things. The camera can be found for sale on eBay. Note that the camera is prone to two problems:
  1. The contacts in the rotary switch get dirty. This is easy to solve. Buy a spray can of electronic contact cleaner. Spray under the switch and rotate it around. Some of the cameras listed as for parts possibly have only this easy to fix problem.
  2. The battery door breaks due to being roughly handled. No fix for this. Make sure you buy one with a good door. And then be gentle.

External Flashes and Accessories

Macro Lighting (alphabetical by contributor's last name)

Copying Slides and Negatives (alphabetical by contributor's last name)