Brooklyn Camera/Electronic Dealer StoreFronts

This started as a project to post pictures of dealers mentioned in articles posted to the newsgroup. I have since tried to make it inclusive of all the digital camera dealers in Brooklyn. These give me destinations, and a reason to go bicycling. See the article in the NY Times on me and this page: In a Flash, Camera Dealers Feel the Web's Wrath (except I wear flannel and not denim shirts). Also see pictures of Manhattan StoreFronts and StoreFronts in Other Locations.

Active in Brooklyn or Queens

 66  thumbnail #66 1 Stop Camera and Electronic Corp, dba 1 Stop Camera & Computer, Digital Net Shop,, One Stop Camera & Computer, One Stop Camera & Electronics,,,
1100 Coney Island Ave., Midwood
The original store was in Great Neck, Long Island. Names used in the past included:,,, The Wiz Store,,,, 4 U Digital, See Shedding Some Light's the 1 Stop Camera family for detailed listing of the names used in this family. Also see list at the BBB []. Ritebuys was using on their website: 1421 Sheepshead Bay Rd. Suite 220, which is used by others in the 1 Stop family. Picture updated December 2007. (I was passing by and a car was about to pull out. So I waited and got this shot in that short interval the spot was free.) Update Spring 2010: Passing by I found they are now using the space next door for a warehouse.
244  thumbnail #244 1 Stop Camera Family, dba and Superior Dealz, Inc.
1122 Coney Island Ave, Midwood found on the new price search engine Address was on web site, but it was removed right after I put this picture up. Now web site has P.O.Box 300425, Midwood, NY 11230. Domain registered on 09-Sep-08. Now anonymous. Comments at ResellerRatings now merged with 1 Stop. HomeGoodz being part of the 1 Stop family is confirmed by this mailbox picture. Note that this is the entrance to the offices on the second floor of the same building that their storefront is in (see prior picture).
226  thumbnail #226 1 Stop Camera Family, dba Foto Connection,,,,
PO Box 300425
1288 Coney Island Avenue, Midwood
This address and PO box was either on web sites or domain registration. See 1100 Coney Island Ave for store location. This post office is now also being used on's site.
158  thumbnail #158 1 Stop Camera Family, dba
10101 Foster Ave, Section A, Canarsie
Address from website. This place moves around quicker than I can get their picture! This location was new sometime in 2010. Here's a closeup of the sign for Section A (at far right in full building picture). Before this they were at 63 Flushing Ave, Bldg #77 - Flr. #5, Brooklyn Navy Yard. And before that they were at 10720 Avenue D, Canarsie.
 97  thumbnail #97 1 Stop Camera Family, dba Great Brands Shopping (,,,
1421 Sheepshead Bay Road, Suite #220
GBShopping and TVs Depot had been using 902 Kings Highway Suite #153, but that UPS Store closed. GBShopping shares a number, 800-337-1788, with Superior Dealz, which is in the 1Stop/Inoax family. Rite Buys had been using 1100 Coney Island Avenue. This UPS store with #145 was used by Avalon Gadgets ( back in 2004. Found in comment at Avalon's actual Brooklyn location is 6512 20th Avenue. All of these domains are now either for sale, dead, or have a virus waiting to infect you.
129  thumbnail #129 5 Diamond Cameras, dba and
946 Kings Highway, Midwood
Address on web site. Both websites are now blogs. The singular one since December 2010. The plural one since January 2014.
233  thumbnail #233 501 Novelty Corp., aka Five Hundred One Novelty Corp., dba Accessory Circut,
502 Gravesend Neck Road, Gravesend
Address is on contact page as the East Coast Office, though instead of using Brooklyn they use "Kings country, NY 11223." Also listed is their West Coast office and warehouse in Santa Monica, CA. (As product enters the US in California it is cheaper to buy and stock it there.) They are in the ground floor office. Their fax number of 347-492-5913, googles to Five Hundred One Novelty Corp. The NY entity database lists 501 Novelty Corp. at this address.
139  thumbnail #139 A J Madison, dba,
1416 38th Street, Borough Park
Mostly appliances. Address at web sites. They had also been using, but it is now defunct. For a while forwarded to Now it is defunct.
  1  thumbnail #1 A&R Photo, Inc., A&R Photo & Video,,
1753 East 22nd St, Midwood
Address from NY entity database and whois.
 32  thumbnail #32 A1-4 Electronics Inc., dba,,
581 Flushing Avenue, South Williamsburg
Address on web site. NY entity database has 303 Marcy Ave (a brick 4-story apartment building). The domain is now not used and is for sale.
188  thumbnail #188 AAA, Inc., dba
333 86th. St. Apt 1D, Bay Ridge
Address at web site, in corporate entity database, and is one of the addresses in the whois database. Main phone number reverses to here. All doors on this building use 333.
A&R Storefront, 8701 5th Ave., Bay Ridge is one of the addresses in the whois database and has been for a long time. It was the address at the BBB []. The A&R picture taken on a Sunday. Then in September 2005 A&R moved to Valley Stream, Long Island.
249  thumbnail #249 Accessory Den Inc.,
2281 McDonald Ave, Gravesend
Address is on contact page and in NY entity database. The storefront appears to be a hardware store, but looking in I saw people at desks with computers and this sign on the door confirms they are inside.
 29  thumbnail #29 Aeon Batteries Corp.,,, digishopusa
356 Devoe St, Williamsburg
This address and company name found on eBay's About the Seller page [now gone]. existed anonymously in past, but not registered now. No NY entity found for usadigishop or any variation. The entity for Aeon Batteries Corp has 400 W. 19th St #1F, NY, NY [a huge apartment building]. According to Google there are two businesses at 356 Devoe St: Fong Yung Trading Inc. and TCL Trading Inc. The former entity can be seen on the building facade. However the NY entity database has Fong Yung Trading Inc at 11 Grand Ave. The NY entity address for TCL Trading is here at 356 Devoe St.
 41  thumbnail #41 Affordable Home Electronics, dba
62-65 Saunders St., Suite #6B, Rego Park, Queens
Address not on web site, but found in whois listing and a page of Califone dealers.
105  thumbnail #105 All In One Digital USA Inc., dba, aka
1543 President St, Crown Heights
The local number on Hot Cool Gifts, (718) 756-9171, reverses to here. This is also the address, with Apt. 1F, on the domain registration. The building is divided into apartments. Hot Cool Gifts shared the phone numbers with All In One. NY entity database has 558 East 5th St, which is a residence. The AllInOneDigital website is now under construction. When up it used a mailbox store at 5014 16th Ave., Suite 263, Borough Park for its address and claimed 25 years of service.
 56  thumbnail #56 All New Shop,,
1827 Haring St, Marine Park
Address from older whois. Street now missing from whois. Website just redirects to eBay store.
207  thumbnail #207 AllStar Camera Inc., dba On Time Digital,, aka, aka Elite Camcorders,, aka Delta Camera,,, aka Henry's Digital,, aka Supreme Camera,, aka Hot For Digital,, aka Photo Video Superstore,, aka,, Versa Deals,
1151 McDonald Ave.
A visit in December 2007 found the awning gone, along with the sign on the door, and most of the blue and yellow sign alongside the door. I could not see in, as the door glass had been silvered and the window was covered with cardboard. By Fall of 2009 the blue and yellow sign was completely gone. was created on 27-May-2009. They use the same phone number, 877-283-7747, on the About Us page as DeltaCamera. See older pictures following for the awning and domain names used in the past. A link to brought me to OnTimeDigital, so Deals On Audio is probably here. The phone number for Elite, 800-970-2966, in the past was used by Elite connection also discussed in this Thoughts-Of-Dave blog. Other past names no longer used are: Xtreme Cameras (, U Buy Digital (, The Camera Professionals (, HD Camera World ( The BBB [] now lists HDCameraWorld as part of The Camera Professionals at this address. On this ResellerRatings page (now a few pages deep) it notes that the parcel is labelled as being shipped from Simon Silver, Megawholesale, Brooklyn, NY. Simon Silver is listed on this Shedding Some Light page. Also on this RipOffReport page this address is used by The Camera Professionals and MegaWholesale. The latest names used are Supreme Camera,, Hot For Digital, which use 417-419 Lafayette St in Manhattan, though there is no evidence that they are actually at the address. PhotoVideoSuperStore's web site had 80 Broad St, NYC, but they are not and have never been there. That address has now been removed. They were found to be part of this family as they use the same 718-907-5460, that belongs to Mega Wholesale. Comments at ResellerRatings are a mix of terrible and excellent. [At one time the BBB had 2277 McDonald Ave, 2nd Floor [picture from 2007] for their address, but I could find no evidence that they were ever there.] In 2010 they purchased the domain from B&Y and are using this address on shipments. At ResellerRatings you will see a two year gap in comments between the original B&Y ownership and the current AllStar ownership. The domain was created 26-Dec-2010 using the 2277 McDonald Ave address [2011 picture] and a cell phone number. More discussion at Thoughts-Of-Dave Blog. uses the 2277 McDonald address, which can be found in this Thoughts-Of-Dave blog post. using 2277 McDonald Ave comes from ComplaintNow [dead link:].
168  thumbnail #168 AllStar Camera Inc., dba Xtreme Cameras,, The Camera Professionals,, On Time Digital,, U Buy Digital,
1151 McDonald Ave.
Picture taken September 2005. A December 2004 picture has them with no awning. Prior location was 4718 18th Ave. In the past they have used these domains:,,,,, It is likely that and were their domain names. and Five Star Appliances used 1006 Avenue P (a semi-attached one-family frame house) on their web sites. For more on these companies see Shedding Some Light. Update July 2014: All websites are defunct.
  3  thumbnail #3 AllStar Camera Inc., aka All Star Electronics, dba and
4718 18th Ave.
Former location (this picture from September 2001). Moved to 1151 McDonald Ave. An art store moved into this location. Then these domain names became inactive. See current location pictures for newer domain names. Update July 2014: is still defunct., the first domain name for this family, is the one that is now used.
 42  thumbnail #42 AllStar family, dba Big Camera Deals,, aka Wholesale Genius Inc., dba,,,,,,,,,, aka Closeout Island, dba,,,,
102 Avenue O
Address from original 26-Oct-08 domain registration and could be found by clicking on the web site's Volusion SSL logo. E-mail address in the original whois was buzz4digital, which is a now defunct dealer that I picture here and was probably part of the All-Star family. In this Thoughts-Of-Dave blog post it ties this dealer with All-Star based on the about us page having matching text. This is not definitive proof, as many of the dealers share web site developers. When was registered in Oct-2008 they used two addresses. This one and 2215 Homecrest Ave, which was the registrant address for the Genius family. Wholesale Genius Inc. was found in the NY entity database with a 2120 Ocean Parkway address (also a house). It was registered eight days before the various Genius domains where registered on 03-Oct-2008 using this the 2215 Homecrest Ave. address. BigCameraDeals web site no longer works and comments at ResellerRatings stopped in March 2009. This address now appears on the Genius family web sites. The domain names ending in Island are new. All of them redirect to This address is on that site. These new names were discovered by Thoughts-Of-Dave blog. Update July 2014: All sites are defunct.
 65  thumbnail #65 AllStar family, dba, formerly, Delta Camera,,, aka All State Electronics Inc., Allstate Electronics,, aka Megatronics USA,, aka Electro Close Out,, aka, aka, aka
1002 Quentin Road, Suite 2009
Delta Camera domains registered 2009-04-30. Address found by clicking the Volusion SSL logo on the front page. Checking the mailboxes finds box 2009 unlabeled. Their door is also unlabeled. The whois has a person's name at 1708 East 2nd St., which is very near to this location. A Thoughts-Of-Dave post found code and stock number sameness with If you click the D&B logo on you find the corporate name of "All State Electronics Inc.", this address and other information. However, this name does not appear in the NY entity database! On their Policy page [] there's another phone number for customer service, 877-283-7747 (in 4 different paragraphs). That leads back to Delta Camera and Big Camera Deals. I'm not sure which of AllStar's addresses the new name MegatronicsUSA is operating from. I put it here as I am able to confirm that this address is active. This is a clone of AllStar's website as discovered by Thoughts-Of-Dave [Dead link:]. ElectroCloseOut is their newest domain name. No address on the website, but the BBB puts them here. Many comments at ResellerRatings. [Also see a full building picture.] Big On Photo and Palace Camera use their 1708 East 2nd Street address in a comment to this Thoughts-Of-Dave blog post. uses for their return address: All S Electronics, 1002 Quentin Rd, Ste 2009. uses uses for their return address: All S Electronics, 1002 Quentin Rd, Ste 2008. See blog comment at Thoughts-Of-Dave. tries to hide their address on Volusion. Update July 2014: and are the only functioning websites. No address on them.
271  thumbnail #271 AllStar Family, dba Best Choice Camera,
448 Avenue P 11223 [wrong zip]
No address on website. Domain registration cloaked. Address is from the BBB. Some comments on Best Choice Camera scam. Not their real location. The number (855) 242-0922 is on their site and in the BBB. A search on it found this RipOff Report complaint. It has the address 1002 Quentin Rd, Suite 2009, Brooklyn, NY 11223. That is the address of the AllStar family.
172  thumbnail #172 B&H Brooklyn Warehouse
Brooklyn Navy Yard, South Williamsburg
I was passing by and saw their warehouse in the distance. So I took this photo through the chain link fence. This is as close as I could get, as the yard is off-limits to the public. Just as I was taking the picture the white truck pulled in front, and then didn't move. Also see retail location in Manhattan. Update: The pictured warehouse has four stories and covers 160,000 square feet. B&H plans to construct a building in the yard that will probably be six stories with 600,000 square feet. The new building, expected to cost more than $50 million and to be one of the largest new multistory industrial buildings in the city, is likely to house several offices now in Manhattan. The number of B&H workers in Brooklyn is expected to rise from more than 200 today to as many as 900. [NY Times] In October 2013 they announced that they would move the warehouse to upstate NY after their lease here expires in 2017. They also have a warehouse in Bushwick. Location unknown.
167  thumbnail #167 BB Office Supply, dba
1675 48th Street, Borough Park
Address on web site.
 98  thumbnail #98 Big Apple Accessories, Inc.,,, [not functioning]
267 41st St, Sunset Park
Address in NY entity database and some whois registrations.
 71  thumbnail #71 Big Easy Cameras LLC, dba,,, SLR Hut,, aka SSE, Sunset Electronics, dba, Amazon Storefront,
226 Beach 101 St, Rockaway Park, Queens
New address for them. They use the entire building. Address on web site contact page., redirect to SLR Hut sells to the UK market, but ships from the US. The gimmick is by shipping from the US they don't collect VAT, and they declare a low value to avoid import duties. On the SLR Hut site are two addresses: The mailing address of 336 Kennington Ln, London is a Mailboxes ETC store. The warranty returns address, 18 Greenside Drive, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, is a home labeled First Digital Repairs on Google Maps. Sunset Electronics, aka SSE, has eBay and Amazon storefronts. On this Citysquares page Sunset Electronics is located at one of their former addresses. There is no connection to the Sunset Electronics in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, which is listed elsewhere on this page. Nothing for Fumfie, LLC in the NY State entity database, yet on this BBB page it claims they were incorporated on 1/1/2008 in NY. Based on the nameserver used for, a trademark application for SSE, and they registered in the past, the true corporate name is Big Easy Cameras LLC. It was registered through United States Corporation Agents, Inc. in Brooklyn, NY, cloaking the connection. Some of the entries at RipOffReports are new. Many threads were at CNET Forums. Mixed reviews at Yelp.

Formerly at 3522 Flatlands Ave, Marine Park. (They were in the storefront. They didn't bother to remove the awning of the prior tenant.) Whois now cloaked. But before about 19-Mar-2009 it was registered to a home at 1151 East 4th St, Brooklyn. They had been an eBay seller under the JerseyPhotoStore name since May 1999. On 11-May-2008 was registered by the same fellow as, but using 1336 East 7th St, Brooklyn and (866) 666-9198. That domain and for a period redirected to Now all those domains defunct. That phone number googled to fumfie (then changed on the site) and to the eBay dealer jeseyphoto [sic], also active since 1999. (now defunct) shared 877-770-3131 with TheFotoSource, but used the address 1590 W. 8th St (a large apartment building) on their website. registered to this address on 03-Dec-2009. It redirected to the eBay store. Now defunct. redirected to, but is now defunct. Other domains used in the past:,,,,,,, More on them can be found at Thoughts-Of-Dave blog.
  8  thumbnail #8 BnH Trading, formerly Best Price Photo,, before that Best Price Electronics,
2378 60th St and 2380 60th St.
At one time Best Price and infinity were partners. (Infinity here is listed under Mr. Accessory.) But they split up. BestPricePhoto used 2380 60th St as source address on FedEx shipments. Also storefront before the sign went up. Back in 2003 was a business in Oregon. Then the domain was for sale. Then for many years the domain had no site. Earlier in 2010 the website was revived and while there was no address at the site it stated they only collected sales tax in NJ and paperwork came from US1 Camera. At that time a search on their phone number turned up Abe L Newman, 94 Rupert Ave, Staten Island, NY 10314. Then in the Summer of 2010 the address on the website, and elsewhere on the web, was at this location. A check back on their Policies Page finds it has been edited and they also collected sales tax in NY in addition to NJ. Apparently sales were here and product shipped from NJ. Then in the Fall of 2010 the NJ was dropped from that page. Are they now shipping from Brooklyn? [If you received product from them please let me know.] In 2009 there was a NY entity registered as Best Price Electronics LLC, with a place of business listed as Albany County, and the DOS Process address a PO Box in Whitestone, NY (part of Queens). To me it is a different company, but the BBB has it as these people. At Manta [] a business using this name is shown as being located at 545 8th St in Park Slope, Brooklyn. At ResellerRatings: Best Price Electronics and Best Price Photo. Websites now defunct. A site visit finds the same storefront as pictured and a operating business inside. As there is a physical storefront, they have a Yelp entry.

July 2014 research: Many web directories (e.g. Superpages) have D A J Electronics at this address using (718) 280-1015. Nothing in the entity database for this name. That phone number belongs to Best Price according to this RipOff Report. The Cortera Business Directory has Digital Trading LLC at this address. For this LLC the entity database only has a CPA at 1528 52nd St in Brooklyn. A search on "2378 60th St" finds this address called "Brooklyn Camera Store" and a Yelp page for BnH Trading. Both with the number (718) 534-4626, which appears on the storefront. Apparently it is now a phone store that carries random electronics. No cameras.
 69  thumbnail #69 Buy Rite Electronics Inc., dba
5014 16th Ave., Suite #118, Borough Park
Address from web site and whois. Picture taken on a Saturday when they are closed. See next picture for actual BuyRite location.
#114 at this address was used in the past by Ideal Photo And Video (, aka Best Discount Camera, aka The Digital Store. All these other domain names now out-of-business.
 70  thumbnail #70 Buy Rite Electronics Inc., dba
1632 59th St., Borough Park
Actual Location (not too far from mail box store)
If you look B Gould up at you get their general line phone number: (718) 259-2857 at this address. Also a reverse lookup at on their fax number of (718) 232-4776 gets B Brood as this address. Also a google search on this number gets it. And this is the address in the NY State entity database.
130  thumbnail #130 Cambridge World Inc., dba, Cambridge Photo,, aka A.I.R. Camera & Video Center, Inc., Air Watches,,,
34 Franklin Ave., South Williamsburg
These are the people that used to be Cambridge Camera in Manhattan at 119 West 17th St. The signs at the door at the right were for businesses on the 2nd and 3rd floors. So Cambridge World is using the first floor, and at the far left there was a truck loading or unloading., now not in use, also used this address for a while. Whois for had A.I.R. Clocks & Watches of the World Ltd., 119 W. 17th St, NYC, the former Cambridge Camera location. Now cloaked.
245  thumbnail #245 Cell Time Corp., dba,,,,,,,
1002 Quentin Road, Suite 2003
This is now their exclusive address. They started with 1216 Avenue J, Midwood. Then they were using both locations. In July 2010 the Ave J address was still on all websites and domain registrations, but I found a For Rent sign there. All these domains share phone numbers. Phone number in Ave J picture reverses to Cell Time [], so that used as parent name. That number appears on some websites. (NY entity database has Cell Time Corp. at 1856 E. 74th St, a residence.) When visiting 1002 Quentin for a different dealer I found a Celltime Corp. on the mailboxes in Suite 2003. And now this address also appears on the phone number reverse. In August 2010 I stopped by and got a picture of their door. Former domains:,,,,,,,
246  thumbnail #246 Cell Time Corp., dba
29-17 Ditmars Blvd, Astoria, Queens
Address was on's web site and in whois record. Celltime Corp. from whois record. Now no address at web site. Whois had address in Arab Emirates. Now cloaked. [Picture taken on a Saturday.]
121  thumbnail #121
1261 57th St, Borough Park
Address from contact page and confirmed at the BBB. Their customer service number (718) 435-3938 reverses to this address. BBB also has an alternate address of 1367 58th St, Borough Park. Some comments at ResellerRatings. See closeup of front door.
192  thumbnail #192 Computer Software Plus, Inc., dba
1612 Kings Highway, Sheepshead Bay
New location for them. (The Photo - Camera on the building front is for the storefront tenant.) Previous location was 1722 Kings Highway, Midwood. Also see entrance picture. Note sign behind the glass on the door. Address always on web site. Here is a blog post on their move: New Digs For Kings Highway Computer Store []. It claims that Kings Highway Computer is the same business.
193  thumbnail #193 Consumer Priority Service, dba
1678 McDonald Ave.
Address at web site.
 82  thumbnail #82 Crisp Deals,
1502 East 2nd St, Ocean Parkway
New location for them. Address from website. Previously they were at 5407 2nd Ave, Sunset Park. See storefront and full building picture. Previously also used, but the store no longer exists. When active the old address was on each eBay page.
136  thumbnail #136 Delta Marketing Corp., dba 47th Street Photo of New York (,, aka Photo Video Computers Electronics
1635 McDonald Ave.
New location for this dealer (and better for shipping and receiving). I came upon it in January 2009. A July 2014 visit found they have doubled the street frontage and added new awnings. Here is a May 2009 picture.
Formerly at: 395 Kings Highway, Bensonhurst
While no street address was at the web site, this was the address listed in the phone directory for the Delta and 47thSt names. Also the address in the NY entity database. The whois had a box in the post office with the same zip code as this address. The phone number on the whois reversed to 47th St Photo at this address. Photo Video Computers Electronics used the same phone number, and was listed in the phone directory and at this address (and other directory sites). They are also a surplus club that sells on eBay and on Amazon. At one time they owned which they redirected to (but Nikon took it). In 2004 it read Delta Marketing Inc. on the door. Legal name is Corp., not Inc. By May 2006, when this was taken, the Inc was scraped off. They are the US distributor for They left here before January 2009. At this old location all signs and the awning are gone and a for rent sign is on the building.

195  thumbnail #195 Digital Delivered, Inc., dba
771-773 Coney Island Avenue, Kensington uses 771. was using 773, but now no address at site. TrustedDealer is now using 771 on their about page and 773 on their contact page. Open on Sunday. TrustedDealer's contact page for a while listed 673 Coney Island Ave, which appears elsewhere here several times. The RedTagSavings site claims they are RedTag Savings Inc. No such name found for NY, but Red Tag Inc. registered to a CPA on Bedford Avenue appears to be them. Digital Delivered, Inc. is registered to a name on Irwin Street in Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn. In May 2006 the For Rent sign was gone. In August 2007 it was back. The door has only one lock, so all of the second floor is one office. The door was open. There was a conveyor belt alongside the stairs. So the place can be used to warehouse and ship. At one point TrustedDealer used the upstairs at 673 Coney Island Ave, an address used by several dealers and now a bicycle shop. Update: redirects to a hosting compnay. is not working.
231  thumbnail #231 Digital Pavilion Electronics LLC, dba Pavilion Electronics Amazon Store, and
3410 Avenue N, Marine Park
They are using Fulfillment by Amazon, where Amazon handles the warehousing and shipping. On Mordys contact page is: Pavilion Electronics Customer Service with a phone number and the address above that ties in the others. In the NY entity database is 1546 E. 35th St, Marine Park (around the corner from the main address). This address is also at Manta []. They are relatively new here. Google Street View has a different store. Amazon store seems to be inactive. site now defunct.
116  thumbnail #116 Digital Zone, Inc.,
8321 5th Ave, Bay Ridge
Address from NY entity database. The two buzzers for the upper floors were not labeled. The eBay store is still active. It claims to be "the major online supplier of batteries and other power related products for portable electronic devices." However only women's clothing is shown.
147  thumbnail #147 Duddy's Electronics, aka Appliance Hut, dba
4415 14th Avenue, Borough Park
Address was at web site. The site now only states the retail store is in the heart of Brooklyn.
148  thumbnail #148 East Coast Trading, Inc., dba East Coast Photo,
43 Hall St. 4th Floor (near South Williamsburg)
Address on web site.
 63  thumbnail #63 Ecom 2000, Inc., dba
140 58th St, Bldg A - Suite 7K, Sunset Park
This is 13,000 sq ft in the Brooklyn Army Terminal, and is much more space than their former location at 144 Highlawn Avenue, Bensonhurst. Address always on website. Company name from building front of former location. From July 2007 to August 2008 they also used, which had no address at the site, but it is on the domain registration and is at DealTime []. Plus the fax was shared with Ecom.
204  thumbnail #204 Electro Brands,
1676 East 19th St.
Address on website, except website has Ave. which does not exist, and zipcode is correct for here. The phone number on their banner, 888-748-4840, and the one on their contact page, 800-325-0304, google to and has their Brooklyn phone number, 718-913-0369, and a different address, 1873 East 27th St.
223  thumbnail #223 Electronic Outlet Stores,,
366 Fulton St, Downtown Brooklyn
Address on website. They also have a storefront at 330 East Fordham Rd, Bronx NY. This company has two NY entities: Electronic Outlet Of Fulton Street, Inc. and Electronic Outlet Of Fordham Road, Inc.
137  thumbnail #137 Electotronics, LLC, dba
765 Saint Johns Pl, Suite 1A, Crown Heights
Address from web site, but specifies no pick ups at this address. NY entity database uses the Corporation Service Company in Albany NY for its address.
209  thumbnail #209 Exclusive Merchandise Co. EMC Inc., dba
5106 12th Ave, Borough Park
Address from web site, in the NY entity database and at the BBB. EMC=Exclusive Merchandise Co. If you like your name, why not use it twice? Formerly located at 1445 55th St, Borough Park.
 30  thumbnail #30,, aka [now dead], aka MS Inventory Solutions, LLC,
3303 Avenue N, Flatlands
All domains registered in 2009 and are anonymous. has ExtraStuff2009 as the site title. Address from CeMarketPlace Contact page [now dead]. forwards to eBay store. forwards to The LLC entity is registered through an agent. The pictured printing and shipping store has moved. According to the sign at the door they are now at 3502 Quentin Rd. Only the eBay storefront is now active.
 38  thumbnail #38 FCI Tech NY Inc., dba
680 Myrtle Ave, South Williamsburg
This is the address now on the website. This is near the entity database address. Also see full building picture and closeup of sign. The previous address on the website was 8616 5th Ave, Bay Ridge. Possibly in an upstairs apartment. The intercoms that were outside of the locked door were unlabeled. Before that they were at 171 Washington Park, Fort Greene. A check of that intercom found FCI Tech Inc. for #1, so they were using the ground floor. Whois was cloaked. Fax number has 609 area code, which is Southern New Jersey. The address in the NY entity database is 717 Bedford Ave #1, a large apartment building in South Williamsburg and just around the corner from 417 Flushing Ave, their first known location. The text on their aboutus page exactly matches the text on's aboutus page.
 53  thumbnail #53 Focus Camera current location (,,
895-905 McDonald Ave.
The storefront is new. I believe this was previously just a warehouse outlet at the door to the right, which was cleaned up. See earlier picture of the door.
 21  thumbnail #21 Focus Camera Former Location (
4419-21 13th Ave., Borough Park
One of my bicycles makes a cameo appearance. Picture taken July 2001.
 22  thumbnail #22 Focus Camera Alternate Location (
905 McDonald Ave.
Former entrance to warehouse outlet store. Sign on door now removed. This is now the entrance to the warehouse and shipping dept. This picture taken July 2001. See later pictures 53 and cleaned door.
 54  thumbnail #54 Focus Camera, dba,
4403 15th Ave, Suite #346
This address was on their returns page and in their domain registration. Returns now go to 905 McDonald Ave. The phone numbers on the return form are the same as Digital Foto Club and Focus Camera. Website has a link to Focus Camera home page.
236  thumbnail #236 Focus Camera, aka Digital Foto Discount Club (
1080 McDonald Ave, Suite 150 was for a while using this address for returns. This is much closer to their place of business at 895-905 McDonald Ave than the one they had been using. This domain now redirects to
 52  thumbnail #52 Focus Camera, aka Digital Foto Discount Club (
1303 53rd St #300, Borough Park
This was the address DigitalFotoClub used for returns. But the BBB always had them at Focus's location. Then DigitalFotoClub used 1080 McDonald Ave for returns. This mailbox store was also used for a while by Ace Photo & Digital for returns. Now DigitalFotoClub uses 905 McDonald Ave. which is their actual location. Also this was the World Photo address used on a web page some years ago.
177  thumbnail #177 Focus Electronics, Inc., dba Focus Computers & Electronics and
4509 13th Ave., Borough Park
Current location. Address is on web site. Based on phone numbers and contacts Focus is also using Studio 77, dba Before this location they were at 1305 46th St, though presumably with a storefront facing 13th Ave. For a while after they moved there was a sign on the 13th Ave side telling of this new location.
174  thumbnail #174 Focus Electronics, Inc., aka Studio 77, dba
1305 46th St., Borough Park
For a while forwarded to the Focus Electronics web site. Address from whois and PriceGrabber, no address at web site when it was up. Their 866-438-3344 number appeared as a contact number in an alt tag on Focus's web site. Plus PriceGrabber has for the Studio 77's contact. This is the building that Focus got their start back some 40+ years ago. They enter the door at the left. A sign there says that if there is no answer to call 718-436-4646 or to go around the corner to 4509 13th Ave. Update Feb 2008: now has the address 52 Brickman Rd, Suite L-5, Box 24, Fallsburg, NY on their web site. This is way upstate. A visit found the paper sign on the door gone. The door was open. Inside were boxes of appliances. So it appears that this location is still being used as storage for Focus Electronics. Update January 2009: The website does not work. Update December 2009: The BuyingAdvantage website is now an Amazon store. Update: The domain is for sale.
219  thumbnail #219 GainGame Inc, Yall Inc,,,,,,,,, Y'allStore,,,,, [parked],,,
726 64th St.
Address on all functioning websites. This address is also on Panjiva. There are two buildings using this street number. It is not clear whether they are using this one, or the one to the left. Inside this one it was clearly set up for shipping. Even though it was a weekday, the shutters were down on the left making it impossible to identify if there is another tenant there in addition to the kitchen cabinet place. Further evidence that it is this one, and not to the left, is this one has all the video surveillance. Apparently this business is part of Shenzhen Yall Trading Co., Ltd. ResellerRatings has pages for YallStore and GainGame and ScreenAid and GadgetTown and eTech. Update July 2014: The About Us page has Brunswick NJ. No such town exists. Only a New Brunswick.

Other locations:
 94  thumbnail #94 Get It Digital,,
984 E 35th St, Flatlands
New address for them. This is their warehouse. They only have a warehouse. Previously at 1002 Quentin Rd. Suites 3003,3006,3009. Address found around the web when only eBay seller. After they had a web site the address was always on it.
132  thumbnail #132 Goldex Limited, dba,
315 Rutledge St., South Williamsburg
Address from whois, fax reverse lookup, and corporate registration. No address at web site. Whois is now anonymous. Lots of reviews at ResellerRatings. The picture is new August 2011. At the time they were looking for a tenant for the front part of 319. I also saved the May 2005 one.
107  thumbnail #107,,, aka, xin chen
58-46 Main St #2FL, Flushing site has this address. Address also in whois and making a purchase from eco-field. Based in Hong Kong with this second warehouse in Flushing, NY. Entrance to second floor is along the left side and is the doorway with the stone surround. See mailboxes picture.
166  thumbnail #166 H.L. Dalis Inc.,,,, Metropolitan Radio
35-35 24th St, Long Island City is a wholesale distributor. ElectronicsMaven is the name used on the eBay store. Address initially found on old whois. Now anonymous. No website. Metropolitan Radio was the company name used on that old whois record with an e-mail address of Address and corporate name of HL Dalis Incorporated then found on Checking the NY entity database finds "H. L., Dalis, Inc." at this address. The building is large. Here is a full building picture.
 25  thumbnail #25 Harmony Video & Electronics, Inc., dba
1801 Flatbush Ave., Flatlands
Address on web site. I was passing by on a Sunday and I found a colorful new sign. But they were closed and all shutters were down. So I returned during the week when I knew they were to be open. But the middle shutters were still down. Are they lazy? Are they discouraging walkins? I guess if I want them open I'll have to phone first! Here is the old storefront from back in April 2001. Through 2007 they also used Harmony Computer (
133  thumbnail #133 House of Gadgets Inc., dba The Planet Of Gadgets,
8019 17th Avenue, Bensonhurst
Address from tonyatford eBay About Us page [now gone]. Entity name from awning. Entity database has 955 73rd St, 2nd Fl. Formerly
270  thumbnail #270 Kellard's Photo, d.b.a.
12 Harrison Ave, Williamsburg
The current Kellard's location. Formerly in Manhattan at 1 New York Plaza. Address on web site. Also sells used equipment on Amazon.
149  thumbnail #149 The Kitchen Clique, Inc.,
3009 Ave. L, Flatlands
Address from web site and entity database. In the past they used and (with address on sites), but no longer active.
 86  thumbnail #86
47 Hall St, 3rd Floor (was Suite 4E), near South Williamsburg
Address on web site. It is pronounced L-Gee-Oh. They also registered the .com, .net, .org, .info, and .us domains. Most are anonymous, but the .us is not and has 20 Grand St, which is two blocks away. Prestige Hangers found on tenant listing using the same mailbox, though the NY entity database has Prestige Hangers & Store Fixtures Corp. dissolved as of Apr 28, 2009.
225  thumbnail #225, aka,,
1316 Avenue M Ste. 2
Address was on all web sites. No address now on Address is still on redirects to now defunct. They must be sharing the space with Rachel's Custom Wig Studio.
242  thumbnail #242 MamBate USA Inc, dba, aka ImageStore US Inc, dba and
7708 18th Ave and 7706 18th Ave, Bensonhurst
Address from web sites. The paper sign on the left storefront states no retail business. The sign on the right says to enter at the left. redirects to now in Chinese. and have 7706 18th Ave. The NY entity database has Mambate with a fellow's name at 7014 20th Ave. And the entity for ImageStore has a different name with addresses at 7514 20th Ave and 2128 67th St. I learned about Mambate from this NY Times blog post. A July 2014 visit found all to be the same.
 85  thumbnail #85 Miriam Holdings LLC, dba Super Deal, dba Miritronics
19 West 9th St, Red Hook 11231
Miriam Holdings ships product from this address. The return address and packing slip have this address. Miritronics from searching on phone number shown at Amazon. In the NY entity database 1062 56th St, Borough Park is the address.
 77  thumbnail #77
22 Grand Avenue, South Williamsburg
Address on web site. Phone number reverses to here. Security guard confirmed that they were a tenant upstairs.
 75  thumbnail #75 Omega Merchants Inc., dba Super Digital City,,, and for e-mail only
1274 49th St, Suite 146, Borough Park registered 02/28/08, though the Omega Merchants entity was registered back in 2005. Both entity and domain registration use this address. Address wasn't on web site, but this one now is. Main phone number is in the exchange that this mailbox store is in. Nothing at the BBB. Some comments at Reseller Ratings. Update: Someone googled a string of text from the aboutus page and found the page is an exact match for the aboutus for FCI Tech! So while this location is not near FCITech, it appears that this is a new name for them.
155  thumbnail #155 Online Electronics Liquidation, dba
2116 E. 21st St.
Address was from web site. Now no longer is. However, the whois record still has this address.
220  thumbnail #220 One Click Enterprise, Inc., dba Orion Gadgets,
2308A McDonald Ave, Gravesend
New location. In July 2014 the site claims it is under maintenance, but has this address. Previously at 1552B Dahill Road. Address also on that web site. A small printed label with One Click Enterprise, Inc. is visible on the bar across the door. They specialize in PDA, music players and portable games accessories. An impressive job of cataloging all the models and which accessories go with which. Entity database has 501 Surf Ave., #1-L. This is a large apartment building in Coney Island. Originally located at 2444 West 2nd St, 1st Floor, Gravesend.
 43  thumbnail #43 Phoenix Global Technologies Consultants, Inc.,,,
7230 Bergen Court, Bergen Beach
Phone number led to and company name and address is in the whois. Address then also found in NY entity database. Website address is a PO box in the 11234 post office.
 67  thumbnail #67 Photo 4 Less, Inc. (, aka Sigma 4 Less (, Sigma For Less (,,
5417 New Utrecht Ave., Borough Park
Address from web sites. (They have no connection with the defunct World Photo Online, which used this address in the past. They purchased the building, and not the company it contained.)
239  thumbnail #239 Photoland NY,,
381 S. 4th St, South Williamsburg
Email address on eBay led to website. Then street address from website and whois.
250  thumbnail #250 Portable Guy, an Amazon storefront
5823 19th Ave.
Their returns page has their phone number, 718-907-5788. Google connects that phone number to the company listing on Manta with this address.
This address does not exist. It is the address to the side of this building that faces 59th St. Here is the pre-renovation side view and the current front view.
Digital-4-Less, Digital4Less,
5823 19th Ave.
This address was in whois. No address at web site. At Bizrate and Shopzilla they used a PO box number at the Old Chelsea Post Office in Manhattan. Some web sites had the Brooklyn zip code of 11231 (which is not here, but the Red Hook section of Brooklyn). Update: I came upon a September 2004 whois record. At that time their domain servers were TRISTATECAMERA.COM. That is a Manhattan dealer near the Old Chelsea Post Office. Ergo, this is simply another name for TriState Camera. (N.B. The NY corporation "Digital 4 Less Inc." has nothing to do with this web site.) This website went out of existence in 2006, though the parent, TriState, is still around.

120  thumbnail #120 Quality Photo, dba,, formerly qualityphoto2005 on eBay
126 Division Ave., South Williamsburg
On eBay it simply states that items are in Brooklyn. This address from googling on Quality Photo and Brooklyn. The phone number (718) 963-2146 reverses to them at this address. The intercom has written on it to use buzzer #4 for Quality Photo. Buzzer #4 is labeled "Unique/Ideal Sales." Pictures are from August 2007.
259  thumbnail #259 RJB Marketing, Inc., dba,,, aka Montgomery Grant,
2890 Nostrand Ave.
New location for them. Previously they were at 3521 Quentin Rd, Marine Park. Address at web sites on contact page. Montgomery Grant domain registrant is Joe Rishty at DCSS Inc., who formerly used the address 2974 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn. domain has now expired. was created back in 1999, but currently under construction. Whois record has RJB Marketing. The on the storefront sign comes up blank for me.
 27  thumbnail #27 S&W Appliances & Electronics, dba, a.k.a Empire Photo
162 Wallabout St., South Williamsburg
These sites have Empire Photo at this address: Lumedyne dealers [] and Sales Spider. In the past it was also found at Citysearch.
235  thumbnail #235,,
1425 37th Street, 6th Floor, Borough Park
Address from website. This is just the entrance to a very large building. It is so large there are multiple entrances. Here is a picture of the entire building. The whois record has someone's house at 956 51st St.
122  thumbnail #122 Simon Cells, dba and
1701 Utica Ave, Flatlands
Address was on SimonCells website. Bacario uses 5001 Ave I, which is the address for the right side of building (where the bicyclist is). There is no entrance on that side, just a sign telling to go around the corner. The only cameras SimonCells sells are built into cell phones. Their web site highlights unlocked phones. Update December 2009: SimonCells is now a crude link page, but Bacario is still active and now has 1425 37th St, Suite 615. This appears to be the same address as in the prior entry.
117  thumbnail #117 Snap-it Digital, LLC, dba,
390 Marcy Ave., South Williamsburg
Address from reverse lookup on the 718-302-0363 number that had been on the site. Web site has the address of a mailbox store at nearby 199 Lee Ave, #469. NY entity database has 252 Wallabout St, Suite 7-A, an apartment building.
175  thumbnail #175 Software for Less International, Inc., dba
1060 East 26th Street, Midwood
Was new address on web site. It is still the address in the NY entity database. Previously they were at 333 Avenue X, Floor 2 in Gravesend. That building used to be the Social Security Administration building. And before that they were at 1301 Coney Island Avenue, a storefront. The website then had 163 Amsterdam Ave, Ste #123, NY, NY 10023 for mail contact. This is a UPS mailbox store. Now the site has 119 West 72nd St, Ste #180, NYC. This is also a UPS store.
 95  thumbnail #95 Speed & Sound Electronics Corp., dba
1435 E. 63 St, Bergen Beach
This is a new location for them and this address was on the website. Now removed. Previously they had a storefront at 6305 Avenue N, but they have gone to web sales only. On this Fave Page they list the address 1940 Ralph Ave. Strange.
106  thumbnail #106 Supreme Video, dba Brooklyn warehouse
216 Maspeth Ave, Bushwick
In the past Etronics also had a Manhattan location that welcomed walkins, but that was closed. [However, the fax number on the website (212) 475-3904 still reverses to 31 Essex St.] This picture is the side entrance with that address. But the sign is now removed. This is a large building. On the Vandervoort Ave side there is an office type entrance with no street number. And at the far side of the building is the 1 Rewe St entrance with Fesco Distributors Inc. Fesco sells similar products as does Etronics, but wholesale only. Possibly the parent company.
160  thumbnail #160 The Buzz Electronics, dba
1402 Coney Island Ave., Midwood
Web site has store front picture and walk-ins are obviously welcome.
118  thumbnail #118 The Imaging World, dba,, aka Northside Photo
548 Driggs Ave, North Williamsburg
Address on Imaging World web site. Northside found in a merchant listing.
228  thumbnail #228 The Slick Zone,,,
702 Eastern Parkway, Crown Heights forwards to eBay store. Address from whois record.
135  thumbnail #135 The Supply Spot, dba, formerly
1234 54th St, Borough Park
New location for them. This address found on TheSupplySpot contact page. Formerly at 5304 New Utrecht Ave, Suite 309. The TheSupplySpot and PhotoPaperPlus share phone numbers. PhotoPaperPlus has 5601 14th Ave, Unit 3C, Borough Park on its contact page. A reverse on the local phone number gets Apt 3C in this building with a name and his job listed as Supply Spot, Owner. At one time Supply Spot shared SSL cert with Time2Envy, a member of the Broadway family, though no other connection with them can be found. Also at one time and were also at 5304 New Utrecht, but the sites are no longer up and the domains have changed owners.
243  thumbnail #243 Tristate Camera, dba, aka TriState Computer, dba
150 Sullivan St, Red Hook
Address now in Whois. Google maps lists Tristate Camera at this address. The paper sign on the door states that shipping and receiving is around the corner on 153 King Street. Also see Manhattan retail location. site no longer working
272  thumbnail #272 XIT Group,
807 Bank St, Canarsie
Registered as XIT Inc. in the NY entity database with XIT Group, Inc. listed as a secondary name. Formed on Feb. 8, 2012. Address is in the registration. It is not on the website, but appears numerous places on the web. This is a wholesale accessory company. One of the partners from the Best Price Cameras partnership split is now a partner here. Look closely at the door and you can see the X logo of XIT Group.
206  thumbnail #206 Y&B Sales & Distributors, aka Zalmar International, dba
63 Flushing Ave. Building 58, Unit 325 and Suite 1C, Brooklyn Navy Yard
Address from web site. It was Unit 353. While I couldn't get into the yard, one of the guards was most helpful in telling me the business name of Unit 353. He then gave me the building number and a map. Picture taken through the fence from the outside. At one time PriceRunner had 100 Ross Street, Suite 3D (in South Williamsburg). That is an apartment building. Presumably a previous address.
 13  thumbnail #13 Zalmen Reiss And Associates Inc. (, dba Digital Distributors (, aka Digital Etc. (
171 47 St.
Address from Z Reiss web site and whois. At the BBB this address used to appear, but that page now has 129 31st St, which is an address they haven't used in years. Long ago they were in a small building at 150 20th St. This here is two buildings. #171 is the building to the right. The large overhead door at the left is to the loading dock they are using. now redirects to now has no address at site and whois is cloaked. From a sign inside front door you can see they are also distributors for other camera dealers.
Moved Away (Mostly to New Jersey)

 78  thumbnail #78 888 Inc., dba 888 Digital (
3674 Nostrand Ave.
This firm has always been wholesale only. This was their second Brooklyn location. Before this they were at 673 Coney Island Ave, a smaller building. When I visited I did look in. What I saw was a warehouse with a shipping bench. Update August 2006: I passed by and their sign was gone. I looked in and saw basically the same shipping bench and shelves. I saw a fellow. I motioned for him to come out. He came out of the storefront next door. He informed me that 888 had moved to NJ. A reverse on their phone number got 1416 East Linden Avenue, Linden, NJ. This location is now the warehouse of PowerSellerNYC.
  2  thumbnail #2 Abe's of Maine (, aka Abe's Electronic Center (,, and
1957 Coney Island Ave.
Former location. They were here from 1986 until 2007. This building now has a for sale by owner sign. The business is now located at Raritan Center, 5 Fernwood Ave, Edison, NJ. Web site has picture of building and encourages visitors. FamilyPhotoAndVideo and sites are no longer up. AbesElectronicCenter forwarded to AbesOfMaine for a while, not not registered.
 51  thumbnail #51 Abe's of Maine, dba Cameras and Electronics,
1204 Ave. U, Suite #1275 (from web site, BBB, and whois)
Fax number is same as Abe's of Maine! See picture 2. once used this address (with Suite 1096) per ShopCartUSA. morphed into and uses this address with Sweet [sic] 1096. One of's whois addresses is here. Another is NextPlace, Inc in Stamford CT.'s NY entity uses Suite 1334 at this place.
 81  thumbnail #81 Accoona Corp., dba, aka and
1625 Gravesend Neck Rd, Sheepshead Bay
Former location. A fellow getting out of his car saw me taking my camera out. After hearing my first name he knew exactly who I was! He didn't want me to take the outside. It was just a plain ordinary warehouse [picture taken following week]. So he let me take the inside instead. Butterflyphoto and moved to 1764A New Durham Rd, South Plainfield, NJ. Website now has 86 Mayfield Ave, Edison, N.J. is no longer in use. This location now has a wood shop inside and a for rent sign.
 16  thumbnail #16 Accoona Corp., formerly DOD Marketing Inc., dba Digital E-Tailer ( and
902 Ave. U, Gravesend
After they were bought by Accoona they left this location and moved to 1625 Gravesend Neck Rd. A jewelry store moved into this store. They have now moved to South Plainfield, NJ.
123  thumbnail #123 Accoona Corp., SkyNet Communications, dba (or .info),,,,,, and
481 Kings Highway, Bensonhurst
Former location. (First location was a second floor office at 6400 18th Ave.) On the's FAQ page it says checks should be made payable to SkyNet Communications, Corp. but that name is not found in the NY State entity database. also uses this Manhattan Address. BestBuyPlasma, SkyNet22 and have moved to 1764A New Durham Rd, South Plainfield, NJ. was then showing 101 Hudson St., Suite 3501, Jersey City, NJ. Now it is back to the South Plainfield address. was here from July 2004 to Fall 2005, but the domain was not bought by Accoona. For a while it did forward to (And for another period it was up with 1907 Highway 35, Unit 4, Oakhurst, NJ. And briefly in June 2004, when new, LizMadison had 216 E. 49th St, 4th Fl, NYC on their site.) Now it is dead. (or .info),,, and are now also dead. That leaves only functioning.
  6  thumbnail #6 Broadway Family: Broadway Photo LLC (,,, A&M Photo World LLC (, and Digital Liquidators LLC (
2922 Avenue L, Midwood
After this address A&M Photo World claimed to be at 2920 Ave L. See picture 49. Note peephole in the cardboard under the street number. now redirects to and redirects to This is my most popular picture. It is from April 2002. An optometrist is now on the ground level and a planning group is upstairs. Update July 2014: and are now defunct. redirects to, which is defunct. is now a photographer's site. is an untrusted site.
 49  thumbnail #49 Broadway Family: A&M Photo World LLC.
2920 Ave. L, Midwood
A&M used to use the same address as Broadway Photo. They also used the second floor at 2920. Broadway was clearly also using the upstairs on 2922, as people were going up and down. See picture 6.
187  thumbnail #187 Broadway Family: A&M Photo World LLC (, Broadway Photo LLC (, Preferred Photo (, Prestige Camera, LLC (, Wild Digital (, Millenium Camera (, Time 2 Envy (, aka American Digital & Video, LLC, Qwest Camera LLC, Regal Camera LLC,, Top Choice Digital,,, (, 800PhotoVideo LLC ( [restricted],, Camera Lane LLC,
337 E 89th St., Remsen Village
Web sites no longer have addresses. This report has PreferredPhoto at this address. Time2Envy used this address for someone to mail a letter to as mentioned in a February 2006 dpreview forum post. The NY entity info has Time 2 Envy, LLC at 205 Ryder Ave, which was the home address of Albert Houllou, a principal of the Broadway family. Wild Digital LLC and Millenium Camera LLC have this address in the NY entity database. Millenium is the newest name, having been registered in May 2007. [Picture taken on a Jewish holiday.] Update: Wild Digital now uses 2605 Ave. T on its web site. Update: Top Choice Digital Enterprise LLC (and Top Choice Digital World Inc.) is now registered at this address and the domain name was reactivated in early September 2008, according to the dates on the comments at An interesting sidenote is Top Choice's former storefront, after being a real estate storefront for a while, then for a while was an office in the Broadway family. Update: is a domain that belonged to MME Digital Corp, but they went out of business and it resurfaced at this address per their contact page, but this has since been removed. This is now the address on the resurrected TopChoiceDigital contact page. 800PhotoVideo LLC found in NY entity database with this address. Update Summer 2010: They are moving to 245 Belmont Drive, Somerset NJ. Update Fall 2010: has been activated in time for the holiday season. It was registered 3/19/09. This address from NY entity database. Update July 2014: All websites are defunct.
227  thumbnail #227 Broadway Family: Preferred Photo LLC, (,,; also Camera Addict LLC,; also F & E Trading (, aka Camera Kings, LLC, dba
321-327 E. 89th St., Remsen Village
321 is green door in the middle. Preferred uses 321. Camera Addict uses 325 E. 89th Street as its mailing address. F&E Trading, an import export firm, uses 327 E. 89th St for its. 337 is the door to the right. (You may have to scroll.) The NY entity database for Preferred Photo has 5014 16th Ave, Suite 233 (a mailbox store pictured here for others). The contact page has 1940 East 9th St, Brooklyn, which is a single family house on a residential street. However checking the NY entity database I find Camera Kings Inc., 325 East 89th Street Suite 110, which is of course here. This corporation was filed for on January 08, 2009. A long time ago Broadway used, which is now defunct, but is still listed at the BBB []. Update Summer 2010: They are moving to 245 Belmont Drive, Somerset NJ. Note that F&E Trading also has an office in Miami [], though the address there may be old and the correct one being: 1325 NW 98th Court Unit #3, Miami, FL 33172 (305) 717-0035. Updated July 2014: All websites are defunct, except, which shows the Somerset, NJ address and the Miami address.
180  thumbnail #180 Broadway Family: Prestige Camera LLC, dba
315 East 89th St., Remsen Village
No address in whois. No address at web site. Phone numbers do not reverse or connect to others. This address found at []. Entity database has them at 1412 Ave. M. At one time PriceGrabber and PriceSCAN had Prestige at 1354 E. 2nd St. That is a two-story brick rowhouse. The BBB [] claims this is another name for Broadway Photo. Update Summer 2010: They are moving to 245 Belmont Drive, Somerset NJ. Update July 2014: Website defunct.
 58  thumbnail #58 Broadway Family, dba Big Valueco, Inc, Big VALUE Inc,
2170A East 5th St, Gravesend, 11223
No address at web site. Their Amazon shipping page states sales tax collected on all purchases shipped to New York. Then a search finds on their GoDaddy Connection Page [bizid=1761383] they used PO Box 230303 in zipcode 11223. Then in the NY entity database one finds Big Valueco, Inc. registered at this address five days after the domain was registrated anonymously on 14-Mar-2008. Now obviously, as of Nov-2009 they are no longer here. Last I checked the entity database had not been updated. This is a new name for the Broadway family (as older domains aren't getting many hits anymore). is now defunct.
254  thumbnail #254 Broadway Family: Click4Digital, LLC,, aka Click For Digital,; aka Inc.; aka, aka Digital Megastore
1722 East 28th St, Marine Park
For DailyCheckout this address was in the NY entity database, but then it was changed to 2812 Quentin Road (which is just around the corner, and is the home of Alan Shrem, the fellow that runs DailyCheckout). Inc. was incorporated 15-May-2009. The domain was created 12-May-2009. For Click4Digital this address was on their Contact Page. Click4Digital was formerly at 287 3rd Avenue under a different corporate name, but that business went under owing money to Broadway for drop shipments. Now Digital Megastore is telling people to return items to at this address.
102  thumbnail #102 Broadway Family: BW Digital Interactive, LLC,
2321 E. 64th St, Mill Basin
BW=Broad Way. Address from NY entity database. Domain has been anonymous since the beginning. Website states that a site is coming soon. Website now has Server not Found.
99  thumbnail #99 Broadway Family:,, [times out],,,, and;, Quest 4 Cameras,,
2931 Avenue S, Marine Park 11229
The first block of names are the former Central Digital family. After moving to Edison, NJ they went out of business and the domain names resurfaced here as part of Broadway Photo. This address is on all those web sites. The eBay stores Time 2 Envy, LLC (Time2Envy) and WikiDigital*com are now operating out of this location. The next addition was Quest4Cameras. The domain was registered in May 2007 and for many months they successfully cloaked this address. The only clue was on DealTime/ they are listed as Brooklyn with this 11229 zip code. Now the BBB [] has this as another name for this location. All located here are part of Broadway Photo with merchandise shipped out of Broadway Photo's warehousing/distribution system (see previous pictures). An interesting sidenote is this storefront was used many years ago by a long defunct Top Choice Digital. Update: Quest 4 Cameras has moved to 2605 Ave. T. See next picture. Update: added as its phone number, 800-641-2338, is also used by time2envy and its IP address is a one digit difference from's. WikiDigital*com no longer operates on eBay. Update: In the middle of 2008 Broadway left this location and all operations are now at the E 89th St warehouse. Update Nov 2009: Digital Megastore now has 2057 East 22nd St on their web site. This is a house. Update July 2014: Most websites are "Server not Found." One has a virus. One has drival about the best Android multiplayer games. One redirects and then requires a password.
202  thumbnail #202 Broadway Family: Quest 4 Cameras,, Wild Digital,
2605 Avenue T, Marine Park
This address had appeared on Quest4Cameras' web site. Now that site has 337 East 89th St. For Wild Digital this address could be found on a profile page. Quest4Cameras had been using 2931 Ave. S and Wild Digital used 337 East 89th St. Update July 2014: One site defunct and the other redirects and then requires a password.
230  thumbnail #230 C&A Marketing Inc., dba D B Roth,,; formerly: Barclays Photo,, Price Rite Photo,, The Camera Mall,, Empire Photo,, Digital Goodys,, Cameras Gone Wild,
Brooklyn Army Terminal
140 58th Street, Suite 3M, Sunset Park
Last location in Brooklyn. Chaim Piekarski moved back to this address around the end of 2005, after the Thomas Hawk barrage. See picture of front door and stairwell where the employees smoke (and stick the butts into holes in the wall). When PriceRitePhoto, TheCameraMall and BarclaysPhoto were active the web sites, whois, and BBB had a mailbox store at 1274 49th Street, Borough Park. They also used this Manhattan address and this Jersey City address. is their domain, but is not currently in use. See Shedding Some Light for more detail. Update August 2008: The eBay store CamerasGoneWild when operational showed item locations as Monroe, NY, but whose merchandise shipped with this return address. They have also registered Update Sept 2007: Their newest name is D B Roth. All connections to Brooklyn are cloaked. The was a bit strange, with missing images and out of stocks, but the action was at their site. Update May 2008: From this court case I found the names: New York Lab & Photo, Windsor Photo Supplies, Inc. and ABC Corp. 1-10. The C.P. Industries, Inc. listed is his prior firm which I picture here. Update January 2009: C&A moved operations to 2 Bergen Turnpike, Ridgefield Park, NJ. This is a building they own in an industrial neighborhood. They are now only doing wholesale. No retail sales. Update July 2014: Only works. Other domain names have been abandoned.
134  thumbnail #134 C&A Marketing Inc., dba [no longer used], and
254 36th Street, Suite 202, Industry City (Bush Terminals), Sunset Park
Former location. C&A moved to the address in 2003, and left it at the end of 2005. Also see sign on the door. NY entity database stated that they are in Suite 2B. For the back side of the building see the NY Times picture. Also see the article: In a Flash, Camera Dealers Feel the Web's Wrath. C&A Marketing left this location after the Thomas Hawk barrage and returned to 140 58th Street, where he had been from 1998 to the end of 2001 (or beginning of 2002), but to a different building. Domain names abandoned.
181  thumbnail #181 Compu Solutions,, SL NetCom,
54 Pearl St., Dumbo
Address was on home page. Now the contact page has 6414 N. University Drive, Tamarac, FL 33321, but the phone numbers are still in Brooklyn and the main one reverses to this address. The other names, except Digital Kazoo, from a paper sign inside the entrance. They were in an office on the second floor. There are many offices or apartments up there. Strangely none of the doors have a name or number.'s whois had ID-Tech Solutions, Inc. with two addresses: a Lakewood address with the same person's name as the ID-Tech entity and 185 Wilson Street in South Williamsburg (which is a Metivta, an organization dedicated to seeking spirituality in the Jewish tradition through meditation, text study and spiritual practices). now simply forwards to In late 2008 ID-Tech Solutions split from DigiCombo and they remained here and provide networking related services.'s whois now has 2135 E. 26th St, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. Update July 2014: Neither domain name works.
173  thumbnail #173 DGL Group Ltd, formerly Digicell Ltd., dba,
33 34th St, Suite 5, Sunset Park
In the past they used and Address from reverse lookup on CellCrew's main number of 718-499-1000 and is one of the addresses in CellCrew's whois. Some years ago the address was on their contact page. NY entity database has 1204 Avenue U, Box 1334, a mailbox store. At one time the main phone reversed to 68 34th Street and the whois for still has 68 34th St, 6th Fl. That is a similar building with the same landlord. In August 2007 the CellCrew site was not working and the site was a link page owned by someone in California. Possibly they forgot to renew the domain and someone took it. and now have the address of 195 Raritan Center Pkwy in Edison, NJ.
 20  thumbnail #20 Express Cameras (, aka Photo King (, aka Jack's Express Photo
259 Ave U, Gravesend
They were open when I took this picture. Their web site and whois then had them in Edison, NJ. Then NJ sued them and shut them down. This location became a photography studio. Before being Jack's they were
126  thumbnail #126 GoGoTech, Inc., aka 101 Phones, Inc., Inc., dba,,,,,,,,,,,
34 34th St, 3rd Floor, Industry City (Bush Terminals), Sunset Park
GoGoTech can be found on door. Some domains (,, use this address for both correspondence and returns. Others (,,, ,, use 1410 Broadway, NYC for correspondence and this address only for returns. Update July 2014:, no longer active. redirects to All other domains now have returns going to 575 Underhill Blvd, Unit 350, Syosset, NY.
186  thumbnail #186 GoGoTech, Inc., aka 101 Phones, Inc., dba
3167 Coney Island Ave, Brighton Beach
Old address from Web site and corporate entity database have two different addresses in Manhattan. See the 213 West 35th St. one. Update: Web site now has 34 34th St, 3rd Floor, Brooklyn listed for returns and 39 West 38th St in Manahttan for the corporate entity (though the database shows Kings County, aka Brooklyn, as the place of business).
265  thumbnail #265 J&V Marketing Inc., dba 1 Way Photo,, Lenses N' More,, aka Jack Silver Photo
5407-5409 18th Ave, Borough Park
Address from web site. Corporate name from front door. Entity database has 5409 address. The 5407 number appeared at one time on ShopCartUSA and would be the wider red door. The white one at the far left is labeled 5405. Lenses N' More has this address in their whois. Update April-May 2009: They went out-of-business at this location. The shutters are down and a for rent sign is up. They have resurrected themselves as Jersey Shore Digital in Edison, NJ. The Jack Silver Photo name is from the BBB []
154  thumbnail #154
1135 37 St, Borough Park
Address was from web site. Mostly appliances. No cameras. No number on building. A fellow entering the building confirmed that this was the correct address. Update Oct 2006: There is now a big banner over the door for discount rugs. I walked in. The first floor is now rugs. Probably they are up the flight of stairs. Update Feb 2008: Web site now has address in Fort Collins, CO, though the site is under construction and barely loads. Website no longer exists.
217  thumbnail #217 NWV Direct & Electronics Corp., dba,
1893 W. 8th St (between Bensonhurst & Gravesend)
Address from web site and NY entity database. They have all of the first floor and part of the basement. This is more space than the previous offices at 367 Avenue U, Suite 240-262 (with door to the second floor offices on the side street). Here is the sign from the Ave U location. There is a sign at this location on the door to the right where the UPS fellow is exiting. NewWorldVideo domain names purchased from New World Video, Inc. In January 2009 I discovered a change in their corporate name. It had been Worldwide Internet Technologies, Inc. Website now has 2450 Missouri Ave, Las Cruces, NM.
248  thumbnail #248 S & P Electronics Inc., aka Park Avenue Electronics, dba,
55 Walton Street, South Williamsburg
The right most mailbox of the four had S&P written in ink on a piece of paper. [Picture taken on a Saturday.] A visit in July 2007 finds no evidence that they are still here. Their web site has 25 Park Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11236 for mail, but it does not exist. There is a Park Ave in zipcode 11205, but a site visit finds no such address with that street number. That side of the street is the side of a housing project. Update: In this RipOff Report the customer was told to not return to the web address, but to Capital Audio. No address is on that RipOff page, but that Capital Audio (in Manhattan) is the only one around here. In the NY Entity database, and on some old web searches, the address for S&P is 1502 37th Street, Brooklyn. That is a semi-detached house in Borough Park. Update July 2014: Both websites defunct.
214  thumbnail #214 UGotADeal Corp., dba and 17 Ave Electronics
6902 15th Ave, Bensonhurst
Address was on web site. Reverse on phone number got 17 Ave Electronics at this address. Checking their website I find they have moved to 9 Telluride Ave, Old Bridge, NJ.
161  thumbnail #161 Ynot2k LLC, aka Tech Spot, dba, and
4422 Ave. N, Flatlands
Address was from web sites. All sites now have the address Tech Spot, 24 Ruby Lane, Plainview, NY and states by appointment only. This is an office on Long Island. Maintaining a physical storefront was a financial burden when one primarily sells over the web. Update July 2014: is a technical support forum. redirects to is a functioning website selling laptops.
Out of Business

240  thumbnail #240 1 Stop Plasma Inc., dba + USA Wholesale Club, dba
4819-4821 2nd Ave, Sunset Park
At the left of the building (on 2nd Ave) is the overhead gate for warehouse. The office entrance is the wood door to the right (on 49th Street). A sign on it has 4821 2nd Ave. USA Wholesale Club used to be at 2410 65th St. That, a much smaller space than this, is now a beauty clinic. Update February 2008: is no longer in business, and is no longer their business partner. For a while USAWholesaleClub's web site showed 1412 Avenue M, a mailbox store that already appears here for others. Update January 2009: Searching finds many possible address for USAWholesaleClub. I put them at 1748 59th St. See more discussion of this dealer there. Some years ago was registered to Wholesale Club Tony Hinge at this 4819 2nd Ave address.
213  thumbnail #213 17th Street Photo Supply, Inc., aka American Appliances & Electronics Distributors, Advanced Photo Source, dba,,
5904 18th Ave, Borough Park
This is the "MAILING ADDRESS: (not for returns)" that is found on their web site. The whois Admin contact is the same for and and On yellow pages and other listings I found 1817 50th St.. web site had 1029 Dahill Road. Web site no longer active. All addresses are in the same area. At some point in the past they may have used Also see Manhattan address, which is still in business.
 87  thumbnail #87 24 HR Digital or 24 Hour Digital, dba
825 McDonald Ave.
This from contact page and is called warehouse address. Previously the site had a large apartment building at 1511 Brightwater Ave, Brighton Beach as the mailing address, and that is still the whois address. No business names of any kind on the tenant listing there. A sign on the door has "Easy Ship." So this is also a mailbox store. Reviews are suspicious at Reseller Ratings. More details in Thoughts Of Dave entry. Now out of business.
165  thumbnail #165 AA Deals Inc., dba
543 Bedford Ave #231, South Williamsburg
Address from AADeals web site and corporate entity database. Place of business was an apartment building at 25 Taylor Street, which is nearby. In they past they used, but it is now a link page. Now all out of business and the web site is being used for a deals blog.
138  thumbnail #138, Inc.
1663 Pitkin Avenue, Brownsville
Address was at web site. It still is on the whois registration. See name on paper sign above entrance. Web site is now dead.
 61  thumbnail #61
1970 E. 1st St, Gravesend
From reverse on fax and was on this LooBoo listing. Now out of business. See what they left behind here:
 79  thumbnail #79 Ace Photo & Digital Co., dba
1136 59th St.
This is the address found in the whois record and had been at the BBB web site. Now the BBB [] is, and the web page returns address was, using 1303 53rd St, Box 400, which is a mail box store that appears here for DigitalFotoClub (a name used by Focus Camera). Then returns were being directed to PO Box 189003, Brooklyn, NY 11218. Now for returns they use 905 McDonald Ave, which is Focus Camera's warehouse and website states that it is part of Focus. Website is now dead.
261  thumbnail #261 Active Atom, aka Power Seller NYC, Inc., dba, aka
3670-3672 Nostrand Ave., Sheepshead Bay
This address had been two dealers: 888 using 3674 and B&Y/Marcus Audio Video/ using 3670. It is now combined inside. Web site invites you to visit their retail store, but the address is not listed. An awning picture on the site [now gone] lacked the Active-Atom name (Photoshopped off), but a June 2009 site visit found it the same as the picture here. One of the owners died, and a memorial is painted on a shutter. PowerSellerNYC appears in the DealCost code, plus there are a couple of suspicious reviews for PowerSellerNYC that are actually reviewing DealCost. It looks like the person pasting in the review pasted in the wrong ones!

Update July 2014: Both websites defunct. A site visit finds a pawn shop in the right storefront (3670). Simple Mobile Solutions having a Grand Opening in the left one (3674). And some construction activity was going on in the middle (3672).

Other addresses used:
 72  thumbnail #72 ADAR Import Distributing Corp., dba
395 Johnson Ave, South Williamsburg
Address as of Nov 2003. This was the address on the whois for Before this location they were at 130 North 4th St., North Williamsburg. No longer in business.
 47  thumbnail #47 AgA Electronics Inc., dba
1634 E 4th St, Midwood
Address was on web page for returns. See the not much used front door, though there was a car in back. Now out of business. Site is now a link site.
 48  thumbnail #48 AgA Electronics Inc., dba,, and
122 Ave. T, Gravesend
Primary Brooklyn location. Then for a short time they used a storefront at 90 Quentin Rd. Now US1Camera has 426 N. Wood Avenue, Linden, NJ for showroom. Address was at's web site. Address was in 5StarsSlectronics' whois. This is the address that was formerly Landmark Distributors, which dba See pictures 31. Landmark sign is now gone, though the business name may still be Landmark Distributors, Inc. (You can read the full word Linoleum now.) An August 2007 visit found an orthopedic shoe place here. One piece of evidence is no AgA Electronics Inc. is registered in NY State. 5StarsElectronics web site is now a link site. now uses 4022 Ave U on its web site. No address now at site. All websites are now defunct.
119  thumbnail #119 AgA Electronics Inc., dba
1915 E. 8th St, Gravesend
Address from web site, pricescan, and cnet. No address in whois. 718 fax number used to be's. 212 fax number also belongs to
Actual business appears to be taking place at 122 Ave. T. This domain name is no longer active. Whois now has the address 90 Quentin Road. US1Camera forwards to, but pages have US1Camera. now defunct.
251  thumbnail #251 All Star Distributions (, aka, aka Amazing Tomato Headquarters (, Yellow Bee Photo (,,
177B West End Ave., Manhattan Beach
Address from some websites. The B storefront was down under. They have now moved out. YellowBee shared a fax with Digital Shopcart. If you e-mailed Yellow Bee a question the response came from Digitalshopcart's Privacy page had All Star Distributions, 177B etc. Yellow Bee's address on PriceGrabber was the 177B address. was registered at the 177B address. It is now cloaked. Only now works, and it just offers hosting services. This outfit resurfaced for a while as Blue Bear Toys.
103  thumbnail #103 All Time Deals Inc., dba, aka Active International Marketing Inc.
414 Flushing Avenue, South Williamsburg
New address for them. Found on a reverse lookup on their local phone number. Technically 414 Flushing is the taller building to the right. But it has no public entrance, other than the supermarket and a school. After several trips I discovered that the building entrance is on the side street, where the woman in the turquoise shirt is cleaning the door. Active International Marketing is using suite #212. [picture taken on a Sunday] Before this location they were at 762 Bedford Ave, South Williamsburg. This was the address superpages had for a reverse lookup on the 718-852-4400 phone number found on their web page. Listed there as Alltime Deals. At 762 Bedford their door was the one to the right. The one on the left is 768, and a different company. [Taken on a Sunday.] Website is now defunct.
104  thumbnail #104 All Time Deals Inc., dba
199 Lee Ave. PMB 146, South Williamsburg
This is the address found on the web site and in entity database. PMB 143 is used in their cnet listing. No address in whois. #272 at this address is used for the whois registration for, a site no longer up when I last checked, but when up this was also the address at the site. website is now defunct.
208  thumbnail #208 AllDigital4Sale, dba
132 West End Ave, Manhattan Beach
Now out of business.
262  thumbnail #262 American Marketing Tech, dba, was Priceless Warehouse
5908 Foster Ave.
Address from site in the past. Site is now using 5910 Foster. Scroll to the right to see sign for Priceless Warehouse. Domain name is now for sale.
140  thumbnail #140 American Tops Inc., aka E-lectronics for less, dba
1127 53rd St, Borough Park
Address from web site. Domain name expired 12-Feb-2008 and is now a link page.
  4  thumbnail #4 Aplus Digital Inc., dba
6914 15th Ave, Dyker Heights
Now out of business. Sign on the door is now gone. domain is for sale. Corporate entity is still active and located at 74 Avenue O, a storefront with other businesses. Update Oct 2006: There is a small sign on the door with Focus Management.
108  thumbnail #108 Apple Electronics Inc., dba and
259 Avenue X, Gravesend
Was new location. Now out of business and a pharmacy has moved in. Formerly located in a storefront at 201 Ditmas Ave. In this dealer's early days redirected to It may have been his original domain name.
 46  thumbnail #46 Armato's Photo Services, Inc., dba Armato's Pro Video,,
67-01 Myrtle Ave, Glendale, Queens
Address was on website contact page, in whois record, and in NY entity database. They are now out-of-business. In this storefront is now Jasienowski Studio, Portrait Photography.
169  thumbnail #169 ATK Digital World Inc., dba
1002 Quentin Rd, Suite 3001
From whois, reverse lookup on phone number and corporate entity database. No address at web site. Now address removed from whois. Web site no longer working and they are out-of-business. A check finds names removed from mailbox. In a 2003 they used 1057 E. 2nd Street, which is a detached Victorian one-family frame house.
 96  thumbnail #96 Avalon Gadgets, dba,, aka Foto Electronics,, Foto Tronix,
6512 20th Ave.
Address from a comment in On a prior visit to this location I went up to the door and a fellow confirmed that there were people in the back working for Avalon Gadgets. He said they are based in Delaware (the whois had been using a mail drop in Wilmington, DE, now the whois has a PO box in Hawaii) and this was just the Brooklyn location. He did not want me to take a picture. (I came back later.) When I first checked their web site the voice phone number was in the northwestern suburbs of Chicago (2503 Palazzo Drive, Buffalo Grove, IL). The fax number was in Idaho. Then the voice numbered disappeared and the fax number's area code was 775, which is Reno, Nevada. Now that has disappeared and e-mail is the only contact method. Foto Electronics from In a 2004 comment 1421 Sheepshead Bay Road, Suite #145 was found for Avalon. In two Jan 2009 comments at ResellerRatings for Avalon Gadgets and Foto Tronix a reviewer was told to return his package to Storage Deluxe, 2990 Cropsey Ave. Update Summer 2009: I was passing by and found Angela's had moved to 6613 20th Ave. They could still be working in the back, but more likely they have moved to an unknown location. All sites now defunct.
 73  thumbnail #73 Avis Sales Corp., dba Delta International (, Delta Jewelry ( and Jewelry Discount Boutique (
344 Marcy Ave. at Heyward St., South Williamsburg
Address was from reverse lookup on Jewelry Discount Boutique's main phone number (718-384-5300). Web pages used mail drops in Manhattan. A sign on the 344 Marcy door says to use door around corner. A sign on the first door around the corner says to use next door. That second door is pictured here. All these names are listed by the door. My November 2003 picture was updated July 2007 and they were out of business a few months later. A pass by in Jan 2008 found the signs still up.
255  thumbnail #255 B.A.W., Inc., dba Big Apple Direct,, Big Daddy's Electronics
7514 18th Ave, Bensonhurst
This address was from their site. Their domain registrant and phone numbers led to Big Daddy's Electronics at 435 Kings Highway, which appears to be a former address (at the time I visited it had a temporary clothing store). Now the domain name has expired. A site visit finds that B.A.W. is still here and very much in business.
141  thumbnail #141 B&D Electronics, dba, and
1285 Broadway, Unit B, Bushwick
Wholesale liquidators. Out of business. is now link page. The other two domains are not active.
 90  thumbnail #90 B&Y Distributors Inc., dba, a.k.a Marcus Audio Video, George Gomez, aka
3670 Nostrand Ave, Sheepshead Bay
I found this next door to 888 Digital. So I took the picture. Doing research after I got back I found their address on the web. Sometime around 2006 they moved to 1200 Stirling Rd, Suite 9a, Dania, Florida and in 2008 became somewhat dormant. had B&Y and this address in the whois record until Jan 2010 when it went anonymous. In 2010 the domain was sold to AllStar Camera. NY entity database has 18 E 41st St, 10th Floor in Manhattan for DOS process. PowerSellerNYC is now using this storefront as part of their space.
162  thumbnail #162
1312 44th St, Suite 205/210, Borough Park
Now out of business. They were also using,,,, and Best Discount Camera. All sites now down or go to link pages. In 2003-2004 Digitally Discovered ( (aka was also using this address. Both names now used by, which is associated with Barnabeez. SuperPixDigital was using
 50  thumbnail #50 Big On Digital, Inc., dba, and
1641 McDonald Ave. (from web site and BBB)
This is next door to A. Heffco. The store has shallow depth. Then there is a door with a sign saying keep closed. It was open. I could see people at desks in the back. is also registered at this address, but isn't yet being used. Comment at ResellerRatings claims is affiliated. Now out of business and a deli has moved in. They were using both floors. Web sites are either down or go to a link page.
194  thumbnail #194 Blue Bear Toys, dba, aka Electro Toys Depot,, and
1428 East 7th St., Ocean Parkway registered 24-Oct-2007. and registered 18-Jan-2008. BlueBearToys address from This address is the home of Ilan Guez. For a while it was the whois address for, which was a domain in the now defunct YellowBee family. PayPal payments to ElectroToysDepot go to BlueBearToys. was only up for a brief time. Some time in February 2008 all went out of business.
 80  thumbnail #80 Blue Switch Digital Inc., dba, a.k.a Blue Web Digital (
673 Coney Island Ave.
At one time this was 888 Digital's location. See 1. Then this had two awnings for Choice One Digital. I passed by often, but never got around to taking a picture. Then the awnings were gone. The site is no longer active and the Choice One Digital Inc. corporate entity is inactive. A little research found the place became Blue Switch Digital. Their domain name was registered on 02-Apr-2004, a short time after the site went shut down. (Defunct DNS on is BLUESWITCH.NET.) Around October 2005 Blue Switch went out of business. Brooklyn Bicycles has moved into the space. Their domain names now redirect to, a web solutions firm. Some time later a paper sign for Blue Web Digital was put up, so I got a picture.
 83  thumbnail #83 BrandNamez LLC, dba, aka Lormar Electronics
96 Avenue U, Gravesend
This address had been at DealTime, which is where I found it. Web site (and now Dealtime) has an address in Manhattan where they have never been. A comment at discovered the Manhattan address was phony and this is the actual place of business. LLC used in anonymous domain registration, but not found in NY entity database. Now out of business.
199  thumbnail #199 Bridgeview Photo Enterprises, Inc., Executive Camera Enterprises, Inc. [first two in NY entity database], Bridgeview Photo LLC, Bridgeview Corporation, Executive Camera & Cellular Corp, (active Sep-2002 to Feb-2003), and (active Jun-2002 to Feb-2003)
33 Bay Ridge Ave, Bay Ridge
After The Digital Dog Roman Geyzer ran this. From past whoises and web searches. Much more info is here Roman appears to now be living in Deerfield Beach, FL. It is not clear what now is at this address. This picture is 2007. Web searching on the address finds the Shore Deli gourmet shop, a hospice care company, a executive/title/abstract search company, and maybe a mortgage company.
266  thumbnail #266 Brik Software, Inc., dba Save On Projectors,
1381 Shore Pkwy, Bensonhurst
No address on web site. Company name and address in whois. Address also on an information site called NY entity database has them at 2030 74th St., which is also a house. A December 2007 check finds the web site "temporarily down" or not loading.
159  thumbnail #159 Broadway Family: DCD Marketing LLC, dba,,,,,, aka Intercept LLC, dba Intercept Advertising and Marketing,
2744 Atlantic Ave., Broadway Junction
Site is a merchant site with independent vendors. The whois for had the same phone number as found on DCD Marketing's home page. And the whois and corporate entity addresses of DCD and Intercept are the same 2744 Atlantic Ave. When passing by in May 2007, and again in January 2008, there was a building for sale sign out front, though a check found the address still on the ShopCartUSA site after that. Observed in my January 2008 pass-by is the building on the corner to the right of this picture goes along with this. It is painted the same and has the same for sale sign. appears to no longer be. Other sites shut down after the Texas AG sued them for fraud. See Price comparison Web sites may not be trustworthy. Actual business itself may not have gone out of business, but all these price search engine sites are shut down.
215  thumbnail #215 Broadway Family: DCD Marketing LLC, dba
105-04 Jamaica Ave., Suite 35, Richmond Hill, Queens
A price search site. This is in Queens near Brooklyn. No names on doorbells. This is another of the price search engines for hire. This address from privacy page at web site. No whois information. No phone number at web site. Site claims to be LLC, but not found in NY entity database. When it got started, for many items all five stores listed were A&M outfits. Note this store sells mailboxes, but is not a mailbox store.
203  thumbnail #203 Broadway Family:, aka
1281 49 Street, Suite 302
Web site first appeared at the end of 2001. This is one of the price comparison sites where the seller pays to be "featured." Generally only Brooklyn dealers are listed. No address now at the site. From Nov 2002 to Aug 2003 this was the address at the site. See: Whois has 5422 18th Ave, a residence. The site is 1/3 owned by Broadway Photo. Site was shut down after the Texas AG sued for fraud. See Price comparison Web sites may not be trustworthy.
156  thumbnail #156 Broadway Family:, Inc.
205 Ryder Ave, Mapleton/Flatlands
Picture from May 2006. The house was sold in June 2007. This was the home of Albert (Avi) Houllou, a principal of the Broadway family. PriceTopia is now a price search engine that was only featuring and, both domains of J&V Marketing Inc. Now it mostly features Broadway family web sites. In 2006 forwarded to This address was also used for the registrations of,, and many other domains in the Broadway family. For a list see Shedding Some Light. In addition this address was used by Avram Sakkal for the DNS registration of Digital eTailer, until Accoona took it over. As Houllou purchased this house in October 2000, and was first registered in December 1999, it is probable that Sakkal was the prior owner and he never bothered to change the address in the registration. This address has never been used on any web sites. The Inc. is from the web site, but they are not found in the NY entity database.
 68  thumbnail #68 Buy Camera 4 Less Inc., dba Focus On Digital
155 E. 3rd St., Kensington
Now out of business.
144  thumbnail #144 BuyERetail Inc., dba, aka
1412 Ave. M, Suite #2395, Midwood
From web site, PriceSCAN, BBB and corporate registration. The only phone numbers are an 800 one and a fax number in Washington State. Actual place of business unknown. If you have received product from this company please e-mail me from link on page bottom. also uses this box number according to a comment at ResellerRatings, but Dealtime [] has them at 265 Sunrise Highway Suite #262, Rockville Centre, NY 11570. That may be a mailbox store. This mailbox store, with box #2544, is also used by Broadway Photo's Prestige Camera for their NY State entity registration. At one time the BBB had BuyERetail as a name in the Broadway Photo family, but I disagree. Common usage of this mail box store isn't enough evidence. Update February 2008: USA Wholesale Club, dba (aka Network Sales of NY) is now also using this address on their site with no box number. and domains now "under construction." But the 1-888-744-7364 still works.
  7  thumbnail #7 Buyrite, dba
3908 New Utrecht Ave, Sunset Park
Picture taken April 2001. Now out of business. (Corporate entity unknown.) A visit in October 2004 found the paper sign gone, though numerous credit card stickers still appeared on the door. At that time whois still used this address. Now cloaked.
113  thumbnail #113 Buzz 4 Digital, dba
2005 Homecrest Ave., Homecrest
No address at web site. This address from cnet. The whois address 84 Gravesend Neck Rd (which I took) is also a home (whois address has now been removed). No reverse lookup on phone number. PriceSCAN had them at 212 Highlawn Ave. It is likely that this name was another name used by AllStar Camera. Now out of business, but the buzz4digital e-mail address was used in 2008 for the original domain registration for Big Camera Deals.
 9  thumbnail #9 Camera City Inc., dba CCI Camera City (, aka Royal Camera and Video Inc. (, and The Camera Source, Inc., dba,, aka
342 Kings Highway, Bensonhurst
In addition to the storefront they were using the upstairs. I watched a fellow come down and enter the store. When started they had no address on the web site. In the whois they used P.O. Box 230816, 344 Ave U, Gravesend. But the NY State corporate entity database had them at CCI's address!'s phone number was the same as TCS. Now out of business and they have completely moved out of this location. Now some sites forward to One is "under construction." Two are link pages.
 76  thumbnail #76 Camera For Less, dba
813 Bedford Ave. #1, South Williamsburg
Their local number, 718-797-2217, reversed lookup as: Cameras F. Less at this address. The whois is at this address. No address at the web site. Update: Reverse lookup is still at this location, but name is now "Lespons, Cameras For." There is a new second location at 190 Franklin Avenue. The whois registration for is also at this address, but the website was only active from July 2004 to February 2005. See
196  thumbnail #196 Camera For Less, dba
190 Franklin Ave. #4, South Williamsburg
New address found at Deal Time []. It is very new, and the building wasn't quite finished when I took the picture in December 2007. The C of O states that there is a duplex in the middle two floors and two apartments on the top floor. I found four intercoms at the door up the stoop to the right. Indications are business is still being conducted from 813 Bedford Ave.
269  thumbnail #269 Camera Giants Inc., dba
PO Box 230795, 344 Ave U, Gravesend, 11223
No address at site. This address from NY entity registration (registered 06-Feb-2009). They could be found at the price search engines, and a new search site called According to the February 23, 2009 post on Thoughts Of Dave blog this is a new name for 86th Street Photo. Also from the BBB. On 15-Jun-2009 Thoughts-Of-Dave discovered they were out of business.
163  thumbnail #163 Camera Unlimited LLC, dba
3409 Avenue S, Marine Park
This is a mail box store that is now out of business. However, their 718 number reversed to this address. And this address was still on their web site after it closed. domain name has expired. The PhotoSweep site had this address buried in the text on the About us help page. The PhotoSweep contact page had the 1569 E. 8th St address. See close up of card on right shutter.
Camera Unlimited LLC, dba
2071 Flatbush Ave, Suite #191
This address found on's website, BBB and whois. Phone number on their site reversed to Camera Unlimited at 3409 Avenue S.
Camera Unlimited LLC, dba
1569 E. 8th St.
Address from whois and web site. Phone number reversed to this address under Camera Photo Inc, but no entity found under this name for NY State.
 40  thumbnail #40 Central Digital Inc., dba,,,,, and
252 Conover St., Red Hook
This address is the door at the far left of this corner building. See closeup of sign on that door. When DigitalMegaStore started up it used the address 181 Van Dyke St. That is the door at the very right in the picture. A sign on it showed the entrance was around the corner. This is their second location, to which they moved to in 2002. Central Digital started in a storefront at 2552 Coney Island Ave (picture from April 2002). After this location they moved to 298 Fernwood Ave, Edison, NJ. They then returned to Brooklyn to 2931 Avenue S under new ownership.
222  thumbnail #222 Certified Digital,
1414 Avenue P, Suite 300, Midwood
Address, without suite number, was at web site. Now removed. Address in whois includes suite number. Phone number at site reverses to this address. Click on web size image to read signs out front. Maybe Suite 300 is the third floor? Web site then had PO Box 301102, Brooklyn, NY 11230. Website now defunct.
111  thumbnail #111, aka
320 7th Ave, Park Slope
Address from whois. Not on web site. Actual place of business unknown. If you have received product from this company please e-mail me from link on page bottom. forwards to (The whois claims business is Must be a typo.) Now out of business.
 11  thumbnail #11 Clearance MegaStore,
1511 East 9th St, Midwood
Domain registered in March 2007. (They also registered the .net domain.) No address on whois or web site. Address was found at BizRate. See ResellerRatings. Now out of business.
210  thumbnail #210
945 Coney Island Ave, Flatbush
From No longer in business.
232  thumbnail #232 Comp-U-Photo (, aka Digital On 5th Ave. (,
517 Coney Island Ave
This is their Brooklyn office. From Yahoo yellow pages for Digital On 5th and reverse lookup on (718) 287-3220. The door to the left has two unmarked buzzers for the two upper floors. Also see their Manhattan Store. All these domains are no longer active. Whois registrations are no longer in the NY area. Phone number is disconnected. However, they are still in business, at least at the Manhattan location. Camera Sonic, LLC is an active NY entity with this address. It was filed 17-March-2003, which is close to the 18-March-2003 date that was registered using this address. Now cloaked. has a BBB listing with 1501 Sheepshead Bay Road. has a site from 11/29/03 - 3/24/04, but no merchant site on any of the four archived pages.
 84  thumbnail #84 Comtech Direct Inc, dba The Refurb Depot (, aka Save Sonic,
1449 37th St, Borough Park
New address for them. Found on their web site. This building has multiple entrances. Their entrance is the one in the front corner. Formerly at 5614 New Utrecht Ave, which is the building on the left in the picture. They were possibly also using the building on the right as I saw a fellow walk over. This was the sign on the door of 5614. SaveSonic lists no physical address, but there are numerous web page similarities to RefurbDepot, plus a single page in from 2008 has About linking to AboutRefurbs.cfm. In July 2014 I found to be defunct, and was a site for cash loans. Before they disppeared they left behind some unhappy customers: Pissed Consumer and Ripoff Report and ResellerRatings. Also an F at the BBB
256  thumbnail #256 CoreMega Enterprises Inc, dba, aka and
2023 Stillwell Ave. #1
Address was from web sites and whois. Now removed from web sites and domain names are cloaked. Though the BBB [] and the NY entity database still have them here. As of January 2009 all web sites are dead.
 12  thumbnail #12 CP Industries, dba Camera Zone ( and, The Photo Specialists (, Film Shop (, and The Camera Mall (
140 58th St., Suite 4K
Also see closeup of entrance sign. All of their domains, expect now redirect to (The domain names were sold to them in late 2001 or early 2002.) domain was kept, and is now one of C&A's domain names. CP is the initials of Chaim Piekarski. Pictures taken April 2000.
257  thumbnail #257 Crazy 4 Digital, dba Digital Kings, Next Step Plasma (, Shop Digital Online,, Union Hill Electronics,
225 34th St, Greenwood
New location for this firm. This address was from the and web sites. But is now removed. is no longer active. For other formerly used domain names see their prior location picture: 105 Ave U. Union Hill's policy page matches the ones at and And at ResellerRatings they group Union Hill with the others. Union Hill's contact page lists the address 1708 East 35th St. A site visit found T & T Balloon Express, a store that sells balloons, gourmet baskets and party supplies. The hours painted on the front are appropriate for a party store, not a web merchant. Must simply be a borrowed address. Update: A March 2009 site visit found a for rent by owner sign on the party store. The NY entity Corp. is registered at 57 W. 38th St, 4th Fl, NY, NY 10018.
Crazy 4 Digital (, aka Digital Kings,, World Class Plasma (,, Best Stop Plasma, (, Next Step Plasma, (, Tech Pro Warranty (, and I&R Management, Inc.
105 Avenue U, Gravesend
Prior location. Digital Kings web site had this address. address from PriceSCAN. World Class Plasma address from BBB. is contact in whois. Corporate entity is probably I&R. It is connected to this address by the BBB [] and The NY entity database has I&R at a lawyer's office at 45 John St, NYC. See closeup of paper sign on the door. This storefront is now a furniture store.

145  thumbnail #145 Cuisant Corp., dba
1529 Dean St., Crown Heights
Address was on web site. They did sell a few digital cameras, but they mostly sell appliances and other things for the home.
146  thumbnail #146 DCSS, Inc., dba
2974 Nostrand Ave
Web site says this address is warehouse location. Picture was taken on a weekday during business hours. Maybe they are upstairs? Update August 2006: Web site says under construction. Presumably they are out of business.
176  thumbnail #176 Deals for, Inc., dba,
475 5th Ave, Park Slope
No address on web site. This address from whois. Their site is hosted by Yahoo Store. Phone number on website is a cell phone number for Brooklyn. See more info in Thoughts-Of-Dave blog post (e.g.,, also registered to same person). Address in corporate entity database is 1802 Avenue W, Sheepshead Bay. forwards to All websites now defunct. A site visit in July 2014 finds Prospect Wireless is still in the storefront.
211  thumbnail #211 DigiNY, dba
2570 W. 2nd St., Gravesend
From PriceSCAN. No longer in business. Picture taken after their web URL was picked up by domain name harvester. Sign on the door says 615 Corp. But according to the NY corporate entity database 615 Corp is on Long Island and is inactive. On a page it had 613 Camera Corp at this location.
112  thumbnail #112 Digital Dealz, dba
1912 Avenue M, Midwood
Address found at: []. Inside the door there are two mailboxes for two offices on the second floor. Site up during 2002 and 2003, possibly longer. Now out of business.
100  thumbnail #100 Digital Depot Inc., dba,,,, and
1615 East 35 Street
Address from whois, and the BBB by searching for the phone number found at Other dba's use same 800 number. At this address had been, but that site was only active from May 2002 to March 2003. The now expired and never used domain name may have been theirs.
 15  thumbnail #15 Digital Headquarters Inc., dba
8115 5th Ave.
No longer in business. Domain name is for sale. A tuxedo rental place moved into this location. Corporate entity has an inactive and an active entry. Both addresses in NYC. Active one, registered in August 2005, has place of business in New York County.
268  thumbnail #268 Digitals Future Eco, Inc., dba
2515 86th Street, Bensonhurst
Domain is anonymous and registered October 2008. Web site only has Brooklyn cell phone number as a clue. This address from NY entity database. Corporation registered 01-Dec-2008. While this picture was taken on a Sunday, a weekday visit found the left shutters the same. Just a lot more cars. While I was in front on the sidewalk a fellow saw me taking out my camera. He ran back and went in the door on the right. Then another fellow came out to look. This suspicious activity leads me to believe that this dealer is operating out of the door to the right. Were that only a mortgage company they would not be concerned over a bicyclist on a public sidewalk with a camera. Note the street number on the awning is a little different. This is behind a large storefront that had been a Blockbuster and it covered many street numbers. Update: Address confirmed in this discussion [discussion boards now gone]. Now out of business. Real comments at Reseller Ratings stopped in May 2009.
109  thumbnail #109 E & R Electronics & Accessories, Corp., dba Empire Digital, aka, MOS Marketing Corp.
5816 New Utrecht Avenue, Borough Park
This address was from Empire Digital's About page. Confirmed in NY entity database. The E & R address in the entity database is 6506 20th Ave, which is also found on By the time I made it to 6506 20th Ave in October 2006 they had moved away and a car and limo service place had moved in. From 2002-2005 they used Then they switched to Then was using the site at the link above. Now out of business. At this location the awning was next for The Computer Guys, which sells no products, only services. Then then moved.
184  thumbnail #184 E-Electronics Corp., dba
1236 Bergen Ave.
Now out-of-business, but their old phone number still reverses to here. And corporate entity is still active and uses this address.
 17  thumbnail #17, Inc.
2023 E. 63rd St.
No longer in business, but corporate entity is still active and listed at 6916 20th Ave, which is an accounting services office. See a close-up of sign on front door.
198  thumbnail #198 Edulgence Corp., dba
1910 Ave M, Floor 2
Address was from web site. Entrance to upstairs is to the left of the restaurant. This was the office and mailing address. Name was found on mailbox, but is no longer there. Building is for sale. Walk in storefront is at 6 W 14th St in Manhattan and is still in business.
 45  thumbnail #45 Electronic Wholesale Deals Galore,,
930 E 7th St, Apt# 1F, Midwood
Name and address at the bottom of each eBay page. No longer listed on eBay.
241  thumbnail #241
922 E. 86th St.
Sold super-cheap cameras. Did not take credit cards, only Western Union. [Paying by Western Union gives you no recourse if what you ordered isn't shipped.] Claimed to have offices in Europe, no phone number or US address were available on the web site. This address from whois database. No longer in business.
 44  thumbnail #44 EMS Wholesale Trading, dba Digital Hawks,
1704 McDonald Ave.
Address from web site. Domain registered on 2009-04-18. Comments at ResellerRatings were plentiful until June 2010. Orly City Sportswear is still at this address and there is a showroom behind the tree at the right. EMS name from bottom of contact page. The caller ID from the confirming phone calls shows Jay Trading Inc., which is registered in NY as a Foreign Business Corporation, with addresses in Illinois and Great Neck, NY. Now out of business.
 39  thumbnail #39 entore, Inc., aka Zero Delivery Inc.
1957 86th St. #186's only address was here. was active from Fall of 2000 until Fall of 2002.'s original domain registration in 11/04 was here with Advantage Internet Services at #248.
 19  thumbnail #19 Esupersale, dba Circuit Digital (,,,, Digital Fuze,, G&S Timepieces, Top Dog Distribution,
7012 20th Ave., Borough Park
Behind the cardboard there were lights on and people at desks. domain name is now for sale for an asking price of $50,000. On a visit just after 01-Sep-05 I found a new business (GCO Products, Inc.) moving in. Then on 30-Apr-06 the GCO sign was gone, and there was no name on storefront. Maybe they are still here? As of August 2007 this address was still being used on web sites, e.g. DigitalEBuys's. In Dec 2007 was found forwarding to, a site in the Starlight family. (NY entity database shows GCO Products Inc. at 228 Avenue M, Suite #4.) In August 2007 the shutter over the glass door was down, but there were people upstairs (which is accessed from the white door). Former sites used: Best Buy Digital (,, (This address appears on the whois record. forwarded to, but is now down). 1950 Homecrest St., Homecrest was the address in the whois database for both and Then it was only for, with using 7012 20th Ave. Now has been sold to someone in Maryland, and the website is under construction.
142  thumbnail #142 Esupersale, dba Best Buy Digital (,,,,,
1080 McDonald Ave, Suite 303
This address is the one the BBB [] has. Also used for returns. has this address on web site. Also found here: []
Some 800 numbers are the same as Best Buy Digital. used this "suite" number for returns, but is no longer active. is no longer active. now forwards to
247  thumbnail #247 Epix Photo & Digital, dba
40-36 22nd St, Unit #3A
Long Island City (Queens)
Address from web site. This is a large building. Only a corner is pictured here. Also there is another entrance on 41st Ave.
263  thumbnail #263 eStore of N.Y. Inc., dba,, Dr. Plasma & Pro Video (, aka Empire Home Theater
481 Kings Highway
This storefront is the former home of Sky Net. They moved to NJ, so I stopped by to be sure. I found this sign. Phone number in sign belongs to Checking found that this address appeared on all the eStore web sites. The has never worked since I started checking. In December 2007 this sign was gone. The only updating of the exterior since Sky Net moved out has been the blackening of Sky Net on the awning. Update: Checking the web sites I found that while the site still uses this address, the and sites now have 303 Park Ave South #1081, Manhattan, with a note stating that domains are under new ownership as of 4-13-08. At this address I found a for rent sign. The current address in the whois for and domains is 6512 Bay Parkway, which is where they were until a 2004 fire. As you can see from the picture the ground level has a closed Nationwide Insurance. Could they be upstairs? There were no names on the intercoms to help answer this. In 2010 the ground floor became a Chinese bakery.
114  thumbnail #114 eStore of N.Y. Inc., dba,, and Dr. Plasma & Pro Video (
1845 Coney Island Avenue, Midwood
Was new location. There were people working behind the shutters. Address confirmed by phone. Was also on some web sites. See next picture for former location. and now have 481 Kings Highway on web sites. is now a link page.
115  thumbnail #115 eStore of N.Y. Inc., dba, and
6512 Bay Parkway
This had been the address on the web site and whois. But there was a fire here in about September 2004. Then they moved to 1845 Coney Island Avenue. See prior picture, though for a long time after they moved they continued using this address. According to an old page, before this they were at 8862 15th Avenue, which is a detached two-family brick house in Bensonhurst.
258  thumbnail #258,
5520 15th Ave., Suite 2F, Borough Park
Address from FTPVideo's site. No address on FreeTradePhoto's site. Sites share 800 number. Both whois records now use 1864 48th Street, which is a house. Update July 2014: had a virus and I couldn't get to it. is defunct.
 23  thumbnail #23 Get Digital, Inc., dba
218 Ave. T
I originally just stumbled upon these people when biking by. Now out of business. Location became a hair salon. Corporate entity is still active and still uses this address.
 55  thumbnail #55 Ghu, LLC, dba
1709 65th St.
Address from BBB, no address on web site or whois record. Cameratopia went out of business in 2004. Sometime after that Broadway Photo acquired the domain and Shield Star Warranties from Ghu. Then forwarded to A&M Photo World (which is Broadway Photo). Now it is parked. Possibly Broadway is going to reactivate this name for a new website. Ghu, LLC is still active in the entity database with a law firm on Park Ave, Manhattan listed for DOS process.
 24  thumbnail #24 Giftsplash, LTD, dba
264 41st St.
Picture taken on Sunday when they were closed. Site no longer up and domain name is for sale. Corporate entity is still active and still at this address.
264  thumbnail #264 Good Guys Photo, dba
2250 Homecrest Ave., Homecrest
Address on web site. Some reviews can be found at Reseller Ratings. Website defunct.
  5  thumbnail #5 GZ Group, Inc., dba Sonic Cameras,, aka
3505 Quentin Road, Marine Park
Address was on web site, though it listed their town as Marine Park, when it is really in Brooklyn, albeit the Marine Park neighborhood. registered 04-Dec-2007. Some comments have been posted at ResellerRatings. At one time there were 5000+ undated positive reviews at, but the site is no longer active. Bingo Cameras appeared in March 2009. Domain registered anonymously 17-Oct-2008. Found on and, sites popular with the Brooklyn dealers. It is possible that Bingo Cameras ( is also here, based on the 4/20/09 comment at ResellerRatings on Bingo Cameras where a fellow called both Sonic and Bingo and got the same salesman. At one time the BBB also had Bingo on the Sonic page, but then it was removed. Update June 2009: Sonic Cameras was sued by the NY AG and agreed to shut down. A for rent then appeared in the window of this and 3507.
 26  thumbnail #26 A. Heffco Technologies Inc., dba Let's Go Digital (, PricesRite (,, and, aka Digital Busters, dba
1643 McDonald Ave.
This picture from November 2003. There is a new awning and the sign is no longer on the door. See 2001 pictures: storefront and closeup of the paper sign. The following week the pile was still in front. It was windy. I could see large boxes labeled Zenith underneath. Possibly large TVs (which they sell under the Hypaudio name). There was a delivery of electronic equipment taking place when I was taking this picture. In the past they used Editor's Choice ( 1502 Kings Highway was at one time used at Cnet and the website had it as the mail address, with 1643 McDonald Ave as Brooklyn pickup facility. Then Hype Audio had 108 Ryder Ave as only address. Note Heffez is one of the lawyers listed on the sign. Heffco is a contraction of that and "company." At one time 936 Kings Highway, Midwood was used for Digital Busters and was also in the NY entity database for A. Heffco Technologies, Inc. Some phone numbers reversed to 936 Kings Highway. Also see Sept 2005 picture. Now out of business.
197  thumbnail #197 A. Heffco, aka, dba Ideal Audio/Video, dba and, aka Howard Pierce Direct AV, dba
108 Ryder Ave, Ocean Parkway
Address from web sites. Also at's whois. This is around the corner from Heffco's 1643 McDonald Ave address. This picture taken Sunday morning, 27-Nov-2005, as I passing by and found the shutters up. The BBB [] puts Howard Pierce at this address. The address I found for Howard Pierce was the US Post Office at 344 Ave U in Gravesend. Current domain registrant is "Howard Pierce," but the original from December 2005 was Max Zalta. (See Zalta name on door sign.) Howard Pierce web site had picture of a grand office building. But no address appeared anywhere on their web site. Now out of business and a home theater design and installation place is here.
216  thumbnail #216 High Point Cameras,, Sky Point Digital,, Bingo Camera,, Diplomat Cameras,, Photo Vad,
14A 53rd St., 7th fl.
Address was on High Point web site. High Point domain registered 07-Jul-2008 and has been anonymous since the beginning. Entrance is the gray door at the bottom. I went up to the 7th floor. An unmarked double doors were open and I saw boxes of electronic equipment inside. Evidence is this company is run by the same people that ran the now defunct Express Camera family. registered on 29-June-2009. Sky Point confirmed to be here as they gave out this address for a return. registered 23-Mar-2009. Bingo being here confirmed by the BBB. Bingo is now a crude search page. DiplomatCameras from Thoughts-Of-Dave Blog. At "Thoughts-Of-Dave Blog" a comment says the PhotoVad shipping department is here. No websites are functioning. A visit in November 2011 found them no longer there. PhotoVad used PO Box 230837, 344 Ave U, Gravesend 11223 on its website. PhotoVad registered 20-Sep-2010 and is anonymous. More info at ResellerRatings. At Thoughts-Of-Dave Blog [now gone] a comment says their shipping department is at the address here.
237  thumbnail #237
2942 Avenue R
This is the address that was found on CNet and at one time was on It used to be the address at their web site. The white door to the right of the needlecraft place is also 2942. Probably they are using the upstairs as their office. Web site then had 7 West 45th St #302, New York, NY. That suite is the location of Goldshot Studios, Inc., a Photography and Graphic Design shop ( The registrant for is Assaf Rosenblatt of 1789 Haring St. in Brooklyn (a home). In the past they also used Prestige Plasma ( and Rapid Plasma ( Both now defunct. The whois registrant for is Assaf Rosenblatt of 7001 Ave V in Brooklyn (a home). Whois for is Gil Rosenblatt of 7001 Ave V #2. Whois for is Gil Rosenblatt at this pictured address. Domain has now expired and assumed to be out of business.
200  thumbnail #200 HotBuys Electronics, Inc., dba, aka Taaffe Photo,; aka L and T Electronics, dba, aka Myrtle Electronics,, aka, aka Lorimer Electronics,, aka Clinton Hill Electronics,
125 Taaffe Pl., South Williamsburg

No address on Taaffe Photo site, but they being here is obvious from this picture. The pictured awning is now the only sign on the building. Picture taken April 2007. All domains now out of business. The Taaffe St location is now a home care agency.

Older pictures at this location:
Other domain names used:

189  thumbnail #189
1160 East 73rd St, Bergen Beach
Address on website. Local phone number at their site reverses to here under a person's name. Domain named registered in March 2011. A variety of comments can be found at Website now defunct.
150  thumbnail #150 ID-Tech Solutions, Inc., dba
255 Water St., Vinegar Hill
This was a price comparison site with only Brooklyn vendors appearing for cameras. Initally the vendors for all cameras were sites of the same company. Then the eight sites appearing were from two vendors. Now site is no longer up. Picture taken on a weekday during business hours. Address from whois database. Company name from front door. They are no longer at this address, they have moved to 54 Pearl St, which is nearby. Note that ID-Tech Solutions is still in business, but they no longer have any involvement with selling cameras or electronics.
 74  thumbnail #74 Ideal Photo and Video Inc., dba
1499 Coney Island Ave.
Address from e-mail. Now out of business. NY entity database has them at 1051 Dahill Road.
 28  thumbnail #28 J & L Photo Supply Corp., dba
820 E. 42nd St.
Address from web site and NY entity database. Sign points to this door. It is clearly no longer being used as an entrance! Note J&L on the sign. It also states to go around the corner. These pictures from August 2001. 4111 Glenwood Road is the entrance around the corner. It is listed as the principal executive office in the NY entity database. Now out of business.
 88  thumbnail #88 J&S Enterprises, dba Digitally Discovered (, DigiCam Returns, My Digital Palace (, Super Pix Digital (, Digital Fuze, and
1051 Dahill Rd.
This is the address used in the whois record for and No BBB record, and no address at web site. To the left was a store that installed car stereo systems. There was a For Rent sign on the building. A visit on 30-Apr-06 found the sign gone and some men working. They said someone took the place and is moving in. And that a new sign would be going up in front. Update August 2006: No new sign. Activity looks like the marble place next door is now using this as their office. Value Imaging Products Inc. is still an active entity at this address. No longer in business. This address is the address in the NY entity database for Ideal Photo and Video Inc. A resellerratings comment put Digital Fuze at this address.
151  thumbnail #151 J&S, dba SaveOnDig (,, and
1709 65th St.
Address from entry in This address used to be (which now redirects to A&M Photo World). J&S used to be at 1051 Dahill Road, which still appears in the whois records. However, on my last visit I found another business has moved into this space. No longer in business.
238  thumbnail #238 J&S Enterprises, aka
1442 86st St.
No web site. Address from whois (though whois says New York, NY with Brooklyn zipcode). Picked up as contact e-mail is, which is one of the J&S domains.
212  thumbnail #212 JAR Trading LLC, dba
2120 East 9th Street, Gravesend
Address from PriceRunner and BBB. Now out of business. Not clear which of these is 2120.
234  thumbnail #234 Jumbo Packages, dba
2342 East 14th St, Homecrest
This address was from web site customer service page. Then removed. Domain registered anonymously 29-Jun-2009. Comments at ResellerRatings. Now out of business.
152  thumbnail #152
2937 Shore Parkway
Address from web site. Phone number reversed to this address. They sold home electronics and some digital cameras. Now out of business.
229  thumbnail #229
521 Rogers Ave, Prospect Lefferts Gardens
This is the current address in the domain registration. Registered in Feb 2009. The phone number in the domain registration 718-221-4463 reverses to Kay-D-Mailbox, the mailbox store pictured here. (Kay-D-Mailbox was previously at 499 Rogers Ave.) No address at web site. Actual place of business is unknown. If you have received product from this company please e-mail me from link on page bottom. Now out of business.
 31  thumbnail #31 Landmark Distributors Inc., dba,,
122 Ave. T
All domains no longer working. Address next was being used by AgA Electronics Inc. Landmark sign then was gone. You could read the full word Linoleum. Now the location sells orthopedic shoes.
 89  thumbnail #89 LandMark Distributors, Inc., dba
2025 Avenue U
Address was at PriceSCAN and at web site. Now 2025 is the store to the right (In Style). But it doesn't look like a web dealer! So I included the store at 2021. Maybe that's the real location? On a later trip I asked people working at 2021 if they were LandMark. They did not know. They said they just worked there. The upstairs to 2025 had no indication of business activity. Address at web site has now been changed to 4022 Ave U. PriceSCAN no longer lists this dealer.
179  thumbnail #179 LandMark Distributors, Inc., dba and
4022 Ave U, Marine Park
Address was on both web sites. then moved to 2815 Nostrand Ave. Then they moved to that building's upstairs offices.
 33  thumbnail #33 Marine Park Camera & Video, dba,, Nice Computer & Video, National Imaging Computer Electronics,,,,,
3126 Ave. U, Marine Park
They were open when this picture was taken. ShopCartUSA did have at 1558 East 4th St (a detached house). whois record has this address. They used to have, but they failed to renew it and someone else scooped it up. Update July 2006: All of the web sites are closed. A note on the web sites states: "After 14 years in business, we have decided to close our doors." In early August 2006 the landlord posted two letters on the store stating they will be taking back the premises: Notice To Tenant and Demand to cure default. For a while after this one site forwarded to a Yahoo storefront that shows product links that did not exist.
191  thumbnail #191 Mavco Electronics Inc.,
1474 East 31st Street, Suite 6
This was a new address found on their web site. Now removed. This is the back of 2815 Nostrand Ave where they had a storefront. Their former storefront is now an Italian sushi restaurant (which expanded from the adjacent storefront). There was no label on the intercom for Suite 6. In the 2815 Nostrand picture note sign in second floor window saying office for rent. The whois record for still has the 2815 Nostrand Ave address. The NY entity database has 1811 Ave T. When in the storefront they also used A Plus Wireless and A Plus Wireless name from reverse lookup on (718) 258-3100, which was on the website, and was on the awning of the storefront. Website now has (646) 416-6203, which does not reverse. Site now defunct. They left behind some unhappy customers. See: ResellerRatings.
252  thumbnail #252 Max E-Market LLC, Tactical Market,,,
2747 Coney Island Ave, 2nd Floor
Address and entity name from website contact page. Whois address is anonymous. Entity address is a service corporation in Albany. Here's a picture of their sign on the door. All sites now defunct.
153  thumbnail #153 MME Digital Corp., dba Click For Digital,,, aka American Digital & Video, dba
287 3rd Ave., Gowanus
Address was on web sites. The "click" web sites are now down and AMDV has resurfaced as a domain in the Broadway Family. Entity database has 1650 East 3rd St, a single family home. Update: The "click" sites have been revived at the new address of 1722 East 28th St, Brooklyn.
178  thumbnail #178 Mr. Accessory, dba J & K Cameras, J and K Cameras, Inc.,, Best Price Cameras,,, Enterprise Photo,, Razz Photo,, Photo Dynasty,, Shop Digital Direct,, C&M Photo Corporation, New World Electronics, New World Camera, Sharp Digital Direct
1965 McDonald Ave.
Last known location. In May 2009 I was passing by and found they have left this location (a floral event service moved in). For a while remained up, then even that web site disappeared and they went out of business. See what they left behind: BBB [] and For a memento here is their awning on the sidewalk. When they first moved here they were also using,,, and, but they are all now down. Side story: They had been using Century 21 Electronics, The Century 21 department store sued them for trademark infringement and harming the stores' reputation. The judge agreed. Some of these names taken from this page: Investigation of On-Line Consumer Electronics Merchants.
218  thumbnail #218, dba J and K Cameras, Inc.,,,, Best Price Cameras (, Enterprise Photo ( Also Worldwide Wireless Wholesalers, Inc. dba
1938 McDonald Ave.
Picture taken December 2005. According to PriceSCAN was also at this address, and the whois record for it matches all the other whois records for all these domain names. Click on web size picture to read sign at right. In a November 2003 picture there was no awning, the shutters to the storefront were pulled down, and there was a J&K sign above the mailbox. I was passing by in May 2006 and saw "For Rent 3,000 sq ft" signs on the front. After several months I found them at 1965 McDonald Ave. J and K Cameras, Inc.'s entity information lists a lawyer in Manhattan. is a member of this family. Buy something, hit the checkout button, and you're at Worldwide Wireless Wholesalers has this address in the NY entity database. The name from whois registration, though the website had them in Edison, NJ.
 35  thumbnail #35 MrAccessory, aka Regency Photo & Video, Inc., Regency Camera (, Hello Camera ( and City Wide Digital (
196 Ave. U, Gravesend
Usage of the Regency and Hello names ceased years ago. These are predecessor companies in the MrAccessory family. This storefront became a Curves for Women. Domain name held by someone in San Diego. This picture taken in April 2002. The BBB claims Regency [] was part of the family, which I call MrAccessory. City Wide Digital was active from late 2001 through 2002. At one time PriceSCAN had Mr. Accessory at 195 Avenue U before moving to 1938 McDonald Ave. At the 195 Ave U address is a long time cleaners with two floors of apartments above. I consider the 195 a typo, so I do not include its picture.
201  thumbnail #201,, aka 86th Street Photo, Inc., dba 86th St Photo & Video,, aka Camera Giants,, aka Y.E.S. International
2845 86th Street, 1st Floor, Gravesend
Address from PriceSCAN and MyWirelessDeal web site. No address at wisetronics site, but it has this zip code. Wise Tronics phone number does not reverse, but whois contact is same for both these domain names. MyWirelessDeal site is now disabled. 86th St Photo & Video is a new name for this dealer. The address and corporate name was found in the NY entity database. The corporation was registered on 02-Jul-2007. No address on web site. Whois cloaked. The domain was created on 07-Feb-2007, long enough ago that many reviews have been posted at Reseller Ratings. Camera Giants from February 23, 2009 post on Thoughts Of Dave blog. Y.E.S. International from the BBB. On 15-Jun-2009 Thoughts-Of-Dave discovered Camera Giants was out of business.
 62  thumbnail #62 New Gadgets ‘R’ Us LLC, dba
980 4th Ave, Suite 245, Sunset Park
Address on main page. Domain name anonymously registered 29-Jan-2009. NY entity database lists them under a woman's name at 112 E. 103rd St, Apt 28, New York, NY (a large apartment building). The entity was registered 11-Feb-2009. Actual place of business is unknown. If you have received product from this company please e-mail me from link on page bottom. Update: In Summer 2010 website has: Our online store is currently closed for maintenance. It offers an e-mail address for contact. Update Fall 2010: Website no longer reachable.
 59  thumbnail #59 New World Video, Inc., dba and
1323 East 15th St.
The outside of that piece of paper on the door was blank. Now defunct. Domain names sold to Worldwide Internet Technologies, Inc.
205  thumbnail #205 Photo Deals LLC, currently dba, Crazy Camera Deals,
1223 McDonald Ave.
CameraPromo is their newest name. Found in Google shopping in Dec. 2011. It uses the same fax number as InStockDigital and mentions InStockDigital on a return PDF. Address was on contact pages of older domains. At one time you could find the Photo Deals name in a Google Maps Search for this location. This business was originally located at 33 35th Street, 5th Fl, Industry City (Bush Terminals), Sunset Park. The sign on the door there showing Photo Deals. In the NY entity database I find Photo Deals LLC was filed on 27-Jan-2009 and used an apartment building in Borough Park (1615 58th St) for its address. The entity is now inactive. All websites now defunct. At this location is a Food Service Supply Depot.
 34  thumbnail #34 Popular Digital, dba
1339 Prospect Ave, Windsor Terrace
Note sign with 1605. They used to be at 1605 McDonald Ave. No longer in business. Domain name owned by someone in Taiwan. This picture taken July 2001.
 60  thumbnail #60 Price It 4 Less, Inc. (, aka
144 Ave. T
Despite what you see on the signs, inside it was filled with people at desks and on the phone. Both sites now inactive and a café is at this location. Corporate entity is still active and at this address.
171  thumbnail #171 Priceline Electronics,
711 Avenue U, Gravesend
Address was on about page. The same address and phone number had been on M & V Leasing's page. On that page was "M&VLEASING GROUP LLC", but I couldn't find it in the NY entity database. Also at this address was MV Capital Group LLC. For this name in the NY entity database I do find MV CAPITAL, L.L.C. in Newburgh, NY, which could be it. There are two buzzers for the second floor. One for the tattoo parlor and the other unlabeled. On a piece of white paper which is just visible over the hood of the black SUV it has M & V and points to the door to the second floor. Site is now a link portal. The M&V sign has been replaced with a for rent sign. There is also a for rent sign in the large second floor window with the air conditioner.
131  thumbnail #131 Print Only With Us, Corp., Unlimited Business Technologies, UnlimitedBT,,
2456 E. 17th St, Sheepshead Bay
At the number (718) 615-7900 was found. A reverse on it finds Unlimited Business Tech at the pictured address and the phone number is on the awning. They are new to this location. Previously they had three locations which turned up in Google searches. eBay storefronts now defunct. These address pictures from Google Streets View:
127  thumbnail #127 Quick Stop Digital LLC, dba,
2380 McDonald Ave, Gravesend
No address on website. Their domain registration has been anonymous since registration in October 2009. Their eBay listing pages state "Quick Stop Digital is headquartered in Brooklyn, NY." This address is from StreetPrices []. It is not clear just where they are. The black door at the left in the picture is 2380. The building to its left is 2390. The two story building at the right is 2376. In the back is only the auto body and detailing shop. That black door does have a security camera above the door, so it leads to somewhere. The address in the NY entity database is 3084 Bedford Ave, Midwood, the home of a CPA. Dealer now has a page at ResellerRatings. The domain and eBay store are defunct.
101  thumbnail #101 Radio Active Deals Ltd. (Radio Active Electronics,, aka USA Photo Nation Inc. (
164-15 Jamaica Ave., Jamaica, NY (not too far from Brooklyn)
USA had no address on their site or whois, but the phone number on their site reversed to this address. And the fax number on was the same as Then had a fax number in Idado (after I put this up). Picture taken on 12/12/04, so lots of Christmas shoppers out. NY entity database lists 45 John St, Suite 711, NY, NY for both these corporations. (An office building.) These domain names no longer in use, and this location has become a Foot Locker store. Operations still exist for a couple other domain names at 1554 61st St.
224  thumbnail #224 RainbowTronics, Inc., dba, aka
1554 61st St.
Address from old RainbowTronics whois and now gone Buyer's Edge merchant page. Whois contact used (Radioactive family). Whois is now cloaked. No address at web sites. does have this address in their whois. No name was on the door. I wasn't able to get a close up of it, as three fellows outside where giving me a hard time. They said I couldn't take a picture and that they were going to call the police. The NY entity database has the same 711 John St, Suite 711, NY, NY address for RainbowTronics, Inc as the other members of this family. Now both this domain lead to a web page stating they are not taking new orders.
 91  thumbnail #91 Refurbished 4 Less Inc., dba
504 East 3rd St.
This is the address the web site used to have for returns and contact. Now removed from contact and policies pages. This is the address that the BBB had. NY entity database has a post office box in Monsey, NY. Whois now has a fellow's name and 5225 14th Ave. Suite C5, which is a large apartment building. Now out of business.
 18  thumbnail #18 Rogers Camera, dba
220 36th St, Suite 501, Industry City (Bush Terminals), Sunset Park
No address at website. Domain cloaked and created on 11-Feb-09. Nothing in NY entity database. The first reviews appeared at Reseller Ratings in May 2009 and ended in January 2010. Originally found on a web page welcoming them as tenants in Industry City. This is a huge complex that is pictured here many times under 33rd, 34th, 35th, and 36th Streets. A picture of their door still has the sign from the prior tenant with the old name crossed off. Now out of business.
157  thumbnail #157 SeeWhy Electronics Inc., dba,, and; formerly and
2380 Coney Island Ave.
From whois record and phone number reverses to this business at this address. domain was originally here, before it went anonymous. No address at web site. whois record was 2677 Coney Island Ave. iBuyDig is now part of Probably all of these are simply additional names for J&S.
 92  thumbnail #92, Inc., aka and Network Communications
482 Coney Island Avenue, Kensington
Address from eBay, web sites, and NY entity database. Web site calls this their pick up center, and there will be no shipping and handling if picked up. As you can see they no longer have 482, and now only have 478. The awning was cut in half! (478 is the address when you reverse the phone number on their awning.) They also used 771 Coney Island Avenue, which is now Digital Delivered. On some sites they are called Network Communications Corporation, but that is not listed in the NY entity database. In the summer of 2007 the awning disappeared and they moved back into 482. See next picture.
 64  thumbnail #64, Inc., aka and Network Communications
482 Coney Island Avenue, Kensington
A newer picture. ShopOem is back in 482. Painted on the door (in the center of the picture) is Second floor. Note that awning above 478 is now gone, but the store inside looks the same. A curiousity is in the under construction picture there are no third floor windows. I find it strange that they started with a solid wall and then cut the windows in. Or was it a mistake? Update: Passing by in March 2009 I found the name no longer on the door. Checking I found the web site no longer accessible.
253  thumbnail #253 Starlight Camera & Video, Inc., dba Tech On Digital,, The Digital Expo,,
83 Ave. O, Bensonhurst
Current location for these people. They called themselves JES Digital to the NY Daily News. Orders were shipped from J&J Digital in Michigan. See 295 Ave. O for prior location. (In the far past also dba I.N.S. Digital World, INS Digital World, aka Starlight Cameras, and See original location at 6010 20th Ave.) This address from BBB [] and NY Daily News article. Whois for The Digital Expo is 1755 Ocean Pkwy, a large apartment building. Address in corporate entity database is 79 Webster Ave, Brooklyn (a home). They also have registered using 79 Webster Ave. The web site was up from June 2004 through February 2005, though it appears to never have been a merchant site. Possibly as [note singular] is a domain name belonging to the Broadway family. now forwards to Sites formerly used: WAWA Digital,,,, Camera Wiz, The Camera Whiz,,, Digital Superdeals,, The Digital Nerds,,, Research laid out in the February 23, 2009 post on Thoughts Of Dave blog claims Pro Photo Nation ( is a new Starlight name, but evidence I see puts it in Boca Raton, FL. In June 2009 the NY AG shut this firm down. No for rent sign ever appeared, and a paper sign with "Cellular Dimensions" soon appeared on the door.
125  thumbnail #125 Stop4Camera, Inc., dba,
1809 Coney Island Ave., Midwood
This was the address on their web site and is one of the addresses in the NY entity database (the other is 1502 East 14th St #5A). In the past they used Howdy Camera,, but now no longer active. Now completely out of business. Many years ago in the whois and BBB the address 4303 12th Avenue in Borough Park was used. These seem to be same people as, which has long been out of business. XeStore's fax was: 718-836-1344
260  thumbnail #260 Sunset Electronics & Appliances, Inc.
4504 5th Ave, Sunset Park
Formerly at 3919 5th Ave. On this Yelp review the old address is found along with 718-369-2403. A reverse on this number gets Sunset Electronics and William Bolling at the prior address. This is the number you see on the awning at the prior location, so they were in the storefront. They have a BBB page. New address found at Ripoff Report and Mapquest. The corporate name shown on the awning is showing as inactive in the NYS Entity Database, which lists a home address on Staten Island. A visit in Fall 2014 found a new grocer at this location.
170  thumbnail #170 Sunshine Electronics of New York, Inc., dba Shop Sunshine,, aka DSN - Digital Shopping Network, aka Home Everything (, aka Pinnacle Marketing Group Corp., aka Pyxis Camera,, aka Cyber Discount Warehouse
1269-1273 Coney Island Ave, Midwood
New location for them. Address on Sunshine web site. Before this they were across the street at 1172-1180 Coney Island Ave, a large space that is now chopped into three stores. On the contact page uses a UPS mailbox store at 1202 Lexington Avenue, Suite 1000, Manhattan as a postal address and 445 Sills Road, CR101 Unit 15, Yaphank, NY for their corporate headquarters. This Brooklyn address and the Pinnacle name can be found at on the rebate forms. The corporate names fleshed out from the NY entity database. The Digital Shopping Network comes from Reseller Ratings. Pyxis's phone number, 877-733-5155, is mentioned in a long discussion in regard to The domain no longer operates. HomeEverything has renovated the store and it is open for customers. Update July 2014: tries to give you a virus. The other pages are defunct. They left behind some unhappy customers. See Yelp and ResellerRatings. Storefront is to become a pediatrics urgent care center.
124  thumbnail #124 UnderBid, Inc.,
2353 West 1st St, Gravesend
No address at web site. But this address is in NY entity database and was on their domain registration until it was made anonymous in March 2009. Site is now a useless search engine.
 14  thumbnail #14, aka Network Sales of NY
1748 59th St, Borough Park
After they left 4819-4821 2nd Ave. their web site had the address of the mailbox store at 1412 Avenue M. Now no address on site. (The contact page doesn't even work!) This address from reverse lookup on 718-236-2500, which is found on this page and other places. I have found many addresses for this dealer. See a discussion of them at ResellerRatings. So I'm not sure just where they are. The domain registration has for the main address F4LESS.COM, 110 McGaw Drive, Edison, NJ 08837. Maybe they moved to Edison NJ? The Administrative Contact is listed at 518 5th Ave in Manhattan, but that building is undergoing a complete renovation. So this will serve as a substitute until I find out. Website no longer works.
 93  thumbnail #93 Tactum Corp, dba
416 Stanley Ave. (between Canarsie and East New York)
Address from web site and NY entity database. Local phone number on web page reverses to Tactum Corp. They formerly were at 295 Stanley Ave, which is a building similar to this. Web site is now dead and 800 number is disconnected.
267  thumbnail #267 TCS, now Hunt For Digital, and Digital Depot Online,, formerly The Digital Hunter,
6605 20th Ave, Bensonhurst
Address was on early contact page. Then removed. Dealer originally found at, a for hire price search engine based in Brooklyn that the Texas AG has shut down. Then they were using, a similar site. The paper sign on the door has 6605 20th Ave. I phoned the number on the awning. A woman answered and confirmed that My Group had moved and were no longer at this address. Domains registered in Sept-2008 at 2260 E. 7th St, a semi-detached house in Gravesend with a name on front matching the domain registrant. After putting this picture up in Feb-2009 they were made anonymous. SmartChoiceCameras gives out StopAndShopDigital's phone number for customers to call back. The Camera Shop is what is put on the shipments. domain registered 06-Jan-2010. The website has many cloning errors. For example could be found on their shipping policy page. See BBB []. All evidence points to the search engine being owned by this outfit. Former names used: Stop & Shop Digital, dba,, aka Smart Choice Cameras,, aka The Camera Shop, Save Here Digital,, aka Thunder Cameras,, aka See Address for TheDigitalHunter found in a comment to this Thoughts-Of-Dave blog post. Connection is in the Thoughts-Of-Dave blog post [Dead link:] DigitalDepotOnline address from RipOffReport. All sites now defunct. Brooklyn Music House is now in this storefront.
 10  thumbnail #10 TCS, formerly dba Thunder Cameras,
P.O. Box 40477
6618 20th Ave, Parkville Station, Brooklyn
No other address on website. The 718 phone numbers do not reverse. Nothing found in the NY entity database. Domain anonymously registered in June 2009. According to Reseller Ratings this is another name for StopNShop, which is across the street from here. Site is now defunct.
185  thumbnail #185 Top Choice Digital Inc., dba
2931 Avenue S, Marine Park
Picture taken April 2000. Web site went down in 2003/2004. They may have left this location before then. A Maximillion real estate office then moved in. Then in 2007 the Broadway Photo family moved here for sales for some of their web sites. Top Choice Digital, Inc. corporate entity is still active and listed at 1709 65th St (which appears here for others!). Update: In addition to the still active corporation there is a new LLC registered: Top Choice Digital Enterprise LLC, with the address of 337 E. 89th St., which is Broadway's warehouse. And the domain name became active again.
182  thumbnail #182 Top Deal Electronic, dba
246 Avenue U, Gravesend
Address was on web site. Site now down. Phone number on awning is now disconnected. A site visit finds the same awning, but with a different phone number. And all the signs and posters in the windows have been changed.
 36  thumbnail #36 The Camera Club, dba and
2203 Ave U
Now out of business. A nail salon moved into this location. BBB has domain at Central Digital's address. Picture taken July 2001.
 57  thumbnail #57 The Digital Dog,, aka The Digital Buyer,
25 Chapel St, Suite 605, Downtown Brooklyn (under name of RR Dist Web)
The Digital Dog was active from Mar-2000 to 16-Mar-2001. [Picture taken Nov-2000.] This was one of Roman Geyzer's outfits. The Digital Buyer was active from Nov-1999 to Apr-2001. An earlier address used may have been 1950 Utica Avenue. The Digital Dog's domain registration was to Roman Graphics Design at 1461 E. 85th St. After The Digital Dog ended, Roman started BridgeView at 33 Bay Ridge Avenue.
183  thumbnail #183
212 Highlawn Ave., Bensonhurst
Address was at web site. Now out of business. may have been a domain name used in the past, but now a portal.
190  thumbnail #190 Value Plasma,
3502 Flatlands Avenue, Marine Park
Was second actual location for this dealer. Now out of business and a Kosher restaurant has moved in. With places like Walmart selling large TVs the mail order market for them collapsed. When the web site was more than a page with associate links they were calling the UPS store at 2152 Ralph Ave, Suite 458 their prime location. This address found on the merchant page at the Buyer's Edge site, which is now defunct. They moved here sometime in the Summer 2007. Prior to this location they operated out of a detached house at 1552 East 27th St (originally found at Pricerunner). Website opened for business in January 2007.
221  thumbnail #221 Wall Street Photo,,,, aka
Unknown Brooklyn location
Domains registered 27-May-2006. They have been anonymous from the beginning. Only .com is functioning, and it is no longer taking orders. At one time everything went through Amazon. According to Thought-of-Dave Blog [Dead link:] they have retired this domain and switched to the, On the About Seller [] page it has "Founded in 1983 as a family run business" and "has grown from a small family business to a large corporation including our many retail locations and online sales channels".

In the Amazon Seller Community I founnd a post [messageID=1252278]:
Re: Where Is Everyone From?
Registered: 3/26/06
Posted: May 29, 2006 6:49 PM
With "I'm in Brooklyn, NY, nearby!"

Nothing at BBB. At ResellerRatings some reviews for Wall Street Photo, and some suspicious reviews for Exporience. All sites now defunct.
164  thumbnail #164 We Stock Digital, dba
1908 Avenue M, Unit 1, a.k.a #2RR
Whois cloaked. Created on 11-Oct-08. No entity found. No address at web site. No comments yet at Reseller Ratings. This address is the address of, a web developer. This office is also the home of ShopperScanned®, a logo that appears on some dealer's web sites. While I have no evidence that WeStockDigital is actually here, there is a business selling products out of this office: Strolling Around Inc. See mailbox label. Website is now down.
 37  thumbnail #37 World Photo Video & Imaging Corp., dba World Photo Online ( and Pick a Camera ( and Sunset Camera (
Sunset Industrial Park (address from phone directory)
40 20th St.
At one time web site had newer address. Now all are out of business.

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