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Photo: 97, Album: Brooklyn Camera/Electronic Dealer StoreFronts
1 Stop Camera Family, dba Great Brands Shopping (,,,
1421 Sheepshead Bay Road, Suite #220
GBShopping and TVs Depot had been using 902 Kings Highway Suite #153, but that UPS Store closed. GBShopping shares a number, 800-337-1788, with Superior Dealz, which is in the 1Stop/Inoax family. Rite Buys had been using 1100 Coney Island Avenue. This UPS store with #145 was used by Avalon Gadgets ( back in 2004. Found in comment at Avalon's actual Brooklyn location is 6512 20th Avenue. All of these domains are now either for sale, dead, or have a virus waiting to infect you.

picture #97