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Photo: 96, Album: Brooklyn Camera/Electronic Dealer StoreFronts
Avalon Gadgets, dba,, aka Foto Electronics,, Foto Tronix,
6512 20th Ave.
Address from a comment in On a prior visit to this location I went up to the door and a fellow confirmed that there were people in the back working for Avalon Gadgets. He said they are based in Delaware (the whois had been using a mail drop in Wilmington, DE, now the whois has a PO box in Hawaii) and this was just the Brooklyn location. He did not want me to take a picture. (I came back later.) When I first checked their web site the voice phone number was in the northwestern suburbs of Chicago (2503 Palazzo Drive, Buffalo Grove, IL). The fax number was in Idaho. Then the voice numbered disappeared and the fax number's area code was 775, which is Reno, Nevada. Now that has disappeared and e-mail is the only contact method. Foto Electronics from In a 2004 comment 1421 Sheepshead Bay Road, Suite #145 was found for Avalon. In two Jan 2009 comments at ResellerRatings for Avalon Gadgets and Foto Tronix a reviewer was told to return his package to Storage Deluxe, 2990 Cropsey Ave. Update Summer 2009: I was passing by and found Angela's had moved to 6613 20th Ave. They could still be working in the back, but more likely they have moved to an unknown location. All sites now defunct.

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