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Photo: 66, Album: Brooklyn Camera/Electronic Dealer StoreFronts
1 Stop Camera and Electronic Corp, dba 1 Stop Camera & Computer, Digital Net Shop,, One Stop Camera & Computer, One Stop Camera & Electronics,,,
1100 Coney Island Ave., Midwood
The original store was in Great Neck, Long Island. Names used in the past included:,,, The Wiz Store,,,, 4 U Digital, See Shedding Some Light's the 1 Stop Camera family for detailed listing of the names used in this family. Also see list at the BBB []. Ritebuys was using on their website: 1421 Sheepshead Bay Rd. Suite 220, which is used by others in the 1 Stop family. Picture updated December 2007. (I was passing by and a car was about to pull out. So I waited and got this shot in that short interval the spot was free.) Update Spring 2010: Passing by I found they are now using the space next door for a warehouse.

picture #66