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Photo: 178, Album: Brooklyn Camera/Electronic Dealer StoreFronts
Mr. Accessory, dba J & K Cameras, J and K Cameras, Inc.,, Best Price Cameras,,, Enterprise Photo,, Razz Photo,, Photo Dynasty,, Shop Digital Direct,, C&M Photo Corporation, New World Electronics, New World Camera, Sharp Digital Direct
1965 McDonald Ave.
Last known location. In May 2009 I was passing by and found they have left this location (a floral event service moved in). For a while remained up, then even that web site disappeared and they went out of business. See what they left behind: BBB [] and For a memento here is their awning on the sidewalk. When they first moved here they were also using,,, and, but they are all now down. Side story: They had been using Century 21 Electronics, The Century 21 department store sued them for trademark infringement and harming the stores' reputation. The judge agreed. Some of these names taken from this page: Investigation of On-Line Consumer Electronics Merchants.

picture #178