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Photo: 218, Album: Brooklyn Camera/Electronic Dealer StoreFronts, dba J and K Cameras, Inc.,,,, Best Price Cameras (, Enterprise Photo ( Also Worldwide Wireless Wholesalers, Inc. dba
1938 McDonald Ave.
Picture taken December 2005. According to PriceSCAN was also at this address, and the whois record for it matches all the other whois records for all these domain names. Click on web size picture to read sign at right. In a November 2003 picture there was no awning, the shutters to the storefront were pulled down, and there was a J&K sign above the mailbox. I was passing by in May 2006 and saw "For Rent 3,000 sq ft" signs on the front. After several months I found them at 1965 McDonald Ave. J and K Cameras, Inc.'s entity information lists a lawyer in Manhattan. is a member of this family. Buy something, hit the checkout button, and you're at Worldwide Wireless Wholesalers has this address in the NY entity database. The name from whois registration, though the website had them in Edison, NJ.

picture #218