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Photo: 35, Album: Brooklyn Camera/Electronic Dealer StoreFronts
MrAccessory, aka Regency Photo & Video, Inc., Regency Camera (, Hello Camera ( and City Wide Digital (
196 Ave. U, Gravesend
Usage of the Regency and Hello names ceased years ago. These are predecessor companies in the MrAccessory family. This storefront became a Curves for Women. Domain name held by someone in San Diego. This picture taken in April 2002. The BBB claims Regency [] was part of the family, which I call MrAccessory. City Wide Digital was active from late 2001 through 2002. At one time PriceSCAN had Mr. Accessory at 195 Avenue U before moving to 1938 McDonald Ave. At the 195 Ave U address is a long time cleaners with two floors of apartments above. I consider the 195 a typo, so I do not include its picture.

picture #35