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Photo: 197, Album: Brooklyn Camera/Electronic Dealer StoreFronts
A. Heffco, aka, dba Ideal Audio/Video, dba and, aka Howard Pierce Direct AV, dba
108 Ryder Ave, Ocean Parkway
Address from web sites. Also at's whois. This is around the corner from Heffco's 1643 McDonald Ave address. This picture taken Sunday morning, 27-Nov-2005, as I passing by and found the shutters up. The BBB [] puts Howard Pierce at this address. The address I found for Howard Pierce was the US Post Office at 344 Ave U in Gravesend. Current domain registrant is "Howard Pierce," but the original from December 2005 was Max Zalta. (See Zalta name on door sign.) Howard Pierce web site had picture of a grand office building. But no address appeared anywhere on their web site. Now out of business and a home theater design and installation place is here.

picture #197