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Cell Time Corp., dba,,,,,,,
1002 Quentin Road, Suite 2003
This is now their exclusive address. They started with 1216 Avenue J, Midwood. Then they were using both locations. In July 2010 the Ave J address was still on all websites and domain registrations, but I found a For Rent sign there. All these domains share phone numbers. Phone number in Ave J picture reverses to Cell Time [], so that used as parent name. That number appears on some websites. (NY entity database has Cell Time Corp. at 1856 E. 74th St, a residence.) When visiting 1002 Quentin for a different dealer I found a Celltime Corp. on the mailboxes in Suite 2003. And now this address also appears on the phone number reverse. In August 2010 I stopped by and got a picture of their door. Former domains:,,,,,,,

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