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Photo: 232, Album: Brooklyn Camera/Electronic Dealer StoreFronts
Comp-U-Photo (, aka Digital On 5th Ave. (,
517 Coney Island Ave
This is their Brooklyn office. From Yahoo yellow pages for Digital On 5th and reverse lookup on (718) 287-3220. The door to the left has two unmarked buzzers for the two upper floors. Also see their Manhattan Store. All these domains are no longer active. Whois registrations are no longer in the NY area. Phone number is disconnected. However, they are still in business, at least at the Manhattan location. Camera Sonic, LLC is an active NY entity with this address. It was filed 17-March-2003, which is close to the 18-March-2003 date that was registered using this address. Now cloaked. has a BBB listing with 1501 Sheepshead Bay Road. has a site from 11/29/03 - 3/24/04, but no merchant site on any of the four archived pages.

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