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Photo: 205, Album: Brooklyn Camera/Electronic Dealer StoreFronts
Photo Deals LLC, currently dba, Crazy Camera Deals,
1223 McDonald Ave.
CameraPromo is their newest name. Found in Google shopping in Dec. 2011. It uses the same fax number as InStockDigital and mentions InStockDigital on a return PDF. Address was on contact pages of older domains. At one time you could find the Photo Deals name in a Google Maps Search for this location. This business was originally located at 33 35th Street, 5th Fl, Industry City (Bush Terminals), Sunset Park. The sign on the door there showing Photo Deals. In the NY entity database I find Photo Deals LLC was filed on 27-Jan-2009 and used an apartment building in Borough Park (1615 58th St) for its address. The entity is now inactive. All websites now defunct. At this location is a Food Service Supply Depot.

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