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AllStar family, dba, formerly, Delta Camera,,, aka All State Electronics Inc., Allstate Electronics,, aka Megatronics USA,, aka Electro Close Out,, aka, aka, aka
1002 Quentin Road, Suite 2009
Delta Camera domains registered 2009-04-30. Address found by clicking the Volusion SSL logo on the front page. Checking the mailboxes finds box 2009 unlabeled. Their door is also unlabeled. The whois has a person's name at 1708 East 2nd St., which is very near to this location. A Thoughts-Of-Dave post found code and stock number sameness with If you click the D&B logo on you find the corporate name of "All State Electronics Inc.", this address and other information. However, this name does not appear in the NY entity database! On their Policy page [] there's another phone number for customer service, 877-283-7747 (in 4 different paragraphs). That leads back to Delta Camera and Big Camera Deals. I'm not sure which of AllStar's addresses the new name MegatronicsUSA is operating from. I put it here as I am able to confirm that this address is active. This is a clone of AllStar's website as discovered by Thoughts-Of-Dave [Dead link:]. ElectroCloseOut is their newest domain name. No address on the website, but the BBB puts them here. Many comments at ResellerRatings. [Also see a full building picture.] Big On Photo and Palace Camera use their 1708 East 2nd Street address in a comment to this Thoughts-Of-Dave blog post. uses for their return address: All S Electronics, 1002 Quentin Rd, Ste 2009. uses uses for their return address: All S Electronics, 1002 Quentin Rd, Ste 2008. See blog comment at Thoughts-Of-Dave. tries to hide their address on Volusion. Update July 2014: and are the only functioning websites. No address on them.

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