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Photo: 42, Album: Brooklyn Camera/Electronic Dealer StoreFronts
AllStar family, dba Big Camera Deals,, aka Wholesale Genius Inc., dba,,,,,,,,,, aka Closeout Island, dba,,,,
102 Avenue O
Address from original 26-Oct-08 domain registration and could be found by clicking on the web site's Volusion SSL logo. E-mail address in the original whois was buzz4digital, which is a now defunct dealer that I picture here and was probably part of the All-Star family. In this Thoughts-Of-Dave blog post it ties this dealer with All-Star based on the about us page having matching text. This is not definitive proof, as many of the dealers share web site developers. When was registered in Oct-2008 they used two addresses. This one and 2215 Homecrest Ave, which was the registrant address for the Genius family. Wholesale Genius Inc. was found in the NY entity database with a 2120 Ocean Parkway address (also a house). It was registered eight days before the various Genius domains where registered on 03-Oct-2008 using this the 2215 Homecrest Ave. address. BigCameraDeals web site no longer works and comments at ResellerRatings stopped in March 2009. This address now appears on the Genius family web sites. The domain names ending in Island are new. All of them redirect to This address is on that site. These new names were discovered by Thoughts-Of-Dave blog. Update July 2014: All sites are defunct.

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