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AllStar Camera Inc., dba On Time Digital,, aka, aka Elite Camcorders,, aka Delta Camera,,, aka Henry's Digital,, aka Supreme Camera,, aka Hot For Digital,, aka Photo Video Superstore,, aka,, Versa Deals,
1151 McDonald Ave.
A visit in December 2007 found the awning gone, along with the sign on the door, and most of the blue and yellow sign alongside the door. I could not see in, as the door glass had been silvered and the window was covered with cardboard. By Fall of 2009 the blue and yellow sign was completely gone. was created on 27-May-2009. They use the same phone number, 877-283-7747, on the About Us page as DeltaCamera. See older pictures following for the awning and domain names used in the past. A link to brought me to OnTimeDigital, so Deals On Audio is probably here. The phone number for Elite, 800-970-2966, in the past was used by Elite connection also discussed in this Thoughts-Of-Dave blog. Other past names no longer used are: Xtreme Cameras (, U Buy Digital (, The Camera Professionals (, HD Camera World ( The BBB [] now lists HDCameraWorld as part of The Camera Professionals at this address. On this ResellerRatings page (now a few pages deep) it notes that the parcel is labelled as being shipped from Simon Silver, Megawholesale, Brooklyn, NY. Simon Silver is listed on this Shedding Some Light page. Also on this RipOffReport page this address is used by The Camera Professionals and MegaWholesale. The latest names used are Supreme Camera,, Hot For Digital, which use 417-419 Lafayette St in Manhattan, though there is no evidence that they are actually at the address. PhotoVideoSuperStore's web site had 80 Broad St, NYC, but they are not and have never been there. That address has now been removed. They were found to be part of this family as they use the same 718-907-5460, that belongs to Mega Wholesale. Comments at ResellerRatings are a mix of terrible and excellent. [At one time the BBB had 2277 McDonald Ave, 2nd Floor [picture from 2007] for their address, but I could find no evidence that they were ever there.] In 2010 they purchased the domain from B&Y and are using this address on shipments. At ResellerRatings you will see a two year gap in comments between the original B&Y ownership and the current AllStar ownership. The domain was created 26-Dec-2010 using the 2277 McDonald Ave address [2011 picture] and a cell phone number. More discussion at Thoughts-Of-Dave Blog. uses the 2277 McDonald address, which can be found in this Thoughts-Of-Dave blog post. using 2277 McDonald Ave comes from ComplaintNow [dead link:].

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