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Photo: 261, Album: Brooklyn Camera/Electronic Dealer StoreFronts
Active Atom, aka Power Seller NYC, Inc., dba, aka
3670-3672 Nostrand Ave., Sheepshead Bay
This address had been two dealers: 888 using 3674 and B&Y/Marcus Audio Video/ using 3670. It is now combined inside. Web site invites you to visit their retail store, but the address is not listed. An awning picture on the site [now gone] lacked the Active-Atom name (Photoshopped off), but a June 2009 site visit found it the same as the picture here. One of the owners died, and a memorial is painted on a shutter. PowerSellerNYC appears in the DealCost code, plus there are a couple of suspicious reviews for PowerSellerNYC that are actually reviewing DealCost. It looks like the person pasting in the review pasted in the wrong ones!

Update July 2014: Both websites defunct. A site visit finds a pawn shop in the right storefront (3670). Simple Mobile Solutions having a Grand Opening in the left one (3674). And some construction activity was going on in the middle (3672).

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