Manhattan StoreFronts

Orginally these pictures were of dealers referred to in articles posted to the newsgroup. Now it's anyone in Manhattan, New York City selling cameras over the web. Also see pictures of Brooklyn Storefronts and StoreFronts in Other Locations.

Active in Manhattan

 30  thumbnail #30 17th St Photo Supply, d.b.a (and
33 W. 17th St.
New storefront. Obviously more welcoming than being on the 3rd floor across the street. Part of my bike is at the far right distance. redirects to
 28  thumbnail #28 17th St Photo Supply, d.b.a (and,
34 W. 17th St., 3rd Fl.
Address from web site. Walk-ins are welcome. They also use American Appliances & Electronics, a.k.a. Advanced Photo Source, d.b.a. This had been the mailing address from their web site's info page. Now that address is 1029 Dahill Road in Brooklyn. This still is the Advanced Photo Source Site Administrator address on the privacy policy page. Various Brooklyn addresses have also been used.
 31  thumbnail #31 42nd Street Photo, d.b.a. and, a.k.a. 47 St Audio & Photo
378 5th Avenue
Address on 42Photo web site. Many pictures of their storefront are also there. Also see older more distinctive storefront. was one of their sites, but is now defunct. Its whois is registered to 42StPhoto and the phone number at the site reversed to 42nd. Update July 2014: Only is functioning.
  1  thumbnail #1 Adorama, d.b.a.,,,, a.k.a. Flashpoint Inc.
42 W. 18th St.
This picture from January 2003. For the past many years there has been a sidewalk shed in front. Searching on Flashpoint finds them at this address on the 5th floor.
  2  thumbnail #2 B&H, d.b.a.
9th Ave between 33rd and 34th Streets
 25  thumbnail #25 B&H, d.b.a.
9th Ave between 33rd and 34th Streets
This is a shot of the checkout area. In the background are the 14 checkouts where you only pay. There are nine for credit cards (behind column 26), and five for cash (behind column 27). Above is the conveyor that transports what you bought to the pick up area. And to the right is where you pick up the merchandise after you pay for it. You can see more detail if you click on the web size picture.
 26  thumbnail #26 B&H, d.b.a.
9th Ave between 33rd and 34th Streets
This is a picture facing northeast. I'm standing behind the checkout area.
 27  thumbnail #27 B&H, d.b.a.
9th Ave between 33rd and 34th Streets
This is facing southeast. Again I'm standing behind the checkout area. There are also areas north and south of the checkout area that I did not photograph. And used equipment is on the second floor.
 61  thumbnail #61 BHT Electronics Purchasing Inc., dba H and B Digital,,,
29 West 46th Street
Address on contact page. Website invites you to visit their showroom. See full building picture. Storefront has BHT Corp, but no such name exists in the NY entity database. However, I did find the name above at this address and also at 1600 Broadway, Suite 200, but that building is now a brand new building with no such suite number. This looks an awful lot like this past store that had been a few stores down.
 19  thumbnail #19 Camera Land Inc., d.b.a.,, aka The Photographers Friend,,
575 Lexington Avenue, Midtown
Address on web site and in newspaper ads. Business started in 1957 and in addition to photography has a specialty in sports optics.
 60  thumbnail #60 Capital Audio Electronics, Inc., d.b.a.
118-120 Duane Street, Tribeca
Addresses on web site. 118 is corporate division. 120 is retail division. It appears that this dealer is the actual location for S & P Electronics / Park Ave Electronics. On this RipOff Report the customer was told to not return to the web address, but to Capital Audio. No address is on that RipOff page, but this is the only Capital Audio around here.
 42  thumbnail #42 Chrysler Camera Repair,, formerly Photo Tech Camera Repair Service Inc., d.b.a.
367 W 34th St #2
Formerly at 110 E. 13th St..
 36  thumbnail #36 Datavision Computer Video Inc., d.b.a.,
445 5th Ave.
There had been a copy of this picture on their eBay profile page, which was taken from here without permission.
 64  thumbnail #64 Du-All Camera, dba,
231 W. 29th St, Suite 210
They mainly rent high-end cameras. Also sales and rentals. Address on web site and in whois record.
 41  thumbnail #41 Flash Clinic Inc., d.b.a.
164 West 25th St
They had been on the 9th floor.
 55  thumbnail #55 Foto Care Ltd., d.b.a.
41-43 W 22nd St.
New location. Formerly at 136 W 21st St. Specializes in large format and high quality lighting.
 12  thumbnail #12 J&R, d.b.a. and
Park Row, Downtown
This is just one of their storefronts. Over the years they have taken over most store fronts on the block. Different product types are spread out among them. Update 2014: All J&R locations and website are temporarily closed. In 2015 they will reopen in a new configuration.
 39  thumbnail #39 K & M Camera, d.b.a.
385 Broadway, Tribeca
Address on web site. They had been at 377 East 23rd Street. They now have their own entrance to the storefront. Here's a picture from June 2009 when you had to enter through the lobby.
 58  thumbnail #58 Kurland Photo, d.b.a.
460 West Broadway, Soho
New location for them. Previously at 670 Broadway #501, Greenwich Village. Address on web site. Sells Hasselblads, Leicas, Rollei, and other high end cameras. Also see full facade picture. From former location see sign on building front and door to the store.
 38  thumbnail #38 Olden Camera,
1263 Broadway, 4th fl.
Web site not active. Known for its used cameras. For many decades they were at 1265 Broadway, 2nd Floor. They had a large sign visible from the street. But that building has been renovated. Mr. Olden owns this small building next door. Inside Earrings Plaza there is an elevator that takes you up to Mr. Olden.
 57  thumbnail #57 Photo Gizzmo, Inc., d.b.a,,
134 W 26th St., 10th Fl.
Specializes in medium format and large format equipment. Web site used to invite you to the store. Only eBay pages now working. See the door to the store. (The paint is really white, but the white balance got thrown off.) July 2014 Update: now owned by someone in Japan. But the eBay stores are active.
 43  thumbnail #43 Photo Village Inc, d.b.a.
1133 Broadway, Suite 824
Address from web site. Building picture. Also see picture of door. They have moved to 369 W. 34th St, 2nd Fl. Site visit needed.
 48  thumbnail #48 Samsonic Trading Co., Inc., d.b.a. Cost Electronics,, Electronics Sonic, and
160 W. 28 St
Address was on CostElectronics web site. Site no longer up. Phone number on site reversed to Electronics Sonic at this address, but is for sale. Did they miss a renewal and lose it? is registered by them, but no site is up. Awning says Samsonic Trading Co., Inc. with 212-929-8848, which still reverses to Samsonic Trading Company. The NY entity database for Samsonic Trading Co., Inc. has: 1757 E 5th St, Brooklyn. They had been profiled at: Exporters.SG using the Brooklyn address and the awning phone number. This picture from December 2009 has them obviously still in business.
 49  thumbnail #49 Willoughby's, d.b.a.
298 5th Ave, at 31st
The oldest camera dealer in Manhattan. Storefront picture is on website.
Moved to Brooklyn or NJ or LI or Chicago

 44  thumbnail #44 Alkit, d.b.a.
227 East 45th Street
A photo lab catering to professional photographers. They are a family-run business that was established in New York in 1934. They had a photo lab and camera store on the 12th floor. When I visited all that was left was a pickup desk on the fifth floor. All operations have moved to Freeport, Long Island.
  8  thumbnail #8 Cambridge Camera Exchange (, AAA Camera Exchange ( & Seymours Camera Store
119 West 17th St.
Now in Brooklyn using A furniture and home decorating store is now at this location. Both these domain names are no longer in use. used 113 W 17th St. For a while after they moved their Repair Page still had this address. I checked and they clearly are not here anyplace in the building. Then the page was fixed. Apparently when located here they also used Camera Discount Center.
 10  thumbnail #10 GoGoTech, Inc., d.b.a., a.k.a. 101 Phones, Inc., d.b.a.;;; Inc., d.b.a.;;,
213 West 35th St. #2W
Was new address from web site and used for returns. See various names posted on the door. Then GoGoTech and PriceBreakweb sites and whois had 989 6th Ave. #21. Most other domain name records are cloaked. Then all GoGoTech sites listed here had 1410 Broadway, 20th Floor for correspondence and 34 34th St, 3rd Floor, Brooklyn for returns. Some others use that Brooklyn address for both (and see that picture for them). now redirects to Formerly at 39 W. 38th St, which the NY entity database still has for GoGoTech, Inc. and 101 Phones, Inc. Also in the past they used 63 W. 38th St, Suite 806 (which iSAVE still has in the NY entity database). All domains now have returns going to 575 Underhill Blvd, Unit 350, Syosset, NY.
 52  thumbnail #52 GoGoTech, Inc., a.k.a. Inc.,;,,,,
1410 Broadway, 20th Floor
This is the current office address for the GoGoTech family of websites. See picture of office entrance. redirects to Returns are to be sent to 34 34th St, 3rd Floor, Brooklyn. is the newest domain name. All domains now have returns going to 575 Underhill Blvd, Unit 350, Syosset, NY.
 32  thumbnail #32 Kellard's Photo, d.b.a.
1 New York Plaza, Downtown
Address on web site. Also sells used equipment on Amazon. There are no stores on the ground level. They must be upstairs. Security is very tight and one must be invited to get up. Now at 12 Harrison Ave, Brooklyn.
 45  thumbnail #45 Skynet, d.b.a.
462 7th Avenue, 4th Floor
Address was on web site. They are now in NJ. Neither Skynet or LCDTVs is listed in the tenant directory, or on any door on the 4th floor. There are some accountants on the 4th floor, and possibly one of them is Skynet's.
 15  thumbnail #15 Supreme Video, d.b.a.
37 Essex St.
Was retail location. Web site had inside picture and encouraged visits. Also see Brooklyn warehouse location. There is a tile store now at this location.
 16  thumbnail #16 Supreme Video, d.b.a.
31 Essex St.
Original location. Was filled with cubicles for telephone sales.
 53  thumbnail #53 Tamarkin New York, Inc., d.b.a.
215 Park Avenue South, Suite 1914
Specializes in Leica cameras. Outside picture. Also see picture of door. Many years ago they also used the web site Website now has them at 300 West Superior, Suite 202 in Chicago.
 46  thumbnail #46 Techpro Warranty, d.b.a.
Empire State Building
350 Fifth Avenue, Suite 3304 #5N
Address was from web site. This domain name no longer in use. Suite 3304 is the Empire State Office Service, Inc., a maildrop used by dozens and dozens of businesses. Actual location is here in Brooklyn.
 51  thumbnail #51 TriState Cameras, d.b.a., a.k.a. TriState Computers, d.b.a.,
338 8th Ave. at 27th St.
Current address of retail store. From web site. Before this they were at 50 W. 20th St. Back in 2004 their servers were hosting Digital 4 Less Inc., d.b.a. Along with Digital 4 Less using a post office box very near to here, the evidence is Digital 4 Less is a "subsidiary" of TriState. The address 650 Ave Of The Americas is used in the TriState whois registrations. It may have been a warehouse/office of theirs, but the building is now residential condominiums. The current whois record also has the address of 150 Sullivan Street, Brooklyn which is their current warehouse and now also the retail location.
Out of Business

 35  thumbnail #35 5th Avenue Photo, Inc., d.b.a. Comp-U-Photo (, a.k.a. Digital On 5th Ave. (,
402 5th Ave.
Manhattan store. Company name from a search on address. The whois for all three domains used this address. And a reverse lookup on the Digital On 5th whois phone gets Comp-U-Photo. This was an eBay store that appears to now be closed. All domain names have now expired. Also see Brooklyn Office.
 9  thumbnail #9 Barnett's Computer Warehouse, d.b.a.,,,, and; formerly, and also
417 Fifth Ave.
They used to be in the storefront that appears to the right. This new one is much deeper than the prior one and bends behind it (and is used for the shipping area). The CompDirect web sites are now just link pages. When started it used a house in Brooklyn at 1751 E 10th St. for their address in CNet, but the fax was always here. shares a phone number with PlasmaKings. and formerly used 724 Avenue P (a semi-detached house) and 6735 Ridge Blvd (an apartment building) in Brooklyn. 123 Buy Direct has this address in its whois. is the newest name, having been created on 24-Oct-2007, but now no longer works. Now out of business.
 54  thumbnail #54 Berry Pro Camera Repair Service, d.b.a.
844 6th Ave. Room 704
Address on web site. They repair all kinds of cameras and camcorders, from vintage to digital, in their in-house repair shop. Also see picture of door. Now out of business.
  3  thumbnail #3 Best Stop Digital, d.b.a.
12 Warren St, 5th fl, Tribeca
Building entrance. Now out of business. This and the next were my first storefront pictures and the ones that started it all. This taken 22-Apr-2000. Then a 10-Jun-2000 picture shows the graffiti cleaned off the door.
  4  thumbnail #4 Best Stop Digital, d.b.a.
12 Warren St, 5th fl, Tribeca
Tenant listing. Now out of business. Also see their entrance on the 5th Floor.
  5  thumbnail #5 Best Stop Digital, d.b.a.
12 Warren St, 5th fl, Tribeca
This taken 10-Jun-2000. Now out of business. Note sign for Masjid Manhattan on the second floor. The mosque had that entire floor. After I took the door photo on the 5th floor I came upon a service letting out. On May 25th 2008 they were evicted from this building and moved to a much smaller basement space two doors to the west.
 56  thumbnail #56 Big City Direct Inc., d.b.a
161 Hudson Street, Tribeca
Address from Shopzilla; not at web site. Whois was an address in Hillside, NJ.
 33  thumbnail #33 C&A Marketing, d.b.a. Digital Goodys ( and Empire Photo (
1357 Broadway
Both domains now use this address in the whois database. On 12/22/05 digitalgoodys had the DNS registrant as PriceRite Photo. Both sites have, buried on their Help page under Our Returns Policy, the old PriceRite phone number: 888.365.4300. See Shedding Some Light [] for more detail.
 34  thumbnail #34 Calumet, d.b.a.
22 W. 22nd St.
New location for them. At the prior they were under a sidewalk shed for years. In March 2014 Calmet closed all stores.
  7  thumbnail #7 Carlick Imaging Products, d.b.a.
323 East 29th Street, Kipps Bay
Address was on web site and is in the domain registration. This address is the NYU Langone Medical Center. They sell high end cameras, printers, scanner, and projectors. The problem is you start following links on the site and you will pretty quickly get to a dead link. Nothing can be purchased from the site. The main number 212-292-8000 reverses to D M Carlick at this address.
 59  thumbnail #59 BrandNamez LLC, d.b.a.
325 West 38th Street
Address on web site on contact page. LLC also on contact page, but not found in NY entity database. But there is a bigger problem. They aren't really here! From a chat with the fellow at the front desk I learned that they have never been here. And I was not the first person to come in looking for them. I also asked the UPS driver that covers the building. She had never heard of them either. Update: Later I searched again and thanks to DealTime I found them at 96 Ave U in Brooklyn.
 29  thumbnail #29 Cassandra Miller, d.b.a.
498 West 159th Street Apt 5E
Address on web site and in whois record. Does not take credit cards, only eGold. [Paying by eGold gives you no recourse if what you ordered isn't shipped.] Now out of business and web site is a link page.
 24  thumbnail #24 Digital Dog, d.b.a.
29 John St.
This was a mail drop they used. Digital Dog, based in Brooklyn, now out of business.
  6  thumbnail #6 Digital Prince, d.b.a.
1710 First Avenue, Upper East Side
Address from whois. Domain created on February 10, 2009. The number 212-423-5706 in the whois does not reverse. No address at web site. No non-toll-free number at site. Nothing in NY entity database. They do charge NY sales tax. Actual place of business is unknown. No reviews yet at ResellerRatings. No longer in business.
 50  thumbnail #50 Edulgence Corp., d.b.a.
6 West 14th Street
Address was on web site. This is the retail location and welcomes walk in customers. Office and mailing address was at 1910 Ave M in Brooklyn. But web site is down, and they are no longer at that Brooklyn address. By 2014 store was also gone.
 22  thumbnail #22 entore, Inc. a.k.a. Zero Delivery Inc.
214 W. 29th St.
Now out of business.
 18  thumbnail #18 eStore of N.Y. Inc., d.b.a. and
303 Park Avenue South #1081
This is the address on the and web sites and had been the one in the whois, but that was changed to 6512 Bay Parkway, Brooklyn, where they had been until 2004. A July 2009 check found the Nationwide insurance sign was gone, but the shutters still fully down on a weekday. A Summer 2010 check of 6512 Bay Parkway found a Chinese bakery in the storefront. No longer in business.
 11  thumbnail #11 H&B Cameras, d.b.a.
21 West 46th St.
Note play on B&H's name. I found no TurboPrice on the tenant listing so I'm just assuming this is TurboPrice. domain no longer active. There is a jewelry center now in this storefront.
 37  thumbnail #37, a.k.a. Prestige Plasma ( and Rapid Plasma, d.b.a
Gold Shot Studios Inc.
7 West 45th St. Suite 302
This is the address now used on the web sites. See explanation of connection between addresses on the picture for their Brooklyn address. All web sites now down.
 21  thumbnail #21 Home Everything, d.b.a.
1202 Lexington Avenue, Suite 1000, Upper East Side
Address on web site. Mostly appliances. This is a name used by Sunshine Electronics in Brooklyn. The Sunshine connection was found as Sunshine's Brooklyn address is on the rebate forms at the site. Website no longer operational.
 40  thumbnail #40 Photo Habitat, Inc., d.b.a.
928 Broadway, Suite #707
Address from web site. Building entrance picture. See picture of door. Now out of business.
 23  thumbnail #23
170 9th Ave.
Now out of business and a new store has moved in.
 13  thumbnail #13
7 Laight St.
No longer in business.
 63  thumbnail #63 Corp.
57 W. 38th St, 4th Fl
Website now defunct.
 14  thumbnail #14 Smile Photo & Video, d.b.a.
29 W. 35th St.
Now out of business. A Korean book store moved into this location.
 62  thumbnail #62 Supreme Camera,, aka Save Rite Photo,
417-419 Lafayette St, Noho
The building on the left is 419 and the right is 417. The 417 address is on Supreme's contact page. 419 address is for Supreme returns. But I did not find any name like this around or on intercoms. They have never been at this address. It is totally made up. Mail from the BBB to this address gets returned. registered 2007-02-27 and is now anonymous. Web site didn't appear until September 2009. No corporate entity found. HotForDigital found by searching on Supreme's phone number and confirmed to be the same as the site uses Supreme in the title tag. registered 2009-04-06 and is anonymous. All of these are simply new domain names for AllStar Cameras, a long time dealer based in Brooklyn. Charges are posted as MegaWholesale and correspondence comes from Moussa Swed (see name on Google search). The SaveRitePhoto connection confirmed by Thoughts Of Dave [Dead link:] and [dead link] post. Hot For Digital,, used in the past and no longer used. All websites now defunct.

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