Camera and Electronics Dealer StoreFronts in Other Locations

This is an offshoot of my Brooklyn StoreFronts page. These pictures are from locations that are beyond reasonable bicycling distance from Brooklyn. The dealers either cameras or electronics over the web from the pictured location.


 25  thumbnail #25 Adolph Gasser Photography, dba
181 2nd Street
San Francisco
 10  thumbnail #10 Brooks Cameras, dba
125 Kearny Street
San Francisco
Out of business since about 2008.
 11  thumbnail #11 Discount Camera, dba
33 Kearny Street
San Francisco
Web site has storefront picture.
New Jersey

 12  thumbnail #12 888 Inc., dba 888 Digital,
1416 East Linden Avenue, Linden, NJ 07036
This is the third location for this company. The first place was a narrow row storefront. Then they moved to a larger warehouse. Then to this enormous building. This all took place over about five years. See inside pictures following.
 13  thumbnail #13 888 Digital inside office
1416 East Linden Avenue, Linden, NJ 07036
I had been again invited in to take inside pictures. Here is one taken from standing behind the receptionist's desk. To the left is the door to the CEO's office. To the right is the office entrance.
 14  thumbnail #14 888 Digital inside warehouse
1416 East Linden Avenue, Linden, NJ 07036
This is just one of three warehouses. The other two are to the left of this. I presume they are divided up for fire control reasons. As you can see they are planning for even more growth!
 15  thumbnail #15 Abe's of Maine (, aka Abe's Electronic Center (,,
5 Fernwood Ave., Edison, NJ 08837
New location. Address and building picture are on web site. Retail visitors are encouraged. For many years they had a showroom in Brooklyn. AbesElectronicCenter forwards to AbesOfMaine. CamerasAndElectronics still pretends it does business from a mailbox store, though it shares a fax with Abe's.
 21  thumbnail #21 ASV Electronics, Ryther Camera,; formerly used: Photomania,, aka US1 Camera, and, aka, aka, aka Best Price Electronics,
426 N. Wood Avenue, Linden, NJ 07036 has this address on site. from storefront, but the web site has been under construction for years. Intially the storefront phone number (908) 718-8150 had no web usage, but is now on pages like the BBB's []. On web site this address is now used for returns and NJ sales tax is collected. (US1Camera forwards to US1Photo.) As evidence that US1Photo wants to be here see their web site's showroom picture. See a side-by-side comparison of my picture and their picture here: US1Photo: Their new face... Before this Photomania was located at 1910 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island. Update 2009: is a new site registered anonymously. Initially the only thing they revealed about their location was that they charge sales tax in New Jersey. But click on Checkout, then on the Continue button, then on Click Here (following the red "Important" note), and US1 pops up! Now this address is on the contact page. has this address on their contact page. Best Price Electronics has a sales office in Brooklyn. They collect sales tax for both states, as they ship from here.
 18  thumbnail #18 Beach Camera and Electronics, dba and
Retail showroom
203 US Route 22 East, Green Brook, NJ 08812
Address and picture of store is on the web site. They also have a customer service warehouse in Edison. See next picture.
 19  thumbnail #19 Beach Camera and Electronics, dba and
Customer service and warehouse
80 Carter Drive, Edison, NJ 08817
Retail location is on Route 22 in Green Brook, NJ. See prior picture

 26  thumbnail #26 Broadway Family, dba: 800PhotoVideo LLC ( [restricted],; A & M Photo World LLC (; LLC [American Digital & Video] (; Big Valueco Inc. (; Broadway Photo LLC (; Camera Addict, LLC (; Camera King International LLC, Camera Kings Inc. (; Camera Lane LLC (;, (; Central Digital (; Click 4 Digital & Accessories LLC (; Inc.;; Digital Liquidators LLC (; Digital Megastore (; F & E Trading LLC (; I Buy Digital (; I Buy Plasma, [times out], (; Millennium Camera LLC (; Preferred Photo, LLC (; Prestige Camera, LLC (;; Quest 4 Cameras (; Regal Camera LLC (; Time 2 Envy, LLC (; Top Choice Digital Enterprise LLC, Top Choice Digital World Inc. (; Wild Digital LLC (
245 Belmont Drive, Somerset NJ 08873
In the Summer of 2010 Broadway signed a lease for this building. See details on building spec sheet [1.5 MB PDF]. As of this writing they were in the building but still shipping from their Brooklyn location. All entities listed above are registered with NY State: Department Of State. registered 3/19/09 and activated Fall 2010 in time for the holiday season. PriceClicks is one of those search engines that feature Brooklyn based dealers with impossible prices.
 16  thumbnail #16 Butterfly Photo, dba, aka SkyNet Communications, (or .info),,,,,, and
1764A New Durham Road, South Plainfield, NJ 07080
Address from web sites. Accoona Corp. bought these various companies. They had several locations in Brooklyn before consolidating here in NJ. Then after the move to NJ Accoona sold the business back to the original owners.
 17  thumbnail #17 Butterfly Photo, dba, aka SkyNet Communications, (or .info),,,,,, and
1764A New Durham Road, South Plainfield, NJ 07080
The flags flying in front. No other sign seen for any of the names.
  8  thumbnail #8 Butterfly Photo, dba, aka BE Comparison Corp., dba Buyer's Edge (, used and
101 Hudson Street, Suite 3606
Jersey City, NJ 07302
This was the headquarters of the parent company. Suite 3501 used for Buyer's Edge and Accoona Corp. sold these back to the original owners and whatever sites are still up use the South Plainfield, NJ address.
 9  thumbnail #9 C&A Marketing, dba The Camera Mall
924 Bergen Ave, Suite 160
Jersey City, NJ 07306
This is the whois address for This was the address on the contact page. Now no address appears.
 20  thumbnail #20 Central Digital Inc., dba,,,,, and
298 Fernwood Avenue, Edison, NJ 08837
They moved to NJ and this address had been on their web sites. But when I eventually got here to take this picture in September 2007 I found an eviction notice on the door. Checking I found that they went out of business and all the domains and inventory were sold to the Broadway family and they are doing business back in Brooklyn again at 2931 Avenue S.
  4  thumbnail #4 DS Technologies, aka Express Cameras, dba, Genius Cameras,, Trusted Photo,,,,,,,,
1090 King Georges Post Rd., Suite 307, Edison NJ 08837
Many of these web site names taken from this press release. Now out-of-business. All web sites down, except a little at See more pictures following.
  5  thumbnail #5 DS Technologies, aka Express Cameras, dba, Genius Cameras,, Trusted Photo,,,,,,,,
1090 King Georges Post Rd., Edison NJ 08837
Tenant listing from Sept-2007 which shows DS Technologies for Suite 307. Now out-of-business.
  6  thumbnail #6 DS Technologies, aka Express Cameras, dba, Genius Cameras,, Trusted Photo,,,,,,,,
1090 King Georges Post Rd., Suite 307, Edison NJ 08837
Building number 3. Their entrance is at the left of the building behind the tree. They also appear to have an entrance at the right. When getting close to see the sign behind the bush under the tree (which has DS Technologies) I was seen through the windows and fellows came out from both entrances to chase me. Now out-of-business.
  2  thumbnail #2 Jersey Shore Digital, dba
1090 King Georges Post Rd. Suite 203, Edison, NJ 08837
Address from contact page []. This is the former 1 Way Photo that went out of business and reappeared here in NJ. They use the same fax number, their site's SSL certificate is registered to 1 Way Photo (this shows up in the free area of Domaintools), and both domains are hosted, with no others, at the same IP. Plus, Thoughts-Of-Dave [Dead link:] has written that Jersey Shore was using all of 1 Way's customer testimonials until he blogged about it, and then they removed them.
  7  thumbnail #7 Mack Camera & Video Service, Inc., dba
200 Morris Avenue, Springfield, NJ 07081
These people are known for their camera service and extended warranties. They have been repairing cameras for over 60 years. redirects to
 27  thumbnail #27 ShieldStar Home Warranty, dba
119 Maple Avenue, Suite 201, Red Bank, NJ 07701
This is the address on the website. This former home is now offices. A law office has the entire first floor. Upstairs it is split into multiple offices. ShieldStar has now moved out. In the ShieldStar Arizona registration there was the address 344 Park Avenue, Oakhurst NJ 07755. This is the summer home of Avi/Albert Houllou. The company was also registered as an LLC in NJ on May 18, 2009. On the NJ paperwork is three names: David Cohen, Albert Houllou, and Albert Tobias. The NJ Division of Revenue's public records for ShieldStar indicate a "main business address" at 80 Monmouth Road, Oakhurst, NJ 07755. This is the home of David Cohen.
 22  thumbnail #22 Thunderball Marketing, Inc., dba
10 Cragwood Road, Avedel, NJ, 07001
Distributor of home and car audio and video equipment to retail outlets. This address found in this listing: Hype Audio, though I doubt there is any connection other than Thunderball drop shipped for Hype.
 28  thumbnail #28 U Got A Deal, dba
9 Telluride Ave, Old Bridge, NJ 08857
Address from website. Domain registered 09-Jun-2005 and is anonymous.
  3  thumbnail #3 Unique Photo, Inc., dba and
123 Highway 46, Fairfield, NJ
New location. They have been in business for over 60 years. The acquired domains:,,, forward to
 24  thumbnail #24 Unique Photo, Inc., dba and
123 Highway 46, Fairfield, NJ
New location. Inside picture. Looking in from the entrance. Picture taken on a Sunday. In the far left is the pro shop. In the far right is the coffee bar. This retailing area is much larger than the prior location, also taken looking in from the front door.

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