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Caribbean & Atlantic Island Pictures (2,086 pictures in 47 albums)

Pictures taken on numerous annual trips to the Caribbean Islands.

Europe Pictures (404 pictures in 8 albums)

Pictures taken on periodic trips to Europe, mostly in the north.

North America Pictures (138 pictures in 4 albums)

Pictures taken on periodic trips in North America.

Panoramas (228 pictures)

Panorama Pictures. This is mostly a virtual album pointing to pictures that reside in other albums. I don't remember what I used to stitch the Kensico Reservoir pictures. For the Antigua pictures I used PhotoVista. For all the others I used PTgui and Panorama Tools.


Caribbean Carnival Parades 2003-2005 (378 pictures in 4 albums)

Pictures taken at various West Indian Carnival parades.

Coney Island Mermaid Parade 2004-2011 (1,828 pictures in 8 albums)

Pictures from the Annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade. A very family oriented, yet fleshy, parade celebrating the beginning of summer.

Halloween Critical Mass 2003-2013 (393 pictures in 8 albums)

Pictures of bicyclists gathering for the NYC Critical Mass ride at Union Square, New York. This has traditionally been a costume ride.

LGBT Pride March/Gay Pride Parade 2005 (340 pictures)

Pictures covering most of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Pride March in New York City on June 26, 2005. I didn't take all the motor vehicles at the beginning, and I did take a short break.

Park Slope Halloween 2000-2023 (2,658 pictures in 23 albums)

Pictures taken in Park Slope (Brooklyn) on Halloween afternoons along 7th Avenue and in the evening parade on October 31st of each year. All very family oriented and brings a crowd from around Brooklyn. One year was missed as it was a Friday, and I took pictures at the 2003 Critical Mass instead.

West Indian Day Parade 2000-2007 (834 pictures in 6 albums)

Pictures taken on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn on Labor Day. The official parade web site is WIADCA.


Brooklyn Blizzard 2010 (8 pictures)

Pictures taken around my Park Slope, Brooklyn brownstone on December 27, 2010.

Brooklyn Camera/Electronic Dealer StoreFronts (272 pictures)

This started as a project to post pictures of dealers mentioned in articles posted to the newsgroup. I have since tried to make it inclusive of all the digital camera dealers in Brooklyn. These give me destinations, and a reason to go bicycling. See the article in the NY Times on me and this page: In a Flash, Camera Dealers Feel the Web's Wrath (except I wear flannel and not denim shirts). Also see pictures of Manhattan StoreFronts and StoreFronts in Other Locations.

Brooklyn Navy Yard, October 7, 2012 (10 pictures)

Some of the artist studios in the Brooklyn Navy Yard were open for Open House NY. I took the opportunity to take some pictures. Unfortunately it was a rather gloomy day. Click on the web-sized pictures for the full-size.

Camera and Electronics Dealer StoreFronts in Other Locations (28 pictures)

This is an offshoot of my Brooklyn StoreFronts page. These pictures are from locations that are beyond reasonable bicycling distance from Brooklyn. The dealers either cameras or electronics over the web from the pictured location.

Flatbush Houses (34 pictures)

Pictures of houses taken in Flatbush Brooklyn. The best collection of detached Victorian and Edwardian houses in New York City. Notations in some entries are from the AIA Guide to New York City. Fourth edition. First 26 pictures scanned from negatives at 2000 dpi. The rest taken with a digital camera.

Hail Storm in Park Slope (8 pictures)

Pictures of the hail that fell around my house in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Taken October 11, 2010. Click web-sized pictures for original size.

House (55 pictures)

Pictures of house in Park Slope Brooklyn. Largest assemblage of Victorian rowhouses in the US. This Renaissance Revival style house built in 1891-1892.

Lights In The Heights 2007 (21 pictures)

The environmental organization Time's Up organized the 9th annual bicycle ride on 22-Dec-2007 to see the Christmas lights in the Dyker Heights section of Brooklyn, NY. I took pictures at the planned stops, plus what I could while also keeping up with the ride. I used a Nikon D300 with ISO 3200, an F4 lens, no image stabilization and no flash. To see detail click on the web size to get the original 3MP size (and not have IE resize images).

Manhattan StoreFronts (64 pictures)

Orginally these pictures were of dealers referred to in articles posted to the newsgroup. Now it's anyone in Manhattan, New York City selling cameras over the web. Also see pictures of Brooklyn Storefronts and StoreFronts in Other Locations.


Andre Anderson Memorial Ride, May 14, 2006 (8 pictures)

A group ride to the Rockaways sponsored by Times Up! It started at the 91st Street skate park, then to the site of Andre's death, then to the Anderson's house for a picnic. (Some of the pictures are wide, so you will have to scroll to see them fully.)

Colonial Dance 2004 (26 pictures)

Pictures from the Colonial Dances Christmas Ball held at The Racquet & Tennis Club in New York, NY on 17-Dec-04.

Crabfest - 9/27/00 (19 pictures)

Pictures taken at St. Barts Community Club. Held on the third floor terrace.

The Crash Scene of Isaac Chehenar (11 pictures)

Pictures from the crash on 20-Apr-01 at Ocean Pkwy and Ave X in Brooklyn. A 20-yo speeding in a borrowed Porsche Carrea jumped the curb and mowed down four people. The 10-yo and 15-yo sisters died. The 36-yo mother is in critical condition. Addendum: The driver, Isaac Chehenar, agreed to a plea arrangment for criminally negligent homicide under which he would serve six months in jail. He was released after serving four months. The plea included two years of house arrest and 1,200 hours of community service. He reappeared in the news in 2005 after his family donated $80,000 to the re-election campaign of the Brooklyn DA.

Earth Day Bike Ride (5 pictures)

Earth Day Bike Ride pictures taken in New York City on 23-April-2000.

Jennie the Hoopist (24 pictures)

Pictures of Jennie M. performing with her Hula Hoops at the Sony Wonder Theater on May 19, 2001.

Prospect Park Halloween Haunted Walks 2008-2013 (301 pictures in 5 albums)

Pictures taken at Prospect Park's annual Halloween Walk and Carnival.

Street Actions and Memorials (129 pictures in 8 albums)

Some of the actions undertaken by Right Of Way over the years. Mostly the stenciling of memorials to pedestrians and bicyclists killed by automobiles.

SwissRe (24 pictures)

Some employees of Swiss Reinsurance of America. I had brought in my new digital camera.

SwissRe Holiday Parties 2000-2008 (297 pictures in 7 albums)

Pictures taken at an annual party held by Swiss Reinsurance of America in Armonk, NY in December of each year. (With the one in 2000 in Tarrytown, NY.)

World Trade Center After Pictures (21 pictures)

Various pictures taken after the World Trade Center attack. Taken from Brooklyn and around Ground Zero.


Making Jerky and then Pemmican (11 pictures)

Pictures taken when making pemmican in May 2001. Pemmican is ground jerky and rendered suet. Also see pictures of my rendering suet and making pemmican.

Rendering Suet and Making Pemmican (20 pictures)

Pictures from my second time rendering suet in August 2001 (and four pictures from September 2002). This was the first time I took pictures of this part of the process. To see the jerky part of the process go to the other pemmican album. To see the suet steps in detail, go to Suet Rendering.


Botanical (6 pictures)

Botanical Pictures

England Antiques March 2006 (44 pictures)

Antiques that I liked on my trip to the Cotswolds and London. Exchange rate used: $1.75

Misc (4 pictures)

Misc Pictures

NYC (4 pictures)

NYC pictures. (13 pictures)

These pictures have been referred to in articles posted to the newsgroup.

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