Street Memorials - August 10, 2013

Pictures of Street Memorials painted in New York City on August 10, 2013. Nine stenciled memorials to pedestrians and a cyclist killed by automobiles, trucks, a police van and a bus.

1: Crew painting.
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2: (A) Jose Santiago, 43, was struck by a Chrysler half a block from his home in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, as he crossed Nostrand Ave. at Avenue W. No charges were filed. August 3, 2013. [CBS Local], [New York Daily News]
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3: (B) King Fong, a 79-year-old woman, was struck and killed by a car as she was crossing Bay Parkway near 73nd Street in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. July 13, 2013. [New York Daily News], [NY Post]
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4: (C) Unidentified Male Cyclist. Trucker was northbound on Sixth Avenue, made right onto 65th Street, struck victim. In Brooklyn. July 28, 2013. [DNA Info]
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5: Crew painting.
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6: Crew painting.
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7: Crew painting.
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8: Crew painting.
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9: (D) Ngozi Agbim, the former head librarian at LaGuardia Community College, was attempting to cross the nine lanes of traffic where Church Avenue crosses Ocean Parkway (in Kensington, Brooklyn), at the terminus of the Prospect Expressway, as the truck driver was making a right turn. Agbim was walking east on Church Avenue and the truck driver was westbound on Church before attempting the turn onto the Prospect Expressway. June 24, 2013. [Streets Blog], [New York Daily News], [ [CBS Local]
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10: Crew painting.
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11: (E) Roxana Gomez, a Columbia grad student and human rights worker, was hit by a drunk driver at Flatbush Ave. and St. Marks Pl in Brooklyn on July 5, 2013. She died on July 10th. [Streets Blog], [NY Post]
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12: (E) Roxana Gomez [without bicycle in picture]
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13: Crew painting.
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14: (F) Felix Coss, a popular local teacher, was killed by an NYPD officer who was reportedly texting when she hit Felix in a crosswalk as he was crossing Broadway at Hooper Street in Brooklyn on July 6, 2013. [Streets Blog], [New York Daily News], [NBC New York], [Gothamist]
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15: Crew painting.
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16: Crew painting.
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17: Crew painting.
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18: Crew painting.
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19: (G) Renee Thompson, a teen, was run over and killed by a right-turning 18-wheel tractor-trailer as she was leaving her summer job at the candy store. She was crossing Third Ave. on the north side of the 60th St. (in Manhattan) heading west. On July 31, 2013. [New York Daily News], [CBS Local], [MyFoxNY]
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20: Crew painting.
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21: Crew painting.
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22: (H) Theresa Ilardi, a 49-year-old homeless woman, was struck by a white Chevrolet Camaro convertible as she crossed 32nd St. between Fifth Ave. and Broadway in Manhattan, officials said. About in front of 23 W. 32nd St. The driver wasn't charged. July 4, 2013. [New York Daily News]
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23: Crew painting.
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24: Crew painting.
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25: (I) Boris Kiderman, a retired jeweler, was crossing 3rd Avenue east to west as a bus crossed 20th Street heading south (in Manhattan), police said. They added that the M102 bus apparently had the green light. June 26, 2013. [DNA Info], [Obituary in the NY Times]
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