Philadelphia 2006

Pictures taken on a day trip to Phildelphia on July 19, 2006. I visited the Barnes Museum and walked around downtown.

1: The fish pond at The Barnes Museum.
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2: A fish. [Type?]
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3: Araucaria araucana (Chiliean Monkey-puzzle) tree at The Barnes Museum.
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4: A closeup of the Chiliean Monkey-puzzle tree at The Barnes Museum.
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5: Penn's Landing: The submarine is the WWII Becuna and the Cruiser Olympia was Admiral Dewey's flag ship in the Spanish American War.
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6: Philadelphia Merchant's Exchange.
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7: First Bank of the United States.
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8: I liked the cobble stone.
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9: Library Hall. The original Library Hall was demolished. In the 1950s, this reproduction of Library Hall was constructed on its original site. Today, Library Hall houses some of the American Philosophical Society's collections.
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10: Congress Hall.
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11: Independance Hall.
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12: Congress Hall.
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13: Philadelphia City Hall.
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