Brooklyn Navy Yard, October 7, 2012

Some of the artist studios in the Brooklyn Navy Yard were open for Open House NY. I took the opportunity to take some pictures. Unfortunately it was a rather gloomy day. Click on the web-sized pictures for the full-size.

1: Building 20 from Fourth St.
thumbnail #1
2: Building 20 from the intersection of Third St and Morris Ave.
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3: The Reliance tug from Wilmington, DE is in dry dock. Its propellers are on land behind the ship.
thumbnail #3
4: A 180° panorama of Dry Dock 1. Taken from building 131. At the far right along the gray wall is a public viewing stand.
thumbnail #4
5: A 180° panorama of Dry Dock 4. Taken from building 131. This is the oldest dry dock in the country and it has been recently drained, so that it can be restored.
thumbnail #5
6: A 180° panorama looking north towards the Williamsburg Bridge. Taken from Building 131.
thumbnail #6
7: Dry Dock 4. Behind it is Building 20 again.
thumbnail #7
8: Looking towards Dry Docks 2 and 3. Taken from Building 62.
thumbnail #8
9: In Building 5 none of the windows open enough to be able to stick a camera out. This was taken from the stairwell.
thumbnail #9
10: A picture close to the window in the stairwell of Building 5.
thumbnail #10

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