The Crash Scene of Isaac Chehenar

Pictures from the crash on 20-Apr-01 at Ocean Pkwy and Ave X in Brooklyn. A 20-yo speeding in a borrowed Porsche Carrea jumped the curb and mowed down four people. The 10-yo and 15-yo sisters died. The 36-yo mother is in critical condition. Addendum: The driver, Isaac Chehenar, agreed to a plea arrangment for criminally negligent homicide under which he would serve six months in jail. He was released after serving four months. The plea included two years of house arrest and 1,200 hours of community service. He reappeared in the news in 2005 after his family donated $80,000 to the re-election campaign of the Brooklyn DA.

1: A 15-yo boy was standing on his scooter waiting to cross the street. Probably about where the woman is. He was hit, throw to the side, and has a broken leg. The three females, plus the father/husband, were walking up the sidewalk with their backs to the oncoming car. He was missed as he was walking behind the other three. Instead he saw his family be mowed down by the car.
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2: You can see the skid marks showing the path of the car. The bench to the right of the tree was hit and demolished. The car stopped when it hit the tree, with the 15-yo girl pinned under the car. The 10-yo and her mother were mixed in with the debris from the bench.
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3: These pictures were taken four days after the crash.
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4: In addition to all the flowers you will see letters tacked to the tree.
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5: One of the dead girls, the 15-yo.
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6: A little closer.
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7: This picture, and the ones following, were taken 23 days after the crash.
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8: Two new pictures on the tree.
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9: A closeup of the 15 yo.
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10: A closeup of the 10 yo.
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11: Three months later. Memorial material gone. One can now see the impact of the car on the tree.
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