Curaçao 2005

Pictures from Curaçao in early February 2005. Also see corresponding trip journal.

1: The Temple Emanuel on the Wilhelminaplein in Punda. It was first used in 1867.
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2: Looking down Breedestraat in Punda. Towards the Queen Emma Bridge.
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3: Looking at the Handelskade in Punda from the Queen Emma Bridge. Also called the Floating Bridge (or pontoon bridge).
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4: Looking at Otrobanda from the Queen Emma Bridge. At the end of the album is a panorama starting with the view and ending with the prior picture. Much better than these two.
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5: Looking at the Governor's Palace. Under this palace is the entrance to Fort Amsterdam. The Plaza Hotel is the tower.
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6: Looking at Otrobanda in the sea direction.
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7: The police station at Molenplein in Otrobanda.
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8: The Mikvé Israel-Emanuel synagogue in Punda. Built in 1732, which makes it the oldest still in use in the Western Hemisphere.
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9: The building on the left (with clocktower) is the Fort Church, located in Fort Amsterdam. The other buildings in this fort are now government buildings.
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10: A ship about to pass under the Queen Juliana Bridge. Taken from Punda.
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11: The Hotel Mira Punda is where I stayed. The hotel is in Scharloo. So named as you can see Punda from its balcony. But the balcony was locked and they wouldn't unlock it. (Possibly because of its deteriorated state.)
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12: A view looking east on Pietermaaiweg. The buildings on the right are on the water. Not far from the center of Punda. All of these buildings have historic protection. They can only be restored. My bicycle makes an appearance.
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13: Looking back at Willemstad. Probably from a park [??] in Vredenberg. You can see a large cruise ship. The tower building is the Plaza Hotel.
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14: Looking back at Willemstad. Taken from the jetty at Marie Pompoen.
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15: Looking in the other direction from the jetty at Marie Pompoen.
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16: The beach and protected waters at Marie Pompoen.
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17: Looking into the Sea Aquarium Beach from the parking lot. The beach cost money, so I did not go in. Superclub Breezes is at the far right.
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18: Another looking into the Sea Aquarium Beach from the parking lot.
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19: A panorama of Lagun Jan Thiel. Looking east. The Bon Future Prison is off the picture to the left.
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20: Looking west at the Sea Aquarium and the Curaçao Ocean Resort. Taken from a bluff in front of Lagun Jan Thiel.
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21: Looking east from the same bluff as the prior picture.
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22: I made it across the inlet in front of Lagun Jan Thiel (picture center). Can only be done on foot, so I carried by bicycle. The Sea Aquarium is now further away.
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23: A panorama looking west at Lagun Jan Thiel.
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24: Looking at the community of Jan Thiel, with the Caracasbaai in the foreground.
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25: A fellow cleaning some fish posed for me. Unfortunately I wasn't zoomed in enough to see the fish. Worsened by the sun being in the wrong direction.
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26: A panorama from a house that was being built on the top of a hill in Brakkeput Abbou. Like it? Call 694-2095 if you want to buy it.
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27: When I stopped for some water in Caracasbaai a fellow recommended I make it up Midden Seinpost (104 meters). This is a panorama looking east and south towards the water.
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28: I then climbed up a small observation tower and took a 360 degree panorama. The first body of water is Lagun Jan Thiel to the south. I couldn't get the horizon straight. Someday I'll try to fix it.
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29: Back in Willemstad I took a picture of the Dawn Princess cruise ship.
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30: The Penha building at the northeast corner of Breddestraat and Handels Kade. Built in 1708. The tourism kiosk is at the far right.
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31: I made it up to Fort Nassau. Now a restaurant. This is a panorama looking at the Queen Juliana Bridge. Taken from the front steps.
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32: I then when up onto the fort and got a better panorama. Zeelandia and then Salina are the first towns seen.
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33: Then from their parking lot I got a picture of the Isla Oil Refinery.
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34: A picture of Fort Nassau itself. Still only late afternoon, so not open yet. Built in 1796-1798.
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35: A panorama the next morning. Taken from the jetty along the Koredor Jogging Track (a.k.a. John F. Kennedy Boulevard). At the far right is the water and electricity plant.
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36: The boats at Awa di playa.
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37: From the other end of the boats I got a panorama of Piscadera baai.
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38: As I bicycled around Piscadera Baai I got another picture of the Isla Oil Refinery.
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39: Looking north from the pier of De Octopus Bar at Boka Sami. The town is Sint Michiel.
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40: A panorama looking south from the pier of De Octopus Bar at Boka Sami.
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41: I went a little ways to the south and took a panorama looking back at De Octopus Bar. Poor fellow moved and got duplicated.
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42: Vaersen baai. Looking west.
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43: Looking east at Pest baai.
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44: Looking west at Pest baai.
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45: A panorama from Landhuis Jan Kok. Looking south over the salt flats where the flamingos gather.
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46: Landhuis Jan Kok. Now a souvenir and art shop.
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47: The Roman Catholic church in St. Willibrordus. Can be seen shining in the sun from miles away. Built in 1884-1888.
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48: A panorama of Deaibooi baai.
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49: A sign I passed as I was entering Otrobanda. Yes, they are referring to human babies.
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50: The Queen Emma Bridge is partially open.
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51: The next day I rented a car. This panorama taken west of the airport. My car is just a spec in the middle. As I was taking the pictures the sun came out briefly for two of them.
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52: Lots of road like this in the plains of Hato. Some windmills in the distance. Looking west.
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53: Same spot. Looking east in the plains of Hato.
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54: Some wild donkeys.
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55: The windmills near San Pedro.
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56: Near San Pedro someone hung some rope to make a face.
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57: Another face near San Pedro.
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58: The windmills near San Pedro again.
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59: The St. Josef church in Barber.
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60: Playa Kalki.
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61: A panorama of Playa Kalki taken from the pier.
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62: A natural bridge at Noordpunt.
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63: Coast line view at Noordpunt.
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64: Looking down at Playa Forti.
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65: The church of Westpunt, called St. Petrus (fisherman's saint).
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66: The Playa Forti Bar and Restaurant in Westpunt.
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67: A panorama of Playa Forti from the bar/restaurant.
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68: A coast line view at Boka Tabla Cave.
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69: Another coast line view at Boka Tabla Cave.
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70: In front of Boka Tabla Cave.
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71: A panorama from the mountain drive in Christoffel Park. Looking north.
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72: Another panorama from the mountain drive in Christoffel Park. Looking northeast.
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73: Looking south in Christoffel Park.
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74: Yet another panorama from the mountain drive in Christoffel Park. Again looking northeast.
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75: The Boka Grandi in the distance. On the coastal route in Christoffel Park.
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76: A panorama closeup of the Boka Grandi.
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77: Another panorama of Boka Grandi.
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78: Boka Grandi as I started to walk down inside.
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79: One of the caves along the coastal route in Christoffel Park.
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80: Indian rock drawings along the coastal route in Christoffel Park.
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81: Landhuis Daniel. Now a fine restaurant and inexpensive country inn.
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82: Landhuis Brievengat. It used to be a bar/restaurant and a popular spot on Friday nights for dancing, but it had been closed for some time when this was taken.
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83: Playa Kanoa looking west.
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84: Playa Kanoa looking east.
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85: Playa Kanoa.
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86: Windmills near the model airplane field.
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87: The Wedding Cake House in Scharloo at Scharlooweg 77. Now houses the National Archives of the Netherlands Antilles.
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88: Detail of The Wedding Cake House.
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89: The Negrita, an 84 foot replica of a sailing schooner originally build in the 18th century. Now a restaurant and gift shop where I had breakfast. Cruise ship passengers will arrive later by the bus loads.
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90: The view from my table as I wait for breakfast.
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91: A panorama from Negrita looking across the Waaigat at Punda. Unfortunately the first picture was into the sun, so the then locked exposure was all wrong for the rest. I should have taken a throwaway picture in the center first.
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92: My breakfast. My best of the trip.
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93: The Floating Market. A string of visiting Venezuelan, Colombian, and other island schooners lining the canal leading to the Waaigat.
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94: A very nice panorama from the Queen Emma bridge looking north to the Queen Juliana bridge.
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