Bonaire 2005

Pictures taken in Bonaire on February 7-10, 2005. Also see Carnival Closing Parade in Kralendijk, their Tuesday evening parade. Also see corresponding trip journal.

1: Along the waterfront on Kaya Playa Lechi. Looking south towards central Kralendijk.
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2: Playa Palu di Mangel
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3: Not much sand at Playa Palu di Mangel, or anyplace else.
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4: Bachelor's Beach (Playa Machete)
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5: Hilma Hooker dive site.
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6: 360 Panorama of the solar salt works.
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7: Mounds of salt waiting to be hauled out to the ships.
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8: Little panorama looking into the salt flats. Possibly at Witte Pan.
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9: The slave huts where I ate lunch. My bike is the one in the middle.
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10: While eating I lined up some of the coral.
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11: More slave huts. These down near the Willemstoren lighthouse. The orange pyramid is a signal to the boats that would load up the salt for export back in the old days. They have these tall pyramids (they call them obelisks, but they are actually tall skinny pyramids) in several locations on the island. There is a red one, a white one, a blue one, and an orange one (corresponding to the colors in the Dutch flag and the orange is part of their "royalty" color). The ships would be notified as to which one to anchor close to for loading. Then the slaves would load the ships.
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12: Panorama view from Willemstoren lighthouse.
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13: Some flamingos way off in the distance. Used digital zoom and a high ISO to compensate for no image stabilization
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14: These flamingos were not too far from the road. On Eeg Blvd, west of the solar salt works.
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15: Looking out at Lac Bay. Wide angle.
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16: Looking out at Lac Bay. Zoomed in to see some windsurfers off in the distance.
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17: An Orange Trupial.
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18: The power plant that had the fire the day before I arrived. One of three that power the island.
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19: Coastal view a little past the power plant. Looking towards the Brasil part of Bonaire.
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20: Along the road in Santa Barbara.
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21: There were sidewalks that went away from, but paralleled the road. This time it was on the water side. Again looking towards my destination.
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22: 1000 Steps. Looking down the steps.
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23: 1000 Steps. On the beach looking southeast back towards town.
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24: 1000 Steps. Looking the other way.
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25: There are a series of grottos along the road in Tolo.
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26: This grotto called Devil's Mouth.
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27: Looking back along the coast.
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28: Looking back along the coast at Goto.
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29: Looking in towards Gotomeer.
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30: Salina Tern.
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31: The road out to Salina Frans.
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32: Looking down the seaside cliffs. Looking back towards town
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33: When looking down in the other direction I leaned over and twisted the camera. So here I straightened it.
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34: Panorama of Salina Frans.
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35: Flamingos on Salina Frans.
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36: Looking at Playa Frans.
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37: A panorama on the north coast at the turn off to Boka Onima. In the middle you can see the bike group from the cruise ship.
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38: Some Indian inscriptions.
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39: Boka Onima.
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40: A wild donkey.
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41: Along the north coast at Boka Oliba. Looking east.
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42: Along the north coast at Boka Oliba. Looking west.
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43: Panoramic view from Seru Largu. I walked though the woods to get this view right after I made it up there.
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44: Another panoramic view from Seru Largu. Where the road came up to the edge.
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45: Another panoramic view from Seru Largu. Then I come to the official lookup. But I don't think it makes as good a picture.
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46: The cruise ship just before it pulls away. Note painted hull.
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47: The Hotel Bonaire Inn [appears to have closed], the place where I stayed. There are tables and stools under the trees.
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48: Some place in Guatemala that I passed on my way out to Lagun.
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49: Roadside view. On my way out to Lagun.
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50: Panorama of the Lagun.
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51: Some aloe plants along the way.
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52: Lots of roads like this in Boliva Ariba to bike.
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53: Some wild donkeys. At one time I could see 11 at the same time.
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54: Approaching the Spelonk Lighthouse.
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55: Panorama of Boliva from the Spelonk Lighthouse. See bike path alongside red house. I did not know about this until chatting with a fellow as I waited to leave the island. I came by the road in the middle. And left by the one to the right.
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56: More roads in Boliva to bike on.
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57: More roads in Boliva to bike on.
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58: More roads in Boliva to bike on.
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59: These flamingos were spotted off of Kaminda Lac. Before reaching the Mangrove Kayaking Center.
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60: View of Lac Bay taken from Cai Beach.
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61: Now over on the Sorobon side of Lac Bay. Where the windsurfers are based.
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62: The places at Sorobon that cater to the windsurfers.
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63: Downtown Kralendijk. Looking north on Kaya Grandi.
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64: On the waterfront. Kaya J.N.E. Crane looking south.
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65: The It's Raining Fishes Restaurant.
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66: The fruit and vegetables market. Originally for fishermen.
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67: Pasangrahan. Built approx 1890s as the home of the Debrot family.
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68: View down Kaya Grandi. Typical varied architecture from the late 1800s and early 1900s.
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69: Fort Oranje.
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70: Bestuurskantoor. Built in 1837 as the governor's house. Now government offices.
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71: A cemetery I passed on my way back from Peking Restaurant.
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72: The front of a house on Kaya Gilberto F. Croes. Humans were also sitting out front when the parade passed.
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73: Inside the St. Barnardus Church. People just starting to assemble for the evening Ash Wednesday service.
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74: The outside of the St. Barnardus Church.
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75: The Bonaire Inn (my B&B) again. Breakfast today is in the front yard.
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76: The Museum (Department of Culture).
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77: View of the stores along Kaya Grandi in Kralendijk.
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78: From on Fort Oranje looking north. Pasangrahan is to the right.
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79: Looking back at Kralendijk, with the airstrip in the background.
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80: We are circling around Kralendijk.
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81: Klein Bonaire. [?]
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82: Bonaire coastline. [where?]
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