Street Memorials - December 18, 2005

Pictures of five memorials to pedestrians killed by automobiles. Painted on December 18, 2005. See Right Of Way for more information.

1: (1) Crew painting.
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2: Keontry Rosario, Age 11. On 29-Sept-2005, at the SE corner Ocean Ave. & Kings Highway in Brooklyn a tractor-trailer climbed the curb as Keontry was tying his shoes on the corner. Truck was turning onto Kings Highway. "Driver ... told cops his big rig often hops curbs on tight turns so he never thought he hit anyone." (DNews)
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3: (2) Crew painting.
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4: Crew painting.
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5: Julie Quinn. On 18-Aug-2005, at the SW corner Ocean Ave. & Ave. X in Brooklyn. Julie was a retired nurse and grandmother. "Cops said the driver was speeding southbound on Ocean Ave. when he ran a red light on Ave. X and swerved around a car ... before plowing into the helpless victim." (Post)
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6: (3) Crew starting to paint Andre memorial in Far Rockaway.
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7: Crew painting Andre memorial.
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8: A picture with shadows.
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9: A picture without shadows, but also without the flowers.
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10: Andre Anderson, Age 14. On 24-Sept-2005, on Shore Front Parkway at Beach 77th St. in Far Rockaway. Andre was killed. From The Wave [] newspaper, "Jose Vincens, 23, was behind the wheel of a 2003 Lincoln Navigator last Saturday just after 7 p.m. when he struck Andre Anderson, 14, who was pedaling a bike down the middle of the eastbound lanes [of Shore Front Parkway] near Beach 77 Street, according to police sources. Vincens tried to pass to the right, but the boy swerved into the right hand lane. Vincens countered to the left -- but not in time. Anderson suffered massive head trauma and bleeding. His small bicycle was crushed."
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11: Anderson family and crew member Charles Komanoff standing around Andre's memorial.
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12: The Andre Anderson memorial that is on the median.
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13: Audrey Anderson at the memorial for her son.
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14: (4) Crew painting Tamika Regan memorial, also in Far Rockaway.
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15: Crew painting.
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16: Tamika Regan, Age 17. On 8-Sept-2005, on Seagirt Blvd mid-block near 17th St. in Wavecrest section of Far Rockaway Tamika killed by a hit-and-run (4-door sedan). Killed 6 months after father's cancer death. No witnesses to 9:10 p.m. crash. "Dreams of becoming a lawyer" (Post)
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17: (5) Crew painting.
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18: Crew painting.
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19: Joseph Hoffman. On 3-Nov-2005, at the corner East 46th St. & Farragut Rd. in Brooklyn. Joseph was a WW2 vet, grandfather, retired auto-body repairman. "Just before 10 a.m. ... as he was crossing the corner of East 46th & Farragut, he was struck by a white van that sped away."
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