Saba 2002

Pictures taken in Saba, West Indies. This was part of a Caribbean trip I took at the end of January 2002. See corresponding trip journal.

1: Approaching Saba. The airstrip is down by the water in the front right. Hell's Gate is above it in the center. And Windwardside is the cluster center-left.
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2: The DHC-6 Twin Otter that brought me.
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3: Out my back window at Scout's Place.
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4: A view of Windwardside with Mt. Scenery in the background.
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5: The steps at the start of the trail up Mt. Scenery.
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6: Looking back at Windwardside from Maskehorne Hill, a little ways up Mt. Scenery. Booby Hill in the background.
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7: Looking out my front door at Scout's Place.
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8: A panorama taken from my seat as I was waiting for breakfast. Exposures weren't very consistent! I guess when I was taking the pictures I wasn't planning on stitching them. Be sure to scroll to the right. It's better than the left.
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9: I found some wood sorrel growing in the rocks. It's the one with the heart shaped leaves. Very tasty.
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10: On the Sandy Cruz trail.
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11: On the Sandy Cruz trail.
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12: Starting to leave The Bottom on the Crispeen Track.
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13: A rain catchment area. Not water I'd want to drink!
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14: Looking back at The Bottom.
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15: Looking back at The Bottom from the Crispeen Track.
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16: Up in the clouds on Mt. Scenery.
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17: A morning view from outside my room at Scout's Place. A view of Windwardside. Mt. Scenery is running up the right side.
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18: Scout's Place. This would stick on the far left of the panorama.
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19: Someone in Windwardside grows hydroponic salad greens for the restaurants.
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20: From Windwardside looking across to St. John's.
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21: On Booby Hill looking back at Windwardside with Mt. Scenery in the background.
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22: On Booby Hill looking back at Windwardside with Mt. Scenery in the background. The clouds cleared from the top!
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23: Rocks down below the airstrip. I had time to kill before my plane arrived.
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24: Cove Bay. Below the airstrip. I think this is the only "beach" on the island.
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25: Cove Bay from the other direction.
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26: Looking up to Hell's Gate.
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27: Hell's Gate and Lower Hell's Gate to the right.
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28: Spring Bay.
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29: A Melocactus intortus cactus.
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30: The rocks in front of the airstrip.
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31: Looking up at the airport.
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32: The fire engine starts up and pulls out before the plane lands.
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33: My plane lands.
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