Andre Anderson Memorial Ride, May 14, 2006

A group ride to the Rockaways sponsored by Times Up! It started at the 91st Street skate park, then to the site of Andre's death, then to the Anderson's house for a picnic. (Some of the pictures are wide, so you will have to scroll to see them fully.)

1: Bicyclists gathering at the 91st Street Skate Park. This was the last thing Andre did before he was killed. 3:42 PM
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2: After proceeding to the location of Andre's death there was a bike lift. 3:52 PM
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3: I found this stencil. The lettering was done last December 18th and can still be read. Someone refreshed the outline. 3:57 PM
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4: People mingling around the memorial. 3:57 PM
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5: The crowd posing at the memorial. The family is kneeling. 3:58 PM
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6: Visual Resistance installed this ghost bike on 18-Feb-2006, on what would have been Andre's 15th birthday. 4:01 PM
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7: Back at the Anderson home people are enjoying a picture. Audrey Anderson provided the meat, rice, beans, and setup. One of the women brought the salad. 4:36 PM
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8: The crowd in front of the Anderson home. 4:39 PM
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