Anguilla 2002

Pictures from Anguilla, West Indies. This was part of a Caribbean trip I took at the end of January 2002. It was after 9/11, and tourism was down. See corresponding trip journal.

1: The ferry is coming into Marigot to pick us up and take us to Anguilla.
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2: Looking down at Crocus Bay.
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3: Crocus Bay from higher up. Roy's Place, just off the beach, is past the desalination plant.
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4: Flat Cap Point. Between Crocus Bay and Blackgarden Bay.
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5: Blackgarden Bay. Taken from house under construction for a Canadian.
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6: Shoal Bay East.
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7: Upper Shoal Bay.
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8: Gwen's Reggae Grill. My lunch place for the day.
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9: Island Harbour with Scilly Cay being the island to the right. It has an open-air restaurant and bar. Open during the day only.
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10: Looking back at Island Harbour and Scilly Cay. Taken from White Hill.
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11: Savannah Bay. Looking northeast. Taken from near the Palm Grove Beach Bar & Grill.
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12: Savannah Bay. Looking south. Gibbon Point is sticking out to the left.
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13: Savannah Bay. Looking from Gibbon Point.
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14: A view of St. Martin in the background. Seafeathers is in the foreground. Taken from the Sandy Hill development.
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15: The Road Salt Pond at Sandy Ground. Sandy Ground is the strip of buildings along the left. North Shannon Hill is behind.
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16: Rendezvous Bay. Standing in the middle at Shaddick Point and looking east towards the Rendezvous Bay Hotel. St. Martin is in the background.
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17: Rendezvous Bay. Standing at the Rendezvous Bay Hotel and looking west. To the right is the beach front villas that Rendezvous Bay Hotel has. Cuisinart Resort is the group of buildings in the distance.
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18: Rendezvous Bay. Standing in front of the Anguilla Great House and looking west. Cuisinart Resort is now closer.
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19: Cove Bay looking east from Cap Juluca.
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20: Cove Bay looking west from Cap Juluca.
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21: Meads Bay. Standing at Meads Bay Hideaway. The Frangipani is about 1/3 from the left.
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22: Shoal Bay (West). Standing at Blue Waters and looking at CoveCastles.
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23: Blolly Ham Bay.
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24: Road Bay. In front of Sandy Ground.
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