Les Saintes 2003

Pictures from Les Saintes, Guadeloupe, West Indies. Includes Terre-de-Haut and Terre-de-Bas. This was part of a Caribbean trip I took in mid March 2003. See corresponding trip journal.

1: On my way up to Fort Napoléon I look back and take a picture of Bourg des Saintes.
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2: Fort Napoléon has a lot of tame green iguanas.
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3: An iguana showing its legs.
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4: Note dewlap hanging under the chin. That means this one is a male.
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5: This iguana is smiling at us.
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6: The iguana is basking in the sun. They are cold-blooded and need the sun to stay warm.
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7: A good panorama taken from Fort Napoléon looking at Bourg des Saintes and Anse du Bourg.
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8: Baie de Marigot.
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9: The Centre UCPA's beach on the west side of Baie de Marigot.
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10: Baie de Marigot. Taken from my seat at La Paillotte, while I waited for lunch.
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11: Plage de Pompierre. From the east side looking west.
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12: Plage de Pompierre. From the east side looking north.
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13: The cemetery. My bike makes its appearance.
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14: Plage de Grande-Anse. Taken at the north end looking south. Swimming prohibited.
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15: Plage de L'Anse À Gilot.
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16: A panorama taken on the pier at Plage de L'Anse À Gilot. Looking at Anse du Bourg.
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17: Plage de L'Anse À Gilot again. A dive center is to the left.
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18: A panorama of Plage du Figuier.
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19: Grand Anse on Terre-de-Bas.
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20: Grand Anse on Terre-de-Bas looking back at Terre-de-Haut.
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21: Looking down at Grande Baie on Terre-de-Bas.
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22: Back on Terre-de-Haut. Looking at Anse du Bourg.
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23: Again looking at Anse du Bourg. Just a little further away.
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24: Plage de Crawen. I climbed up on the rocks at the far end to take the picture.
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25: Anse à Cointe, the beach that is in front of Hotel Bois Joli.
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26: Sunrise from my window at Chez Cassin Victor, where I stayed.
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27: Early morning fishermen and their net.
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28: Plage de L'Anse Mire.
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29: Some large cacti on the Ruelle de l'Anse Mire. [What type of Euphorbia??]
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30: The Sea Cloud is coming into the harbor.
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31: Looking at Bourg des Saintes from the Plage de L'Anse Mire.
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32: A painted wall in Bourg des Saintes. (You can see the cruise ship through the trees.)
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33: The Sea Cloud has now anchored.
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34: The fish market.
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35: Cutting and selling a dolphinfish (mahi-mahi).
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36: The courtyard at the foot of the ferry pier. Sticking up in the middle is a French Revolution Memorial.
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