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Pictures taken on periodic trips to Europe, mostly in the north. There are 404 pictures in this category.

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Bath, England 2001 (20 pictures)

Pictures taken on a day trip to Bath, England on Saturday, March 31, 2001. See corresponding trip journal.

Denmark 2005 (122 pictures)

Pictures taken on a 12 night vacation to Denmark in June 2005. I stayed in Århus, Tønder, Helsingør, and Copenhagen. Plus side trips out from these bases. For full details see my trip journal. (Clicking on the VGA-sized pictures will bring up the original size and compression.)

England 2006 (88 pictures)

England pictures taken March 22-29, 2006. Includes The Cotswolds, Dorset, and London. It was mostly an antiquing trip. Also see corresponding trip journal. You can also see the pictures of antiques that I looked at.

London, England 2001 (26 pictures)

Pictures taken on a short trip to London, England in late March 2001. See corresponding trip journal.

The Netherlands 2003 (56 pictures)

Pictures taken on a vacation to The Netherlands in June 2003. I was there for 12 nights, but considering the time I didn't take all that many pictures. Some days I didn't take any at all. The problem was everything was pretty, and not being able to take pictures of everything, I often took pictures of none.

Portugal 1993 (35 pictures)

Arrived in Lisbon on June 17, 1993. I won two tickets on Delta, as part of a contest celebrating the purchase of 30 of PanAm's European cities. I actually won Moscow, but being an expensive city to visit at that time, I had the tickets switched to Lisbon. Negatives were scanned at 2000 dpi with a Nikon Coolscan 5000 (introduced 2003). Software used was VueScan.

Sweden 2005 (3 pictures)

Pictures taken on a day trip to Helsingborg, Sweden on June 18, 2005.

Switzerland 2001 (54 pictures)

Pictures from a short vacation added to a business trip to Zürich, Switzerland in June 2001. Unfortunately it rained a lot. See corresponding trip journal.

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