Bath, England 2001

Pictures taken on a day trip to Bath, England on Saturday, March 31, 2001. See corresponding trip journal.

1: Looking down the abbey at The Abbey and Heritage Vaults. Standing in front of the entrance to the Roman Baths and Pump Room.
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2: The Roman Baths. The Abbey and Heritage Vaults is behind to the left.
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3: Looking down Great Pulteney Street. The Holbourne Museum is in the far distance. Standing at Laura Place. My bike makes its appearance.
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4: The view looking south from in front of the Royal Crescent.
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5: The Royal Crescent.
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6: The Royal Crescent again.
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7: Looking south over Royal Victoria Park. In front of the Royal Crescent.
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8: The Circus.
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9: North façade of Queen Square. Architect: John Wood the Elder. The first Palladian style development outside the centre of the old city. Seven lodging houses made to look like a Roman palace.
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10: Prior Park. Looking down from the top.
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11: Prior Park. Looking up from the bottom.
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12: The Palladian Bridge in Prior Park.
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13: The Palladian Bridge from its other side.
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14: Some daffodils in Sydney Gardens.
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15: The Flying Scotsman, a famous coal fired steam locomotive, was coming by and people were there to watch it pass.
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16: The Flying Scotsman. A bit difficult to get a picture of a moving train with the slow shutter lag of a digital camera.
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17: Some houses on the Kent and Avon Canal.
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18: The Grand Parade. The River Avon and the Pulteney Bridge.
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19: The backside of The Abbey and Heritage Vaults
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20: Parade Gardens, adjacent to the River Avon. The gardens are at the level of the Roman city, some 18 feet below the level of the current city. Standing on Pierrepont Street. The Pulteney Bridge is in the upper left.
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