Switzerland 2001

Pictures from a short vacation added to a business trip to Zürich, Switzerland in June 2001. Unfortunately it rained a lot. See corresponding trip journal.

1: The Hotel Bristol. Where I stayed in Zürich. A short walk from the train station. Very quiet.
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2: I had a day before my business started. My only free sunny day. A view of Lake Zürich.
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3: Another view of Lake Zürich.
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4: Zunfthaus zur Waag. Where I had a long lunch that ate into my sightseeing time.
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5: A pantomime down by Lake Zürich.
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6: A pretty chimney I found along the east side of Lake Zürich.
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7: A model train store on Langstrausse. A colleague loves model trains and I tried to get him to visit this store on a Zürich trip. He didn't, and is now retired and unlikely to get back there.
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8: The east shore of Lake Zürich. Taken from the tour boat that docks near the Landesmuseum.
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9: The building with the chimney that I photographed a couple days before. [what building??]
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10: Some people out for an evening sail on Lake Zürich.
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11: And windsurfers.
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12: The windsurfers are racing.
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13: Lots and lots of sailboat masts!
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14: My tour boat. Getting dark and the flash went off and didn't help much.
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15: Taste of Paradise. Where I had an Indian-Thai dinner that evening.
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16: Walking along the Schanzen-Graben.
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17: Some kayakers on the Schanzen-Graben following an obstacle course in a training exercise. The building to the left is a club Wasserfahrverein Zürich WVZ.
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18: One kayaker didn't make it and fell in.
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19: The next night I had dinner at Kaufleuten. The steak was tiny.
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20: I stumbled on an interesting bike in the Haupt Bahnhof.
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21: My first stop out from Zürich was Solothurn. The Wyss Papeterie is a store owned by some distant relatives.
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22: In Bern I found this painted outline. Here in NYC we used to paint outlines as street memorials to pedestrians killed by motor vehicles. (See other picture albums of mine.)
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23: A picture in Bern. Taken from the Bern Historical Museum. The bridge is the Kirchenfeldbrücke.
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24: A view from the top of the Cathedral. Facing east.
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25: Another view from the top of the Cathedral. Two pictures stitched together. Facing west.
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26: The Chindlifrässerbrunnen (Ogre Fountain). This ogre eats small children and he's eating one, with others waiting their turn.
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27: The clock tower in Bern. People gather for its performances.
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28: The Obere Hauptgasse castle in Thun. Too early. Not open yet.
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29: Looking out over Thun.
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30: A closeup of Obere Hauptgasse in Thun.
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31: Another view over Thun.
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32: Some pretty dormer windows on my walk down from the castle.
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33: A Rathausplatz street scene in Thun. It is a two-tier street, where the roofs of the shops on the lower level provide the walkways for the upper level. This is because Thun used to flood a lot, until they controlled the flow of the Aar river with sluices.
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34: A view of Spiez from by the train station. The castle Schloss Spiez is down by the water.
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35: Across Lake Lucerne. Mt Pilatus is the mountain in the distance.
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36: The Männli-Turm in Luzern.
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37: The Nadelwehr locks on the River Reuss. Taken from the Spreurbrücke covered bridge. The Jesuit Church is the baroque building with the towers.
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38: Kornmarkt in old Luzern.
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39: Hotel Balance in old Luzern.
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40: There is a train ride for kids at the Swiss Transport Museum.
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41: The engineer.
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42: Across Lake Lucerne. Taken from Merlischachen.
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43: Lake Lucerne taken from Merlischachen. Looking towards Luzern. Mt Pilatus is in the distance.
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44: The center of Küssnacht.
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45: I took the funicular up to Chateau Gutsch. A view of Luzern using the wide angle adapter.
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46: Chateau Gutsch.
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47: A panorama of Luzern taken from Chateau Gutsch. A lot of work getting this one stitched (and some Photoshop work is still needed). Be sure to scroll to the middle where the view is.
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48: A telephoto view of the Museggmauer, the city wall and towers. Taken from Chateau Gutsch.
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49: A telephoto view of Kapellbrücke mit Wasserturm. Taken from Chateau Gutsch.
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50: Some architecture in Luzern.
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51: Hotel Alpha is where I stayed in Luzern.
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52: An early morning view from my room at the Hotel Alpha. Taken on my last day.
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53: On my train ride to the airport. The sun is coming out as I leave. A view of the Zugersee.
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54: At the airport they use bicycles to get around. I have never seen this in an American airport.
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