The Netherlands 2003

Pictures taken on a vacation to The Netherlands in June 2003. I was there for 12 nights, but considering the time I didn't take all that many pictures. Some days I didn't take any at all. The problem was everything was pretty, and not being able to take pictures of everything, I often took pictures of none.

1: When I arrived in Haarlem these wedding musicians were playing outside the place where I rented my bicycle.
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2: Bloemendaal aan Zee. Looking north.
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3: Bloemendaal aan Zee. Looking south.
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4: Bloemendaal aan Zee. Looking straight out.
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5: Zandvoort. Looking south.
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6: Zandvoort. Looking north
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7: Zandvoort. Looking straight out.
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8: Some people riding along the beach. South of Zandvoort. [still in Zandvoort??]
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9: DSCN6271 ??
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10: DSCN6275
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11: DSCN6276
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12: Some people passing by while I took a break. Somewhere in the Dunes between Zandvoort and xx??.
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13: A snack place along the beach. Noordwijk aan Zee ?? or Katwijk aan Zee ??
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14: Same place as the picture above. [where??]
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15: West of Rotterdam. Along the Niewe Waterweg. Probably near Maassluis.
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16: A boat on the Niewe Waterweg.
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17: A view at Kinderdijk.
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18: A windmill at Kinderdijk.
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19: A building in Dordrecht.
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20: The canal in Dordrecht. The clock is on the tower of the Grotekerk.
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21: A street scene in Dordrecht.
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22: The same Dordrecht street as the previous, but in the other direction.
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23: DSCN6302 NW of Rotterdam.
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24: DSCN6303 NW of Rotterdam.
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25: In a polder south of Gouderak. This was a long ride into a stiff headwind. Too much for one of my knees.
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26: In a polder south of Gouderak. I took a lot of pictures here and planned to stitch into a panorama. But most didn't come out.
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27: From my lunch table at Passage to India on Oudegracht in Utrecht. Looking to the left.
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28: From my lunch table at Passage to India on Oudegracht in Utrecht. Looking to the right.
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29: From my lunch table at Passage to India on Oudegracht in Utrecht. Looking across.
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30: From my park bench in the park that is along the banks of Stadsbuitengracht.
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31: From my park bench in the park that is along the banks of Stadsbuitengracht. Looking in the other direction.
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32: A view of the Maliebaan.
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33: A fellow with a spare bike at his side. On the Maliebaan.
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34: An expressway runs down the middle of the Maliebaan. What a waste of a park! Now closed due to construction at the intersections.
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35: A [??] canal in Utrecht.
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36: Some street brick patterns in Utrecht.
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37: Looking outside my window of the Hotel Ouwi, in Utrecht. To the right of the image was an ugly modern building which I didn't take.
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38: A tour boat on the [??] canal in Utrecht. [Bridge ??]
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39: Some people getting on a boat.
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40: A couple tour boats together. [canal??]
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41: The Netherlands uses lots of different brick patterns for their roads and sidewalks.
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42: Some bricks with a speed bump.
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43: The canal. [where??]
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44: It was Gay Pride weekend. A band was playing on a barge and lots of people were hanging around drinking beer. It was evening, but still light.
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45: The gardens at Vollenhoven were open for the weekend. A nice panorama here of the home and its view.
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46: DSCN6369 [SE of Utrecht]
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47: DSCN6370 [SE of Utrecht]
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48: Loosdrechtsche Plassen. Looking north ? [next morning all the rest of the pictures this same day]
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49: DSCN6372
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50: DSCN6373
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51: DSCN6374 Windmills in ??
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52: Museum Slot Zuylen in Slot Zuylen.
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53: Some ducklings.
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54: The ducklings' mother is looking at me.
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55: DSCN6381 Some where in Utrecht?? [or between Slot Zuylen and Utrecht]
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56: From my dinner table at [Ajanta on Oudegracht ?? or Jag's ??] in Utrecht. The ?? is sticking up in the distance.
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