Saint Croix, USVI 2006

St. Croix pictures taken February 16-19, 2006. Also see corresponding trip journal.

1: Arriving in St. Croix. Looking at the west end of the island. I was riding in the jumpseat of a Cape Air Cessna 402C II.
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2: The Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge.
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3: Coming in for a landing.
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4: Coming in for a landing.
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5: Landing in St. Croix at the Henry E. Rohlsen International Airport.
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6: Old Danish Customs House. Begun in 1750, the building evolved over decades; the 2nd floor was added around 1830.
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7: The canons at Fort Christiansvaern.
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8: Inside view of Fort Christiansvaern.
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9: Looking at the town from Fort Christiansvaern.
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10: Looking down Company Street and at the Steeple Building.
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11: West corner of Company and Hospital Streets.
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12: Old Danish Scale House. South facade. It dates from 1856. This is the site where the Danish weighed hogsheads of sugar for export; imports were also weighed here, to levy duty.
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13: Fort Christiansvaern. Looking towards the east. Built of masonry and yellow Danish brick that came to the islands as ballast in sailing ships, this fort took shape between 1738 and 1749 over the ruins of a French bastion. It is a four-point citadel and the best preserved of the five Danish forts in the West Indies.
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14: A panorama looking at Fort Christiansvaern and Christiansted from Protestant Cay.
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15: Fort Christiansvaern. Looking at it from Protestant Cay.
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16: A panorama of Protestant Cay taken from the end of its dock.
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17: Protestant Cay. Taken from Christiansted.
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18: Old Danish Scale House. North facade.
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19: Government House.
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20: Lutheran Church. This is Christiansted's oldest church. Begun in about 1740 as the Dutch Reformed Church, it became the property of the Lutheran Church when they moved here from the Steeple Building in the early 1830s.
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21: The Lutheran Parish Hall. And the ??? building to the right.
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22: Danish West India and Guinea Company Warehouse. ??
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23: The Government House.
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24: The corner of Company and King Cross Streets. Kendrick's Restaurant is to the right.
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25: The Holy Cross Catholic Church.
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26: Looking down ?? Street at Gallows Bay and Mt. Welcome. (New St or Little Hospital St.) Above the marina are the Schooner Bay Condos (all the little red roofed pink buildings).
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27: A view down the hill from in front of The Breakfast Club. I had planned to stay there, but the place was sold and the new owner closed it down.
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28: Looking at Protestant Cay.
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29: A privately owned windmill along the Christainsted boardwalk. At one time it was the honeymoon cottage of the Comanche Hotel. Apparently now just used for storage.
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30: The inside courtyard of the Government House.
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31: The stoop of the Government House.
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32: Another inside courtyard view of the Government House.
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33: Looking up Church St. with the Danish West India & Guinea Company Warehouse on the left.
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34: Tarpins swimming around under the lights in front of RumRunners. They had been fed some meat scraps, and were waiting for more.
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35: An early morning panorama of Christiansted taken from Fort Louise Augusta. The fort is to the right.
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36: The beach at the west end of Beauregard Bay.
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37: A panorama of Shoy's Beach. Shoy's Point is sticking out.
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38: The beach in front of the Tamarind Reef. Looking west.
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39: The beach in front of the Tamarind Reef. Looking east.
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40: Facing west from the west end of Chenay Bay. The jetty is the entrance to Green Cay Marina.
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41: A panorama taken from the intersection of the entrance to the Green Cay Marina and Route 82. The island is Green Cay. The pond is Southgate Pond.
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42: A windmill in a apartment complex off Route 83. [Complex name?? Southgate?]
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43: The beach in front of the Chenay Bay Beach Resort.
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44: The windmill off Route 83 at the road that leads to Pull Point.
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45: The beach at Prune Bay. Sticking out is Pull Point.
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46: The house on Pull Point.
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47: Some ruins I came upon. [At Coakley Bay??] Now being developed as part of someone's home. [?]
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48: The same ruins as the prior picture. [Coakley Bay Beach?]
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49: The same location as the prior picture, but in the other direction (facing west).
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50: Yellow Cliff Bay Beach [?], facing west.
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51: Yellow Cliff Bay Beach [?], but in the other direction (facing east).
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52: Sitting on a bench in a small park looking at Buck Island. [Is that Pow Point to the right? or Teague Point?]
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53: 0053 DSCN0636.JPG ??
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54: 0054 DSCN0637.JPG ??
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55: Looking down at ?? Bay and ??.
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56: A panorama of Teague Bay.
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57: Some homes across the road from Teague Bay.
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58: The beach at Teague Bay. Taken from Duggan's Reaf Restaurant.
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59: The Contessa's castle, a private home.
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60: A panorama of the St. Croix Yacht Club.
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61: Looking down at the St. Croix Yacht Club from Romney Point.
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62: Looking east from Romney Point toward Knight Bay.
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63: Looking west at Knight Bay.
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64: Cramer's Park Beach.
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65: Looking over Cramer's Park Beach from Cottongarden Point.
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66: Looking east at Boiler Bay. Taken from Cottongarden Point
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67: Taken from a parking spot. [name??] Facing west.
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68: Taken from a parking spot. [name??] Facing east at Point Udall.
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69: Looking west from the road leading to Point Udall. The island in the distance is Buck Island.
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70: Looking west from Point Udall. And again it includes Buck Island.
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71: Looking down at the beach at East End Bay [Isaac Bay?] from Point Udall.
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72: The Contessa's castle. Also called Villa Madeleine. Seems they also own most of the hill around it.
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73: Looking at Grapetree Bay.
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74: Looking at Turner Hole and the Divi Carina Bay Resort.
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75: Another view of Turner Hole and the Divi Carina Bay Resort. At the far right, with the green wire dome, is the Divi Casino.
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76: The beach at the Divi Carina Bay Resort.
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77: From Grass Point looking back to the Divi and Turner Hole.
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78: From Grass Point looking west. The first bay is Road Bay, then Robin Bay, then Mt. Fancy sticking out.
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79: The beach at Road Bay.
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80: The beach at Road Bay. This time I walked to the west to take the picture facing east. This beach had a lot of grass and litter.
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81: Robin Bay?
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82: From Mt. Fancy looking at Great Pond Bay.
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83: A lizard was checking me out while I drank some water and ate a Larabar at the convenience store opposite Great Pond. [store name?]
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84: A late afternoon panorama of Manchenil Bay
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85: The beach at Judith's Fancy. Taken in the early morning and the sun is barely up.
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86: Salt River Bay.
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87: Some sugar mill ruins west of Salt River Bay. [name?]
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88: Looking east from Baron Bluff.
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89: Looking west from Baron Bluff.
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90: Looking west from Route 80, the North Shore Road.
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91: Looking west from Route 80, the North Shore Road.
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92: The beach between Baron Bluff and Belvedere.
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93: Looking west towards Can Bay Beach along North Shore from the Waves at Cane Bay.
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94: North Star Beach.
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95: Above North Star Beach [?] looking west.
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96: Looking down at Carambola Beach Resort.
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97: The beach at Carambola Beach Resort (Davis Beach).
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98: Looking east from the road leaving the Carambola Beach Resort.
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99: A Cuban Tree Frog I came upon in St. George Village Botanical Garden. It was first introduced to St. Croix in 1974. It's skin mucous is toxic to humans.
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100: A view of the Rum Factory ruins at the St. George Village Botanical Garden.
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101: A view of some gardens at the St. George Village Botanical Garden.
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102: The Mango Tree Bar. For $10 I got a pound of pork, plus lots of other food. The guys are posing for the picture, but unfortunately the lighting wasn't good. That's my bike in front.
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103: The Great House at Estate Whim.
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104: The windmill and chimney at Estate Whim.
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105: The windmill, with the animal mill to its left, and the sugar factory to its right. At Estate Whim.
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106: A boiler at Estate Whim.
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107: Dorsch Beach in Frederiksted, looking at Frederiksted
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108: Dorsch Beach in Frederiksted, looking south.
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109: Further south on Dorsch Beach looking north.
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110: Further south on Dorsch Beach looking south.
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111: And yet further south on Dorsch Beach looking north.
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112: And yet further south on Dorsch Beach looking south.
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113: Strand Street in Frederiksted looking north. Taken at the intersection with Hill Street. The Victoria House is on the block. [which one? which color? blue?]
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114: The Old Customs House in Frederiksted.
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115: The Scotiabank in Frederiksted.
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116: Looking north up King Street in Frederiksted. Taken at the intersection of ?? 2:45:06
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117: Some ?? beach north of Frederiksted. La Grange? 2:56:04
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118: Some ?? beach north of Frederiksted. Rainbow? 3:04:08
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119: Some ?? beach north of Frederiksted. Sprat Hall? 3:09:06
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120: Butler Bay Plantation Greathouse & Overseer's Cottage c. 1760. Now a private residence.
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121: Butler Bay. 3:23:14
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122: Beach between Butler Bay and Monks Bath Beach ? or Monks Bath Beach ? 3:33:36
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123: Monks Bath Beach ? or Hams Bay ? 3:43:30
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124: Hams Bay ? or Paradise Sunset Beach ? 3:51:09
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125: An early morning panorama looking at Sugar Beach. This is a public beach that is a popular spot for baptisms.
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126: At Sugar Beach looking back at Christiansted.
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127: I came upon a fellow that takes his horse out for a swim. Apparently the horse likes it! (I've since learned that the horse trainers take the race horses out for muscle training.)
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128: Bringing the horse back in.
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129: The fellow has to wear fins to keep up with the horse. The picture is blurry as my camera can't handle low light situations.
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130: Standing on Sugar Beach looking west down condo row. At left is the Club St. Croix, then the Sugar Beach Resort, and then Colony Cove. Just after that is Mill Harbor which you can barely see. The furthest piece of land is Pelican Cove.
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131: Sugar Beach Resort. Nothing like spending your vacation in a prison! Click on web size picture to see the bars. (Apparently they are an early form of hurricane protection.)
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132: And Colony Cove is also a prison.
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133: Pelican Cove Beach.
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134: Pelican Cove Beach. ?
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135: In front of the Cormorant Beach Club. ?
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136: Looking at Judith's Fancy?
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137: Fort Fredrik in Frederiksted.
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138: Fort Fredrik in Frederiksted from the north side.
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139: St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church.
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140: Here's a recently restored house that is for sale.
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141: A lovely stone base. They are just finishing up a restoration, and the house is for sale. At the southeast corner of Prince and Hill Streets.
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142: A lovely stone base in need of restoration. At the northeast corner of Prince and Hill Streets.
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143: Holy Trinity Church.
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144: I don't know if they are starting to restore this building, or the wall is to keep people away from a dangerous site. On Hospital Street between Market and Hill Streets.
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145: St. Paul's Anglican Church from the side.
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146: St. Paul's Anglican Church. Oh, how unattractive that white wall is in front.
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147: A bloated one waiting on the tarmac at the Henry E. Rohlsen International Airport in St. Croix.
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