Saint Lucia 2001

Pictures from St. Lucia, West Indies taken on March 8-10, 2001. See corresponding trip journal.

1: Armed at the airport. That must be money they're transporting.
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2: The airport terminal building.
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3: Nelson's Apartments in Gros Islet. Where I stayed.
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4: I joined an 'Island Bike Hikes' outing [no longer in business]. One way to get onto a bicycle. Maybe that's mine on the ground to the right.
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5: If you leave coconuts around they start to sprout.
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6: The family that runs Island Bike Hikes owns property with the Sault Falls. [Why do my notes say it is Prospect Falls?] This is our destination.
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7: The Sault Falls.
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8: The Sault Falls. Some go in swimming.
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9: Getting wet.
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10: Then we were fed a very nice lunch.
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11: A big rock.
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12: I was able to rent a bicycle from a fellow restaurant customer. So I headed into the Quarter of Gros Islet and got a view of Cas en Bas.
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13: A view of the Quarter of Gros Islet.
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14: The beach on the causeway to Pigeon Point. Looking back at Rodney Bay and Gros Islet. The pier belongs to The Hyatt.
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15: Pigeon Point.
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16: Pigeon Island National Historic Park. It was an island before they built the causeway.
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17: A street scene in Gros Islet.
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18: Another street scene in Gros Islet.
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19: The church in Gros Islet.
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20: Looking down at Castries. The airstrip (for smaller planes only) is to the left.
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21: DSCN3314 [??]
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22: Looking down at Anse La Raye.
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23: Looking down at Canaries.
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24: Looking down at Soufrière.
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