Anegada, BVI 2006

Anegada pictures taken February 8, 2006. Also see corresponding trip journal.

1: A panorama of Vagabond Pond. In the far distance is Flamingo Pond.
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2: Out by Pomato Point I came upon a couple of paraskiers.
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3: Here are the paraskiers again. The boat behind is the Sea Dream Yacht Club. A high end cruise ship with 56 couples and 95 crew.
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4: Looking nortwest from Pomato Point towards Ruffing Point.
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5: The paraskiers again. The original size (behind the web sized picture) makes a nice wallpaper.
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6: Looking at the Seaside Villas at Ruffing Point.
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7: Cow Wreck Bay/Beach looking east. The Cow Wreck Beach Resort is at the right.
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8: Cow Wreck Bay/Beach looking east.
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9: The Roseate Flamingos in Flamingo Pond. The is was the first picture I took. Then I walked closer.
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10: The flamingos again. This is the last I took, and is as close as I got. This makes a nice wallpaper on an LCD screen. It looks terrible on a CRT.
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11: Bones Bight on the north shore. Looking west.
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12: Bones Bight on the north shore. Looking east.
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13: This is the scrub brush that covers all of Anegada. It makes for rather boring scenery after a while.
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14: A panorama of Windlass Bight with Soldier Point that I like.
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15: A wide panorama of Loblolly Bay and Jack Bay. Taken while standing on Jack Bay Point.
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16: A non-panorama version of Jack Bay.
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17: An iguana being raised by the Iguana Specialist Group. They capture hatchlings and protect them until they can fend for themselves.
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18: Two more iguanas.
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19: The fishing dock in The Settlement. It looks like it has seen more active days. (And is more active early in the morning.)
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20: A 360 panorama of the salt flats.
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21: A lovely sand mat in front of Sue's "Purple Turtle." She bought three and sold two. Then when she tried to reorder she learned they were no longer made. This one is not for sale.
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22: From their dock looking at Potter's By The Sea. This is a popular spot for the boating crowd to eat dinner. The dingies show that many are on the island already.
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23: The ferry is arriving.
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24: Looking back at Anegada as we leave.
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