Peter Island, BVI 2006

Peter Island pictures taken on February 6, 2006. Also see corresponding trip journal.

1: A panorama overlooking Deadman's Beach.
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2: Looking down at Reef Bay
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3: Deadman's Beach. The non-panorama version.
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4: A panorama of Deadman's Beach.
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5: Looking down at the spa with Cabey Point in the background. The island past to the left is Dead Chest Island.
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6: The panorama version of the previous scene. This now stretches over to include Reef Bay to the right.
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7: A panorama looking over Reef Bay. Taken from a concrete slab near the communications tower.
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8: Looking west. In the distance is St. John to the left and Tortola to the right.
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9: Looking down at Reef Bay.
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10: Looking at the islands that are west of Reef Bay. In the front left is Salt Island. Behind is Cooper Island. And behind that is Ginger Island. Virgin Gorda is in the left background.
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11: Reef Bay again.
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12: From "The Loop" looking northwest. Tortola is in the distance.
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13: From "The Loop" looking south over Stoney Bay.
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14: From "The Loop" looking southwest. The island to the right is Norman Island. In the lower right is Stoney Bay.
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15: Looking down at Little Reef Bay. Lots of trash down there, but the only way to get to the beach is by boat.
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16: Looking south from an area of new construction. That's Peter Island Bluff sticking out.
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17: Looking at White Bay. I didn't have enough time to make it all the way down to the beach.
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18: Looking at the islands that are west of Peter Island (Salt Island, Cooper Island, and Ginger Island).
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19: Looking at Crow's Nest Villa.
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20: The beach at Reef Bay. Taken from in front of the spa.
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21: Looking down at Deadman's Bay from part way up Cabey Point.
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22: The beach at Deadman's Bay. Taken from the middle. It's now just past 6 PM, and the end of pictures for the day.
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