Newark, NJ 2009

Pictures taken on a short bike trip when I had almost an hour wait at Newark Penn Station. Saturday, August 1, 2009.

1: A view looking up Littleton Street at the former J Wiss & Sons factory.
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2: Now 390 West Market Street, Newark. Called 400 W Market St when it was the office building for J Wiss & Sons Co. Built 1969, when after J Wiss decided to expand in place and not leave Newark.
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3: The entrance to 33 Littleton St, Newark, NJ. Now a private school and studios for a cable TV channel.
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4: The parking lot behind 33 Littleton Street. Plenty of space for everybody.
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5: 286 Roseville Avenue, Newark, NJ. First home of Mildred and Norman Wiss.
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