World Trade Center After Pictures

Various pictures taken after the World Trade Center attack. Taken from Brooklyn and around Ground Zero.

1: This was taken at 8:37 AM on the morning after. From Brooklyn Heights.
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2: Taken from my Park Slope Brooklyn roof at 7:08 PM on Thursday, two days after.
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3: Another from my roof zoomed in.
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4: This and following taken on Saturday afternoon. Pulverized concrete closeup on a parked car.
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5: A couple crushed cars. These were moved here early on. They made it on CBS TV.
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6: A crushed ConEd truck. Also shown on TV.
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7: A group of TV crews are congregated on Greenwich St. Often the TV scene is down this street.
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8: A zoomed in view down Greenwich St. The rubble at the end is what remains of WTC #7. My last apartment in Tribeca was on the left. Behind the leaves just above the third flag in from the left.
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9: A view down Fulton St. looking at WTC #5.
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10: Temporary power lines are being strung down Williams St. These fellows also made it on TV. Note military vehicle in the background.
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11: Sidewalks had been cleaned, but it wasn't cleaned behind the fence behind Federal Hall.
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12: A view up Broad St. with the NY Stock Exchange in the background.
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13: A zoomed in view of the NYSE.
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14: Over at the South Street Seaport dozens and dozens of these generator trucks were lined up under the East Side Highway.
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15: A view looking back at Lower Manhattan from the Manhattan Bridge.
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16: Taken from my Park Slope rooftop on Sunday at 9:12 AM
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17: Trucks lined up waiting on West St. This and the following taken on Tuesday afternoon, one week later.
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18: Many news stations have set up along West St. Most from out of town. (NYC based stations tend to use small antennas to transmit to the Empire State Building.) This taken from Perry St. looking south. The tallest building in the middle is American Express's.
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19: All of the satellite trucks have cameras on ground level wooden platforms, with another wooden platform for the commentator. Here someone is building a pair of platforms off of the ground to get a better angle.
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20: An artist painting on West St.
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21: A telephoto shot looking down Greenwich St at the WTC 7 ruins. Taken from Duane St.
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