Dominica 2003

Pictures from Dominica, West Indies. This was part of my Caribbean trip in mid-March 2003. The pictures of Carnival are in a separate album. See corresponding trip journal.

1: Looking down at Portsmouth. Cabrits National Park is sticking out in the lower right.
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2: The airport is over on the east coast. Looking down at Pagua Bay and the Hatton Garden Estate.
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3: Looking down at Crompton Point. Facing northwest.
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4: In the Botanical Gardens. A large banyan tree.
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5: In the Botanical Gardens. Bus under huge African baobab tree. The tree fell on the bus during 1979's Hurricane David.
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6: Ma Bass, the woman that runs Ma Bass Central Guest House, invited the guests to a wedding at the Old Mill Cultural Center. I don't bring an external flash when I travel, so the inadequacy of the built-in flash is evident.
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7: The bride.
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8: Looking north at Champagne Beach. This is a popular snorkeling place, as there are underwater hot springs.
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9: Looking south at Champagne Beach.
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10: Looking at Scott's Head from the hillside place where I ate lunch, a little south of Soufriere.
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11: Looking down from the walk up Scott's Head. I think this was the church group I saw at the airport.
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12: A very good panorama of Soufriere Bay taken from Scott's Head. Soufriere is in the middle. And Scott's Head Village is the cluster at the other end of the causeway.
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13: Looking at Scott's Head from the causeway.
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14: Looking south towards Scott's Head Village. The start of Scott's Head is at the right.
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15: The old Soufriere Catholic Church. My bike makes its appearance.
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16: Trafalager Falls. The one on the right.
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17: Trafalager Falls. The one on the left.
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18: Trafalager Falls. On my second walk in I get a little closer to the one on the right.
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19: Wotten Waven Sulphur Springs.
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20: The cave fumarole. Near Wotten Waven Sulpher Springs.
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21: The stream near the cave fumarole.
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22: The next day I made it out to Emerald Pool. It was early and I was the only one there. It is often mobbed with cruise ship passengers. This picture on the way to the pool. But it was dark. The flash went off here, but of course it didn't do much.
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23: I tried taking it again with no flash. But the speed was so slow the camera moved.
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24: Another picture on the way to Emerald Pool.
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25: Emerald Pool itself.
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26: The stream feeding Emerald Pool.
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27: On the way out I pass a viewpoint. Looking east.
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28: The beach at Castle Bruce. Looking south.
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29: The beach at Castle Bruce. Looking north.
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30: Then I decided to take a panorama. But waves don't stitch well. And clouds were moving overhead.
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31: The Castle Bruce Church.
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32: Portsmouth. With a rainbow. The trees behind the buildings is Cabrits National Park.
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33: Before I left I walked up to the lookout at Morne Bruce and got a panorama of Roseau. Unfortunately there was a spot on my lens.
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34: The ferry that will take me to Martinique arrives.
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35: Looking back at Dominica. That's Scott's Head and Scott's Head Village.
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36: On the ferry from Martinique to Guadeloupe I pass Dominica again.
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