Caribbean Carnival Parades 2003-2005

Pictures taken at various West Indian Carnival parades. There are 378 pictures in this category.

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Bonaire Carnival Closing Parade 2005 (81 pictures)

Carnival Closing Parade pictures from Kralendijk, Bonaire, West Indies taken on Tuesday, February 8th, 2005. I didn't know before I came down that I would be at an evening Carnival parade. So I hadn't brought down my external flash. But the internal one didn't do so badly. This was a circular parade. So people and floats will reappear in the chronological order here.

Grande Parade (Aruba) 2005 (162 pictures)

51st Grand Carnival Parade pictures taken in Oranjestad, Aruba, West Indies on Sunday, February 6th. Pictures taken from two locations. I first saw almost the entire parade at the intersection of Vondellaan and Fergusonstraat. Then parts of it in front of the Renaissance Mall. Also see the Carnival Parade in San Nicolas, a smaller parade the day before.

San Nicolas (Aruba) Grand Parade 2005 (84 pictures)

Carnival Parade pictures from San Nicolas, Aruba, West Indies taken on Saturday, February 5th. I wasn't planning to attend this parade, but I was next to this bus about to head there. So I locked up my bike and headed off. I got there a little ways after it started. Also see the Carnival Parade in Oranjestad, a larger parade the next day.

Carnival 2003 in Dominica (51 pictures)

Pictures from Roseau, Dominica, West Indies taken on March 3rd and March 4th. I also spent time traveling around and seeing the island, so these are just a few chunks of time I spent walking around the continuous parade route. For example, I missed the parade beginning.

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