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Photo: 99, Album: Brooklyn Camera/Electronic Dealer StoreFronts
Broadway Family:,, [times out],,,, and;, Quest 4 Cameras,,
2931 Avenue S, Marine Park 11229
The first block of names are the former Central Digital family. After moving to Edison, NJ they went out of business and the domain names resurfaced here as part of Broadway Photo. This address is on all those web sites. The eBay stores Time 2 Envy, LLC (Time2Envy) and WikiDigital*com are now operating out of this location. The next addition was Quest4Cameras. The domain was registered in May 2007 and for many months they successfully cloaked this address. The only clue was on DealTime/ they are listed as Brooklyn with this 11229 zip code. Now the BBB [] has this as another name for this location. All located here are part of Broadway Photo with merchandise shipped out of Broadway Photo's warehousing/distribution system (see previous pictures). An interesting sidenote is this storefront was used many years ago by a long defunct Top Choice Digital. Update: Quest 4 Cameras has moved to 2605 Ave. T. See next picture. Update: added as its phone number, 800-641-2338, is also used by time2envy and its IP address is a one digit difference from's. WikiDigital*com no longer operates on eBay. Update: In the middle of 2008 Broadway left this location and all operations are now at the E 89th St warehouse. Update Nov 2009: Digital Megastore now has 2057 East 22nd St on their web site. This is a house. Update July 2014: Most websites are "Server not Found." One has a virus. One has drival about the best Android multiplayer games. One redirects and then requires a password.

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