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Photo: 21, Album: Camera and Electronics Dealer StoreFronts in Other Locations
ASV Electronics, Ryther Camera,; formerly used: Photomania,, aka US1 Camera, and, aka, aka, aka Best Price Electronics,
426 N. Wood Avenue, Linden, NJ 07036 has this address on site. from storefront, but the web site has been under construction for years. Intially the storefront phone number (908) 718-8150 had no web usage, but is now on pages like the BBB's []. On web site this address is now used for returns and NJ sales tax is collected. (US1Camera forwards to US1Photo.) As evidence that US1Photo wants to be here see their web site's showroom picture. See a side-by-side comparison of my picture and their picture here: US1Photo: Their new face... Before this Photomania was located at 1910 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island. Update 2009: is a new site registered anonymously. Initially the only thing they revealed about their location was that they charge sales tax in New Jersey. But click on Checkout, then on the Continue button, then on Click Here (following the red "Important" note), and US1 pops up! Now this address is on the contact page. has this address on their contact page. Best Price Electronics has a sales office in Brooklyn. They collect sales tax for both states, as they ship from here.

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