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Photo: 173, Album: Brooklyn Camera/Electronic Dealer StoreFronts
DGL Group Ltd, formerly Digicell Ltd., dba,
33 34th St, Suite 5, Sunset Park
In the past they used and Address from reverse lookup on CellCrew's main number of 718-499-1000 and is one of the addresses in CellCrew's whois. Some years ago the address was on their contact page. NY entity database has 1204 Avenue U, Box 1334, a mailbox store. At one time the main phone reversed to 68 34th Street and the whois for still has 68 34th St, 6th Fl. That is a similar building with the same landlord. In August 2007 the CellCrew site was not working and the site was a link page owned by someone in California. Possibly they forgot to renew the domain and someone took it. and now have the address of 195 Raritan Center Pkwy in Edison, NJ.

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