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Photo: 267, Album: Brooklyn Camera/Electronic Dealer StoreFronts
TCS, now Hunt For Digital, and Digital Depot Online,, formerly The Digital Hunter,
6605 20th Ave, Bensonhurst
Address was on early contact page. Then removed. Dealer originally found at, a for hire price search engine based in Brooklyn that the Texas AG has shut down. Then they were using, a similar site. The paper sign on the door has 6605 20th Ave. I phoned the number on the awning. A woman answered and confirmed that My Group had moved and were no longer at this address. Domains registered in Sept-2008 at 2260 E. 7th St, a semi-detached house in Gravesend with a name on front matching the domain registrant. After putting this picture up in Feb-2009 they were made anonymous. SmartChoiceCameras gives out StopAndShopDigital's phone number for customers to call back. The Camera Shop is what is put on the shipments. domain registered 06-Jan-2010. The website has many cloning errors. For example could be found on their shipping policy page. See BBB []. All evidence points to the search engine being owned by this outfit. Former names used: Stop & Shop Digital, dba,, aka Smart Choice Cameras,, aka The Camera Shop, Save Here Digital,, aka Thunder Cameras,, aka See Address for TheDigitalHunter found in a comment to this Thoughts-Of-Dave blog post. Connection is in the Thoughts-Of-Dave blog post [Dead link:] DigitalDepotOnline address from RipOffReport. All sites now defunct. Brooklyn Music House is now in this storefront.

picture #267